Friday, January 29

Went to PCG for our in-service. It was not as bad as I thought. Got to walk around and know more info about it. At the same time, try out their simulation! It's so cool and sort of high tech. Great experience!

Though it's a budget one but I think most enjoyed it!

Next in-service will be a better one!

It's so coincidence that I've been bumping into long lost contact friends!
Glad to know they are doing well! (:

Monday, January 25

Went to visit Garry at his place.
Am glad he is looking great even after his ops.
Through the chat, got to know him more. (:

I realised that in everything, it is easy to understand the principles
but hard to apply when situations arise.

That's when human come into the topic.

Saturday, January 23

Completed the drama series. Decided to watch it because got Chen Qiao En and Qiu Ze. Initially, I thought that Qiu Ze was the main cast but I was wrong. Lan Zhen Long was actually the one. 3 of them acted well with their given roles.

The show is decent and has unexpected story plot, where viewers never tend to expect it to happen this way. It relates very well to situation where money is not everything to happiness. Kinship covers all of that! It ends off with joy, smile and laughter! (:

Ratings: 3/5


During evening, celebrated mum's birthday!
Had dinner as a family. (:

Happy Advance Birthday!
May you be healthy and look young always!

Friday, January 22

Celebrated JX belated yesterday night.. Was fun for us yet difficult for him. Hahaa.. Think he enjoyed our surprise and company! Happy belated!

Bump into my primary buddy and have a short catch up with him. (:

Monday, January 18

My timetable is out! Lesson starting only on 30 Jan. Most of my Saturday/Sunday burnt.. Jiayou!

SNDateDayFromToCourseTut/Lect SessionsRoom
130 Jan 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS01CC-LAB5.02
205 Feb 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS01HQ-LT4.22
306 Feb 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS02CC-LAB5.02
412 Feb 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS02HQ-LT4.06
519 Feb 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS03HQ-LT4.06
620 Feb 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS03CC-LAB5.02
726 Feb 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS04HQ-LT4.06
827 Feb 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS04CC-LAB5.02
905 Mar 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS05HQ-LT4.06
1006 Mar 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS05CC-LAB5.02
1112 Mar 10Fri19:0022:00MTD105LS06HQ-LT4.12
1213 Mar 10Sat16:0019:00MTD201TS06CC-LAB5.02
1321 Mar 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS01CC-LAB5.01
1423 Mar 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS01HQ-RM3.22
1528 Mar 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS02CC-LAB5.01
1630 Mar 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS02HQ-RM3.22
1704 Apr 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS03CC-LAB5.01
1806 Apr 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS03HQ-RM3.22
1911 Apr 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS04CC-LAB5.01
2013 Apr 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS04HQ-RM3.22
2118 Apr 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS05CC-LAB5.01
2220 Apr 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS05HQ-RM3.22
2325 Apr 10Sun13:0016:00MTD107TS06CC-LAB5.01
2427 Apr 10Tue19:0022:00MTD203LS06HQ-RM3.22

MTD201 - Fundmentals of graphics design
MTD105 - Digital Photogrpahy technology
MTD107 - Digital Photogrpahy techniques
MTD203 - Advance graphics design

Thursday, January 14

Monopoly is love! Bring back memories!


Happy Birthday!! (:

Nice catching up with cousins!

Saturday, January 9

Went for uniSIM school orientation. It's so much better than expected. There's buffet and lotsa interesting booth! Get to win a prize during their quizzes as well. Collected my books for my 1st/2nd semester. It's thick and bulky and I felt kinda stress seeing the thick books. Pray that I could cope well with new environment, people and the next level of my education.

Then, went dinner with E35D gang. Chatted randomly. (:

Back from D & D.. Overall, I feel that its normal as I expected more from it. I do not deny that no effort were put in for this event but I think it lack something.

The one which wow me was the fire performance. The guy was super talented! He could do all sort of stunts. (: The food tasted quite okay but nothing special.

Took some random pictures. Will upload it when I have the sets of picture from the others instead only my own collection.

Though did not win for the lucky draw but I was happy that Alex and Dennis won something from it! And its not like I did not bring anything back. I brought home a cute rabbit handphone holder. It's our table gifts. ( :

Should have go for David Tao's concert from my brother response but oh well. I still kinda enjoy myself at D & D.