Saturday, November 12

Tatsuya Fujiwara being interviewed in the cinema!

Tatsuya Fujiwara Meet & Greet in Singapore at NEX!
Long await for him to reach there.
He should smile more!

Watched Kaiji 2 with brother Friday evening! I feel that the story plot is similar to the first which allows me to think as the story goes on. For Kaiji 2, It is more of revenging and saving the innocents. Kaiji was given a certain period of time to earn big bucks in order to save them. The story goes on from there. As compared, I feel that Kaiji is slightly better in terms of the climax scenes. You could see more obstacles and exciting scenes.

Tatsuya Fujiwara is really one great actor who express his emotions well. His role as Kaiji was portrayed him a a MR Nice guy who think critically before making decisions, one simple and innocent person.

It shows the importance of team work and also being the MR nice, you will earn your trust and get your reward back one fine day.

Friendship VS Money. Which is important to you?

Thank you Encore Films! (:

Ratings: 4/5