Sunday, September 29

Bought this salad from sun moon fresh. Personally, I feel that the fruits and toppings are fresh! Decent portion for one as well! There are many variety of toppings and dressing for you to choose from! A great value to have for your meal!

Ratings: 4/5

Telok Ayer
167-169 Telok Ayer Street, 
Singapore 068589
Tel:+65 6324-0188 

Tuesday, September 24

01. 沒理由 
02. 不哭了 
03. 傻呆呆
04. 雙面妲己  
05. 就這樣嗎 
06. 愛情來找碴
07. 閨蜜樂園
08. 夢想不能等待
09. 藏不住 
10. Stereo

Previewed By2 latest album - MY.遊樂園. This album consist of different genre of music which suit their image pretty well. One plus point about them will be having their unique personality which many has yet to grasp that at the moment.

The recommended track from me will be: 沒理由不哭了就這樣嗎 and 藏不住.

Signing off with by2 hit song, which was my favourite from this album!

Sunday, September 22

Kazushige Numata and his wife Kayoko have two sons. The first son Shinichi studies well, but the second son Shigeyuki does not. Kazushige and Kayoko are worried about Shigeyuki, who might even fail to enter high school. Making things worse, Shigeyuki stays at home and don't go to school.

Kazushige and his wife Kayoko finds an ad for a private tutor on the internet. They contact and then meet Yoshimoto (Sho Sakurai), who is the private tutor. During their meeting, both parties lays out one condition to work with each other. The father stipulates that Shigeyuki must go back to school within a week or Yoshimoto will be fired. Meanwhile, Yoshimoto stipulates that the parents must not interfere with his work. Yoshimoto's extraordinary teaching methods then influences not only Shigeyuki, but also his entire family.


Finished watching The Family Game (Kazoku Gemu) recently. A show which revolves about a family that looked good on the outside but not realizing the ugly truth within it. 

I thought this film plot was nicely portrayed, keeping me in suspense. The main character will be the private tutor who uses different teaching methods to influence the family son to grow stronger and smarter in tackling different issues face in school. The story goes on from there where the family slowly discovered many ugly truth and try to amend it. 

There was also a secret truth about the private tutor on the reasons why he was doing this stuff all the while. It will be revealed towards to end of the show. 

Was impressed by Sho Sakurai acting capability here with his expressive expression! And yup, Shiori Kutsuna do look cute too!

Ratings: 3.85/5

Friday, September 20

Went eat at Taipei 吃在台北 for dinner with Brandon and Jeffrey on Tuesday evening! The layout of the restaurant look nice and it felt as though you are dining at Taiwan. Nice concept of using traditional tables and chairs to enhance the atmosphere. 

 Bitter Gourd with Pineapple soup:-
Had a blend of sweet and bitter which gave a good twist.

Poached Xiao Bai Cai

Crispy Fried Chicken Chop:-
Crispy on the outside with decent serving. 
Uses chicken breast meat which tasted juicy!

Tainan Coffin Toast-:
Well toasted & filled with savoury fillings! 
One of their recommended dish there!

Vermicelli with oysters & pig intestines

San Bei Chicken with Basil
Tasted yummy though the sauce tasted slightly strong for me. 
It could be better if less seasoning is added.

Oyster Omelette:-
Egg was nicely done with yummy oyster! 
The chilli sauce was sweet but not spicy which goes well this dish.

Taro Paste roll with pork 


Ambiance: 4.2/5
Service: 3.25/5
Price: 3/5
Food: 3.75/5

Eat At Taipei
Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6336 2118

Opening Hrs: 11.30am – 10pm (Daily)

Sunday, September 15

01. 想要快樂
02. 愛她沒得救
03. 妳值得
04. 靜心等
05. 搖滾自由
06. 妳不再孤單
07. 好樣
08. 跟隨你
09. 你那邊的世界
10. 因為你
11. 搖滾自由remix

Previewed 杜德伟 Alex To latest album - 好樣. It has been quite awhile since He has a new album! The previous album was 8 years ago! 

This album is pretty good and he maintain his own unique personality. As usual, his ballads score high in this album! Think his vocal range suit slow songs better!

The recommended track from me will be: 想要快樂, 妳值得, 妳不再孤單 and 因為你. The song which I adore most will be 妳不再孤單

Signing of with his duet song with Freya Lin 林凡~

Friday, September 13

Set in the year 2017, the Japanese government attempts to secretly control the DNA of its people. Ryuhei Kagura (Kazunari Ninomiya) is a top scientist in the field of DNA analysis. He works at the DNA analysis institution run by the National Police Agency. When the inventor of the DNA analysis system is murdered, Ryuhei Kagura's own DNA is found at the murder scene. Ryuhei Kagura becomes the prime suspect and then he becomes a fugitive. Veteran detective Reiji Asama goes in pursuit.


Finally get to watch Platinum data! Woo! The story was not realistic but triggers one mind on the technologies in future. It kept viewers in suspense as you watched on. I think the story flow was good as it kept me in mystery mode while watching.

The mystery was revealed towards the end of the show with certain answers to the entire plot. You have to be attentive in order to get the gist of this film. If not, there will be many question marks in your head.

Nice acting capability from Kazunari Ninomiya with the 2 different character that he portrayed. 

Ratings: 3.35/5

Wednesday, September 11

Ninagawa is a powerful man in Japanese politics and with top economic connections. His granddaughter is then murdered. The suspect is Kunihide Kiyomaru (Tatsuya Fujiwara). Kunihide Kiyomaru has a prior conviction for assaulting and killing a girl 8 years ago. The police could never apprehend the suspect in the prior killing. 

Three months after the murder of his granddaughter, Ninagawa places a whole page ad in the 3 big Japanese newspapers. The ad states "Please kill this man Kunihide Kiyomaru and I will pay you 1,000,000,000 yen as a reward." Meanwhile, Kunihide Kiyomaru sees the ad and begins to fear for his life. Kunihide Kiyomaru then turns himself in at the Fukuoka Police Station. Five detectives from the security section (SP) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department travel to Fukuoka to escort Kunihide Kiyomaru back to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The distance between Fukuoka and Tokyo is approximately 1,200 km. During their fateful trip, a significant portion of the Japanese population plot to kill Kunihide Kiyomaru. Many of those people, actually pursue Kunihide Kiyomaru while he goes back to Tokyo to get the 1 billion yen reward. The lonely fight of the five detectives to protect this man begins...


Watched Shield of Straw with Gary earlier this evening! Was looking forward to this film because Tatsuya Fugiwara was in it! 

I felt that the story was direct and straight to the point. There were similar scenes depicted which I thought was unnecessary. Nice suspense and action scenes throughout the film but I thought it could be even better. Though Tatsuya Fugiwara is not the main lead, he was expressive as usual.

This is a decent film but as compared to others such as kaiji, the incite mill and gantz, I think they are slightly better in terms of the flow and storyline. 

Ratings: 3/5 

Thursday, September 5

Since it started in 2011, the ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION competition has established itself to be a favorite amongst lovers of Japanese cuisine. Over 13 brands have participated and the spirit of competition has brought about the desire to produce high-quality and good-tasting ramen to the delight of ramen lovers everywhere.

Currently the largest ramen operation in Singapore, it has served over a million satisfied customers from its 2 outlets in Changi Airport and Bugis+. Despite its success, Ramen Champion still continues to strive to provide for the best in order to satisfy the cravings of its customers.

Was invited to Ultimate Ramen Champion for a food tasting session! The restaurant has a nice ambiance with warm lighting. It is a good place to chill with friends and loved ones

There are quite a number of stalls there! So.. you can simply purchase it using the card given when you enter in the restaurant. 

Here are the list of stalls that I tried during the food tasting:

The one I tasted was Ajitama Ramen. I think this bowl of ramen look pretty appetizing when served. It comes with a slightly bigger bowl with cabbage and bean sprouts which is a rather refreshing concept. The broth is thick and rich in flavour. The noodles are thick and pretty chewy! If you are a vegetable fan, you will love this dish even more!


The one I tasted was Nikumashi Ramen (Pork) & Beef Nikumashi Ramen (New)The Tonkotsu broth here is light and tasted slightly sweet. I thought it gave a surprise to my taste bud because I like it pretty much. The well-marinated pork belly was slice thinly and tasted tender! The egg was perfectly poached and was a great combination with the ramen. As compared, I think the Pork tasted better! 

The one I tasted was Special Ramen & Tsukemen (dipping noodles- New). The broth is light and with a strong spring onions flavor which I thought was rather salty for me. I like the well-marinated Cha Shu because it was flavorful and tender! One of the better ones I have eaten! 

Tsukemen tasted good with the dipping it the noodles in the broth. Do not try the soup just by itself because you will be overwhelm with the taste. Dip it with noodles and it tasted yummy! Nice hanjuku eggs there as well!

This Deep-fried Tofu with Japanese Sauce pretty tasted good! Soft on the inside, Crispy on the outside! It is best to eat it once it was served!!   

And yup, tried this new beverage from Heaven and Earth! I think it tasted pretty good! You can really taste the freshness of the tea!

Lastly, here's a group photo with Bario Chef!

Great to see Damien there! Great to mingle and make new friends! Grateful for this opportunity to attend this food tasting session. Thank you Malcolm for the host and invitation! (;

Sunday, September 1

        01. 天使之翼
02. 被自己綁架
03. 孤獨是一種安全感 
04. 勇敢很好 
05. 顛倒
06. 不被祝福的幸福 
07. 小聰明 
08. 魚鰓
09. 一小節休息 
10. 匆忙人生 

Previewed 楊丞琳 Rainie latest album - 天使之翼. This album portrayed another side of her with her image and style. She has been constantly improving in her vocals in every album. A versatile artiste who can not only sing but also host and act. 

The recommended track from me will be: 勇敢很好不被祝福的幸福小聰明 and 匆忙人生.

Signing off with her hit song, which was my favourite from this album!