Sunday, September 15

01. 想要快樂
02. 愛她沒得救
03. 妳值得
04. 靜心等
05. 搖滾自由
06. 妳不再孤單
07. 好樣
08. 跟隨你
09. 你那邊的世界
10. 因為你
11. 搖滾自由remix

Previewed 杜德伟 Alex To latest album - 好樣. It has been quite awhile since He has a new album! The previous album was 8 years ago! 

This album is pretty good and he maintain his own unique personality. As usual, his ballads score high in this album! Think his vocal range suit slow songs better!

The recommended track from me will be: 想要快樂, 妳值得, 妳不再孤單 and 因為你. The song which I adore most will be 妳不再孤單

Signing of with his duet song with Freya Lin 林凡~