Wednesday, April 29

- Wednesday -

Had lunchie @ Swensons!

Finally, we had our 1 for 1 treats! =D

Fish & chips!=)

It seems many things happen lately.

Myself, family, friends, illness & weather.

No matter what, life still goes on.

When will it come to an end?

Put on a smile rather than to frown yea.

Tend to get irriated/upset on

certain issues and comments.

Have to take it lightly with a smile.

It will be just so fine.

Continue to follow lord words.

That's the way.

It's not hard when he's there.

Always there for me.. =D

Tuesday, April 28

- Tuesday -

Konichiawa!! Konbanwa!! =))
Working has been fine.
Spent time learning my Jap when there's free time. =))
Thus far, think I manage to remember & pronounce certain words clearly.
Need to jiayou more for it!

Not to be task oriented, people oriented but God oriented.

All the man's ways seems right to him, but the lord weights the heart. To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the lord than sacrifice.
- Proverbs 21:2-3.

That's all!
Ja rei =D

Sunday, April 26

- Sunday -

Went JX house for CG!
It's a short yet meaningful one!

After which, had fondues!
Cheese & Chocolate!
Never dipped much on the
chocolate as having sore throat. =(

Cheese fondue tasted
reasonably nice!
Chocolate still the best!
Especially with bananas!! =D

Facebook album for more pics. =D

Saturday, April 25

- Saturday -

Rot @ home.
Surfing the net.

Happen to catch
S.H.E FM concert! =D

Went for church service.
Preach is great.
Something I had already realised
which added more ingredients into it.

After service, had dinner &
went marketing for tomorrow CG!
On the way, saw Juliana!! =))
Short chatting & updates!
Will try plan a day out with her..
chocolate cum cheese fondue
Interesting! =D

Friday, April 24

- Friday -

Work as usual.
Had lunchie with Dio.
After which, random shopping. =)

Back to office, did closing for
carpark attendant.
It was not well-organised. =/
Waited for nothing?

While waiting for it to close,
took a pic with my working partner.
Time flies and the event is over.
Had my hair-cut on the way back.

Back home, watched sniper.
Not as I expect.
Not much climax though
the storyline is there.

It focus most on the reality of
revengeful & authority. -.-
Kind of dull with boring
facial expression on the cast.
The last 10 minutes brings
it up slightly.


Thursday, April 23

- My Thursday -

Work as usual, nothing special.
Workload seems to be getting more.
Still can manage though we grumble
at times.

After work, met church pals!
Decided to watch taken
after discussion.

It's a GREAT show!
Straight to the point.
The storyline flows very well!
With fantastic actors/actress.
Neeson & Maggie Grace!!
Maggie looks pretty! =)
2 thumbs up!!


After show, Dinner!!
Chill at carls JR!
Nice Company! =D

Wednesday, April 22

- My Wednesday -

Had lunchie with Sufian.
Initially, wanted to have Swensons.
There's so many peeps q-ing.
Typical singaporeans.
1 for 1 treats attracted kiasu singaporeans like us.
Thus, had Delifrance instead.
Ordered the set lunch!!
Food tasted alright but
the portion was not alot.

As usual, covered peeps duty.
Went despatch.
Chit-chatting session with huan & nizam
after completion of tasks. =)
Thanks huan for the help!
Without him, i will be a sotong there as
intructions given were not clear.

Back to office, task given kinda last minute.
Rushed our tasks.
Till i go haywire.

What a day!

Tuesday, April 21

- Another Day -

Brothers who are going to ord,
went for their appointment today.

Guess what?!
Vincent drove us to HTA.
Exciting experience, initally.
He got to be more ZAI later.

Met ZhiQiang there for
his appointment too!
Random Chatting!! =D

Had lunch at HTA.
Western! Woohooo!

DS lite for Jap lesson!
It's so fun!
- Is it worth -

I wonder and ponder.
Is it worth doing so much?

Why am I trying my best to
do things beyond my limits?

I am just a human.
I need time and space too.
I may not give in ALL,
but I tried and put in effort.

I'm having doubts.
Struggling these days.
Should I lay down slightly at the moment?

I'm really tired.
What is right?
What is wrong?
I do not know now.
What exactly should I do?

I cannot please everyone out there! =/

-.- Confusion -.-

Monday, April 20

- My Sunday -

Met Gary for dinner =D
Wanted to have dinner at tampines 1.
However, there were too many peeps.
Thus, decided on Long John at TM.

Saw Wei Ting
Great chatting with her..
Took the chance to take a pic as well. =D

After which, explored the new mall!
Saw Danny and WeiRen.
As usual, updates our lives.. =D

Lots of peeps in tampines 1.
As usual, typical singaporeans, being kiasu.
Chionging for new stuff!!
Random shopping & browsing.

Then, chill at Yakun!! =D

Enjoyed! =D

Sunday, April 19

- My Saturday -

As usual, ran out of heading. =p
Anyways, yesterday service was GREAT!
Learned alot from it. =)

Initially, I reached I felt lost!
Seriously. I do not feel right!
I knew there's something
lacking me away from the lord. =(

After the service, I got the light again! =D
Thanks lord for drawing me back to him again!!

After which, had dinner together. =)
Went esplanade for our CG.
It's really a fruitful one which
makes us think and drew our friendship closer.

At the same time, celebrated Louis belated birthday!

Enjoyed =D

More shots at facebook album..

Saturday, April 18

- My friday -

What a subject for my
heading right?
I ran out of one.

Been so updated.
I think no one come
to read my blog? =/

Working was great today.=)
Had rehersals in the morning.
In the afternoon, its the real thingy.

Being a lift attendant is fun!
Get to see each of their
expression while in the lift.
Great experience! =)

Saw my aunt working for CRA
which was so coincidence. =D

After which,
Out to meet Huan and sun!
Went to walk along pubs with huan.
Damn cool to see performance
from the belvedere beat!
Jumping stunts were pretty cool!
Plans changed due to Sun coming late.
Had dinner at 9pm.
Ate pepper lunch!
Then, chill at starbucks.
Maddness . Laughter =D
Nice company! =)

As usual, Facebook album for more pics!

Thursday, April 16

- One Fine Day -

Work has been quite fine.
Great to see my partner
coming back looking fine.

And indeed, as I said,
there's many cum to come.
However, It's certainly enriching.
As I get to do and learn
different things.

Get to mingle around
with peeps in
diff department as well! =D

Had rehersals for tml event.
Kinda crappy but fun
with great company. =D

Experience to cordon
certain areas of carpark.
It's fun. =)

Carpark attendant for previous event.
and lift attendant for tml one.
So random.
Hopefully, everything goes well,

And yeps!
Tml is friday!! Wooohoo..
Going out again. =)
Meeting Sun and Huan.

Cant wait for saturday
church service as well!! ^.^

Wednesday, April 15

- Random Thoughts -

Tried asking friends to join
our church service for easter.
Outcome: 0. =(

Till date, I still try my best to do so.

Hopefully, I'm not pushy or have a impression
forcing them go. =/

Glad that Huan seems quite interested to know
more about christianity.

Hopefully, he will join the
church service after much encouragement.

Tuesday, April 14

- Just another day -

Work is manageable today.
Get to mingle around with logs and HMP peeps.
Lunching with MPO guys again. =)
I realised something.
We complain about our supervisors.
Supervisors complain about their boss.

Met Jiewei after work.
On the way there, met Lucas. =)
Nice chatting and updates.
Nice chap. =)

While waiting for JW, met Benny(NS)!
Oh mine. So coincidence.
Chatted and updates our lives..
Glad to meet them. =D

Finally JW came.
Decided to makan KFC. =)
After which, random shopping.
Bought my HP pouch at Daiso.
Home sweet home. =D

Monday, April 13

- Random Rantings -

Work as usual.
Nice Chatting with Dio. =)

Spent my lunch time collecting my campus tee prize!
The one where I won for
Campus SuperStar Caught on
Camera Contest (Theme 4).

Took bus & reached the vicinity there.
Walked my way to the receptionist.
It's really far?!
It seems that I climb the mountain
and swim the sea.

Finally, I reached.

And I only got the campus tee.
Is is worthwhile going there?

Anyway, it's worthy because my effort paid off!!
Though its something in small value
the I felt a sense of achievement!! Wee!!

Alright?! Guess what..
I joined the kissable guy contest..
Just for fun!!
Joining contest like crazy. LoLz

Sunday, April 12

- Campus SuperStar 2009 -

As expected, Jarod Lee won the contest!
As the contest drew nearer, I already guessed that
the two left will be Ai Jia & Jarod.

Ai Jia is really good in her singing!
She has the stage presence.

Nevertheless, Jarod sings well too.
Popularity is good!

Anyway, both of them are already winners.

Glad to see my favourites got to this far! =D
- Happy Easter! -

It's the day where we celebrate
Jesus rose up to heaven!!
He's the living god!

Met church pals for lunch!
After which, went for church service.

Since its Easter, its a combine church service!
where we get to celebrate our living lord!!

As usual, singing to praise the lord.
Not to forget worshiping him.

Great Celebration!

Went to grab some food at KFC!

Nice chill out with church mates.

Enjoyed. =D
- Ah Ma's Bday Celebration! -

Pictures speak more than words I suppose?

Happy Birthday MAMA! =)