Friday, September 30

Tuesday, September 27

Watched Colombiana with Gary! The writers for this show is Taken! One of my favourite show in year 2009. As compared, I feel that Taken focuses more on emotions and the act of father's love towards a daughter. Colombiana focuses alot on being revengeful and was rather heavy for me. However, the action thrill scenes were pretty well done! Fantastic acting from Zoe Saldana!

Vengeance is beautiful? I doubt so. It causes so many death. Though she took revenge for her family but ultimately she's not happy at all.

Thank you! ((:

Ratings: 3.5/5

Monday, September 26

I realised I have not been writing much about my personal life but instead more of my photography shoot, reviews and perhaps some events.

Alright. Life has been quite good for me. Be it anywhere God place me, I believe I get to learn each day. Learning is constant and one can never stop learning.

Temptations, addictions, distractions will be the issues I face. I think these are the root which causes me to feel pretty insecure at times. I guess the devil is trying their best to drift me further away from God. I chose to stay strong because I know God is good. He is the one who chooses to love us first.

Friends around me ponder why I am so into this God thing? I think that is because I feel the presence of the lord. He is always here to guide me, lead me and care for me despite of my weaknesses.

Am really glad to have God into my life. Really pray that I could overcome my addictions and temptation. It is pretty scary just think about it. Sometimes, I feel ashamed of it. The nearer I draw near to God, the further I drifted away from him. Anyway, I still believe and trust that God is amazing and loving.

Through him, everything is possible!

Matthew 7:13-14
Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Nikken Hari Raya Celebration 2011!

Wednesday, September 21

Sunday, September 11

Saturday, September 10

Celebrated Dorling's birthday last Thursday!

Dinner was at artease & dessert was at cold stone creamery. (:

Get to to know the birthday girl more as well!

Enjoyed! (:

Wednesday, September 7

Watched the smurfs with Danny! This show brought back certain childhood memories. I feel that the story is similar to home alone.

Many funny & cute scenes which brighten up my day. It make you realise the importance of team work. At the same time, telling you that each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

A show for the old and young!

Ratings: 3/5

kite festival & IT comex girls

Sunday, September 4

Saturday, September 3

Finished watching Love Keeps Going 美乐。加油! I think this drama is decent. Though it is a typical kind of taiwan idol drama but this one here is not draggy. I like how the story flows and it is more about Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) story from young till she grown up. Her positive and never-give-up attitude made her even a better person!

Most cast are my favourites! Cyndi Wang and Mike He acted very well with their given roles! I think Cyndi acting improve tremendously.

Some interesting quotes I learned:

世界上没有无条件的信任 但如果你够了解一个人的话 你就知道
他有什么事情会做 什么事情不会做。

如果没有经历过失去, 永远不知道,曾经拥有的是多么珍贵的东西。

Happy ending indeed! (:

Next show to watch: 料理情人夢!! 吳克群!! Kenji Wu! (:

Ratings: 3/5