Thursday, September 27

- Random Entry -

Till now, Though had 3 classes for this semester, it seems quite alright... Most only mixed around with their friends rather than making new ones.. I think it was like that because of the changing of classes.. Was feeling so tired ever since school started.. Anyway, it's finally the last semester already! Have to endure and attend class regulary to get good results..

FYP 2 seems to goes quite smoothly with our regular meetings and discussion.. Enthu is the word I can use.. Hopefully, the results could be shown in our grades..

Since year 3, I do not trust daily grades.. Think about it, Easy-going faciliator give same grades to all even those who put in effort but strict ones give good grades to the better ones.. Come to think about it, its all about your LUCK! Now, I only trusted UT grades which would test my understanding of the topic..

Money is EVIL and it certainly cause unhappiness to my family.. It's not only about money but a person doings as well.. It leads people to harm or burden the family.. How nice if life could be simpler and beautiful!

Created another blog including some of my assignments! Write comments about my creations! =)

Saturday, September 22

- K-ING -

Siang & ME!


Went k-ing with Siang today.. As there were only both of us, we get to sing lots of songs.. Selected so many songs till the song lists gets FULL! The session should end at 7pm but we sang till 8.05pm!

After that, he suggested playing pool and he treated me for it! He's good at aiming and plans things ahead well.. He says that i kinda improved as from the last game and I managed to beat him once!

Siang praises me saying that I could sing well while I praises him that he's good at pool! I feel that every person has its own strengths in certain areas..

Thursday, September 20

- Exploring the Third Dimension -

The heading above was the topic of my module today.. First time using Maya and I certainly have no idea how to start intially.. Was kinda lost.. There was like so many functions and tools in it.. Luckily, there was one who has prior experience.. Thus, seek clarification to understand about the tools and use it.. Was still very new to Maya and need time to be good friend it. Hopefully, I get to know more next lessons..

Felt that I dislike animations, be it 2D or 3D.. Today's one was like only basic and I only managed to absorb that little?! Most likely faciliator expect quite much making me feel kinda stress.. hiz.. Anyway, more would be coming future lessons.. =x

Need to jiayou!

Get to meet Hakeem after class and tell him about previous sem modules as he has not been attending class for certain reasons.. Think he have to buck up this semester..

Wednesday, September 19

- FYP 2 -

Before meeting our supervisor, our team meet up to plan and discuss about project scope and timeline.. Had small arguments but I thought its alright because that proves we did voice out our sugesstions..

Get to meet our supervisor today.. With his guidelines and explanation, get to have clearer ideas on approaching the project..

Till now, had some ideas which everyone kinda agree.. Hopefully, could work effectively in the team for next 15 weeks..

Saturday, September 15

- G302 -

The allocation for it has been published.. Did not get into the first choice our team chosen because lots of team chose that.. However, our selected project would focus more on filming which is almost the same as our preferred choice.. Have to put in more effort for G302 in order to produce better work as results for G301 was only fairly done..

Tuesday, September 11

- New Semester -

Class roster is out.. Glad to be in same class with previous semester friends.. Think we would get to work even better knowing each other strengths and weaknesses.. Hope to work well with new friends too.. =)

Did a personality quiz just now.. Here's my result..

Click to do the test!

Sunday, September 9

- Filming Day II -

Everything seems to be almost the same as yesterday except it was more stricter and organised.. Get to be involve more but still, time was wasted waiting for our turn..

Had the chance to see Fann Wong.. Though she had quite a number of NGs for her dance but everything was worthwhile when she get to see the results everyone wanted.. However, acting as audience there were tired with the clapping and cheering..

Think she was very professional showing a good learning attitude and passion while practicing her dance moves..

Knew a nice chap there, initiated the chat with me.. Talk loads but never ask for each other names.. Nice knowing him.. Hopefully can get the chance to see him in future.. =)

Oh.. And it ends after about an hour later.. -_-"

Saturday, September 8

- Filming Day -

A shot while waiting. . .

Get to have the chance to be an extra, acting in Fann Wong's upcoming movie (Dance of the dragon).. Reached the location at about 8.45am and the filming for us started like about 2 plus?! It's like wasting time there waiting for our turn.. The people there were damn so particular in dressings/hairdo which turns my mum and me off..

The dance floor people such as Vas & Pris and Melvin & Sharon were involved, dancing in the show.. Their dance moves were great but I prefer Vas & Pris moves as it looks more organized and professional.. Almost the end of it, get to see Fann Wong!! But, it was only a glimpse.. Most likely can see her tomorrow I suppose..

Thinking about previous experience, only a glimpse of us could be seen on TV so we think it's not a need to be so particular about it.. Besides that, it would not look good dressing so nice in a so-so ballroom.. The seat was sama like the one in NDP.. -_-" Luckily, the shot lasted not that long.. Tomorrow would be another long day from 7am to about 7pm.. Wonder why to be there so early when started to film our part in the noon.. ?? ?? ??

However, food were provided for breakfast, dinner and tea-break.. There were also some cute girls around for me to see as well which somehow covers up certain bad points listed..

Wednesday, September 5

- Results OUT -

Computer Animation

- Was not as I expected! Did quite well! =)

Digital Video and Audio

- Was not up to my expectation! But chill.. I am quite cool about it.. ;)

IT Security and Management

- As expected! WooHooooo!! =))

Principles of Digital Media Design

- As expected! But.. but.. With UT 4 grades, I should have better grades!!! =((

Project I

- Er.. Quite neutral about it.. ;)

Overall, I am glad with my results..

Should have done better for PDMD if better grades was given & was not late for his lessons.. Did well for UT 4 but it was kinda useless because was pulled down by daily grades..

Sunday, September 2

- Botanic Garden -


-Huan, Sun, ME-


US =)

As what we planned, went nokia service centre to service Sundram hp first.. After which, to botanic garden.. It's been a while since going there.. Walk around there looking & taking pictures.. By right, visiting the Orchid Garden costs 5 bucks but due to students special, we get to have free admission!

Nice company, swan, squirrel & nature!

After exploring the whole area, get to grab something at the food court.. Chatted and laming throughout the session.. Then, walk about 2 stop taking bus 111, it was drizzling which cause me having flu..

Saturday, September 1

- IT comex fair -

During dinner, met my previous secondary friends Benny and company.. Long time no see them already.. Most of them change loads.. After which, went to IT fair with Gary and JW.. Met Kah Hao and Fred working there.. While browsing, heard familiar voices hosting in one corner and I knew it was YES 933 DJ Zhi Yong.. Get to see my favourite host Pei Fen as well.. haha.. Get to walk around and decided to buy an external hard disk with a reasonable price..

It's not like I'm being selfish
Somethings is done for a reason
Forgive about my selfishness
And I knew you will understand

Results was OUT just now
Checked once again
And its still processing
Hopefully, the finalise one
would be a better grade!