Saturday, March 31

- Successful Rounds -

My brother applied a SMU scholarship which requires him going through rounds of interviews and observations from the senior.. Heard that it's not easy because he is completing with foreign and JC students.. However, he has successfully gone through 2 rounds.. One more round to go!

My nephew (Kenneth) pass through his 2nd performance round with his singing, chinese poetry and Micheal Jackson's move today! He put up a good performance, everyone laughed and enjoyed.. Though he cried at the end of his performance, He was still well-liked by the judges and host as seen! He has few more rounds to go!


Thursday, March 29

- Just another day -


Working has been quite okay yesterday and today.. I only have to say that it's random because I get to handle and do different things which I felt was good! Feel that I could make use of the PBL experience gain in RP while working..

Things I did: Tidying up the store, data entry, handling the stock, sorting of documents and etc..

Cyber Scholars Outing

The Guys

Funny expression

Doing Ads?

It's an act cute expression but only me did that

Designed by Candice

After work, went to meet my secondary friends at harbourfront.. As Ivan was late, the girls decided to shop for bag while the guys wait for him.. At last he came, then we went to walk and shop.. Met Soon Heng and his girlfriend and had alittle chat with him, knowing that he's applying a place in NYP..

The girls came and the planning for swensen actually fails.. With the recommendation of Tiffany and Candice, we had Marche instead.. The queueing time for it was terribly long.. Had dinner at about 8 plus.. I ordered only 1 plain Roesti which I find it nice without the sour cream.. Wanted to have half kampong chicken but decided not to have it because I have to wait for 25 mins and it's not easy to eat it..

Chatted, chatted and chatted while eating.. Brought back lots of memories we had during seconday school.. Loves to crack jokes and be funny with close friends.. Hope they dun take it serious la.. I just joking to make you guys smile!

Enjoyed! =)

Sunday, March 25

- AMK Hub -

Went there today with Ah wei.. He suggested to go there because the shopping centre just opened.. Though I already went there once and knew that there's more variety for the girls then guys, I still went because it was quite some time since going out with him..

On the way, I then understood that he wanted to shop for his PSP game.. I was like -_-".. He think about 15 mins before deciding to buy the PSP game.. After that, Went to have mos burger for dinner and walk around to shop shop and see see.. haha.. It seems that he did not like to shop that much.. I just hope he could do other shopping as well..

Have been accompany him for servicing of handphone countless times in the past.. Wondering why he always wants to upgrade or service his hp time to time when his hp is perfectly fine.. = \

Wednesday, March 21

- Back to work -

Back working at Nikken again.. They called me back to help them in the filing.. Initially, it was quite alright because it was more of doing filing stuff.. After completing it, I helped out sorting documents and did some writing and printing as well.. Could sense that my colleagues felt that I complete the tasks pretty fast.. I think I did quite fast too..

Lastly, I was asked to do something similar previously which was quite tedious.. Checking the names and writing NRIC/RCB no. of about 900 plus members/company.. Thus far, I did about 500 plus already.. Would continue the job tommorrow..

Through doing the tasks, I feel that it would enhance me to be more observant and patient.. =)

Tuesday, March 20

- New Class -

Update! - Classlist is out.. There are 10 friends whom I know! Hopefully, this is the finalise one.. =)


My new class is out.. Glad that I am in the same class for all lessons.. Some of my friends has 3 classes for different lessons.. I think it was like that because of their choosen course.. However, the class list is not out yet.. Hopefully, I get to have friends whom I know, nice peers and facis in class..

Got a friend who is the same class as me! I think there would be more whom I know since the class kept changing..

Friday, March 16


Favourite scene (Last Epi)

Just finished watching this drama.. I feel that the storyline is quite nice.. Though the show is alittle draggy but certain funny and interesting scenes made one continue to catch the episodes and finished watching it.. Through watching it, I feel that true LOVE can really make a person do anything for him as seen from what RuiXi did for Quan and vice versa.. Was kind of touched for the way they love one another.. Besides that, it injects some importance of friendship as well.. Overall, a nice show! =)

Saturday, March 10

- Wonder Baby Audition -

Went vivo city to see my cousin's son (kenneth) performing for the audition on upcoming children variety show.. Initially, we did not plan to go since it was pretty late already.. However, we received a call knowing that his performance was the second last one.. Thus, decided rushing down just to see his cute performance.. Lucky there's a break which allows us to get there in time..

After the interview session with Ben Yeo, he did two performance (singing xiao wei and ABC song) with his toy guitar which was good.. Ezann Lee, Ben Yeo and the judges seems to like him alot.. Most likely he would get through this round!

When I carried kenneth, Ezann turned to see him and gave me a sweet smile.. =D Ben came to me saying that he's cute.. haha.. Now I know why people like to carry baby when stars are around..

Watch his submitted video here!

Friday, March 9

- Last day working in Nikken -

Today might be the last day working there because I have completed the tasks that was assigned to me.. However, I was told that I would be asked back because they might need people helping them out doing other stuff.. Have to wait for my uncle to come back from overseas before deciding it..

I would say that I enjoyed working there.. My colleagues were very nice and friendly.. Loves to crack jokes alot which brightens up my day... Though some jokes are pretty lame.. haha.. One of my colleague (a guy) was really very funny.. Always like to tease people and say lame jokes which influence almost everyone to learn and follow him.. I think that's the reason why most of them loves to crack jokes..

Hopefully, I would be asked back to work next week! =)

Tuesday, March 6

- Working day -

It is the fifth day working at Nikken.. Everything seems to settle down...

Continue to do the task that was assigned to me.. I get to complete each one faster than past few days.. I think that's because I get more familiar doing it again and again.. While doing my work engrossingly, I felt that there was a slight shake in the office.. It lasted about a few second.. Initially, I thought I was imagining till one of my colleague received a call from the other department talking about it.. Then I realised that it was real... The commotion lasted for a while.. After that, everyone get back to work again..

I get to know that after the completion of this task, there might not be any work for me.. Hopefully, there's some other tasks for me to do after completing my current task.. =D

Sunday, March 4

- Nikken's Convention -

Yesterday, helped out for Nikken's convention at Furama hotel.. The job is certainly different of what I am doing in the office for the past two days.. It is more of doing/checking the sales and stocks.. In the beginning, it's quite okay because there's not much customer buying the products.. After that, when the seminar ends, there's much more crowd queueing buying it.. This time, the place was quite a mess.. Nevertheless, everything seems to smoothly done.. The number of left over stocks are correct.. I helped out other sections when they needed help as well..

The dinner starts at about 8.45pm with programs entertaining us.. The host was funny which made us laugh and the game they organised was pretty fun.. Made everyone enjoyed themselves.. The food was quite alright.. Everything ended at about 12am.. Take a cab home with 2 of my colleagues which stayed near my place...

Friday, March 2

- Updates -

Yesterday started working at my uncle's company.. The work is quite tedious because its kind of doing it again and again.. It's something like data entry I suppose.. My uncle and colleagues are very nice.. Telling me patiently on the tasks I should do and take note of...

In the beginning, I was quite slow because I just started doing.. After that, I get to speed up the work when I thought of a better method.. I must be real careful in the figures and ID while doing it as well..

After which, went to meet bro and mum to watch Just Follow Law! The show is very FUNNY!! Nice storyline which educate us with lots of matters if you really think of it! Fann Wong acting was thumbs up!! Love her acting in the show.. With lots of natural facial expression.. The other actors/actresses acted well too! Those who have not watch it. Go watch it! Thanks Andy for stating in his blog that the show is nice! If not, I might not watch this movie.. haha..

Today working was still acceptable but I made mistakes in one area which is 2006.. Deleted the 6 away become 200.. -_-".. Printed 10 pieces and I still do not know till one of my colleague told me.. Have to redo it again.. Sians.. Anyway, Tomorrow working would be different because I am helping out for the company convention.. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly for me! PP is halfway done profiling on this company as well..

Oh ya! Results out! For me, I have to say that I did quite well... BUT.. People with very high standard would say that I did fairly well ba.. UT 4 just published today, I did pretty well for it! Surprised that my web app got B+..

My java grades was actually very near to another grade up. If my calculation is correct, I left 0.01! Argh.. Oh well.. Overall, I am sastified with my results and improved GPA.. =D