Tuesday, September 24

01. 沒理由 
02. 不哭了 
03. 傻呆呆
04. 雙面妲己  
05. 就這樣嗎 
06. 愛情來找碴
07. 閨蜜樂園
08. 夢想不能等待
09. 藏不住 
10. Stereo

Previewed By2 latest album - MY.遊樂園. This album consist of different genre of music which suit their image pretty well. One plus point about them will be having their unique personality which many has yet to grasp that at the moment.

The recommended track from me will be: 沒理由不哭了就這樣嗎 and 藏不住.

Signing off with by2 hit song, which was my favourite from this album!