Wednesday, November 23

Last day work at Nikken. Its been a year plus. Get to learn and gain lotsa experience. Am glad to meet nice staff, be it the new or the old ones. Will always remember the good and bad times we been through together. Anyway, its time to move on. Hopefully, everything turns out well. Place my trust in God and believe things will be okay in whatever circumstances.

Tuesday, November 22

Attended Twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1 gala premiere this evening! Thanks Danny for the tickets! Never thought I will catch this when I did not even watch the previous parts. Since I catch this, I am sure to watch part 2.

This is one typical love story where most girls would love to watch I suppose. Certain scenes were rather draggy. If you are single watching this show, you feel like getting into a relationship and have sweet moments with your partner. There were certain climax in the show which bring the excitement up to a certain level. Overall, its a decent show. It will be better if there is sub-title so I could catch it even better.

Woo! Kristen Stewart aka Bella is HOT! =P

Ratings: 3/5

Sunday, November 20

Julie Tan

Eelyn Kok

Joanne Peh

Desmond Tan

Chen Han Wei

Qi Yu Wu

Teresa Tseng

DRAMATASY: A Song to Remember.

Saturday, November 19

Yesterday evening, treated JW to tian tian huo guo (steamboat) for his birthday. Feel that the price paid was not worthwhile with the food provided. Stated $18 per person but it was $20 per person instead. How misleading that can be.

After which, went arcade and we played shooting game!

Back home, with SoSo & Joey to surprise my brother for his birthday with a birthday cake! After service today, went Lenas for dinner as well! First time to the restaurant, I feel the food tasted reasonably nice with good ambiance.

Saturday, November 12

Tatsuya Fujiwara being interviewed in the cinema!

Tatsuya Fujiwara Meet & Greet in Singapore at NEX!
Long await for him to reach there.
He should smile more!

Watched Kaiji 2 with brother Friday evening! I feel that the story plot is similar to the first which allows me to think as the story goes on. For Kaiji 2, It is more of revenging and saving the innocents. Kaiji was given a certain period of time to earn big bucks in order to save them. The story goes on from there. As compared, I feel that Kaiji is slightly better in terms of the climax scenes. You could see more obstacles and exciting scenes.

Tatsuya Fujiwara is really one great actor who express his emotions well. His role as Kaiji was portrayed him a a MR Nice guy who think critically before making decisions, one simple and innocent person.

It shows the importance of team work and also being the MR nice, you will earn your trust and get your reward back one fine day.

Friendship VS Money. Which is important to you?

Thank you Encore Films! (:

Ratings: 4/5

Monday, November 7

Finished watching Love Recipe 料理情人夢. Watched it because of Kenji Wu 吳克群! The storyline is rather unexpected yet humorous. As the story goes on, you get to understand the flow better. Initially, it is about revenging but instead it turned out otherwise when the truth is out between the two families.

Kudos to actress Li Jia Ning & actor Kenji Wu! Love to see them together in the film! So natural and sweet! Feel like falling in love, love, love! Both their expression were touching and I could 'feel' it.

The other cast such as Gui Gui & Rhydian Vaughan did a pretty decent job as well. Through this drama, get to have better awareness of Li Jia Ning! Feel that she is adorable and sweet! Love the theme and ending song from Kenji Wu!! ((:

Overall, this is one light-hearted drama suitable for the young and old!

有些东西是身外之物 但爱情会藏在心中 陪你一生的。

你笑了 我就开心 你哭了 我就难过 你生氣了 我多想找出那個根源 幫你把它消滅 我知道我惨了 因為我是真的愛上你。

我們的客群 和別家店的客群 还有唱歌那個吴克群 不太一樣。真搞笑!哈哈!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Sunday, November 6

Watched In Time with Jw. The story-plot is rather refreshing. It revolves about time, stating the importance of it. I can imagine, if time is currency in future, I guess the the world will come to a mess. It clearly states the reality of the rich and poor as well. The rich have more than enough time to live while the poor have to find ways to continue living on. Plan and use your time wisely, time will never wait for anyone out there.

Time Is Money - Time Is Power

Ratings: 3/5