Wednesday, August 31

Overheard 2 with buddy!

Overheard 2 was GOOD! Many dialogue but it keeps me in suspense! (:

With actors like Louis Koo and Daniel Wu, it sure be nice!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Align Center

Jurong Bird Park!

Wednesday, August 17

Woo! Watched gantz 2 preview screening yesterday evening with Danny!
Thanks xinmsn for the tickets! (:

Initially, in part 1, you get to have questions, thinking why and how it happens? After watching gantz 2, you would be aware of it.

Overall, the story plot is unpredictable and had a twist! Kudos to Kenichi Matsuyama & Kazunari ninomiya acting! They acted well with their given roles. Kenichi the one who acted the good and the baddie. Kazunari who acted the hero who sacrifice himself for those who are affected!

Hope to see Kenichi Matsuyama, Kazunari ninomiya and Tatsuya Fujiwara acting together in a movie! It sure be a perfect one!

I start to ponder if any humans will sacrifice himself for others. I guess everyone is selfish in one way or another? Guess only God is the one who has a genuine loving and forgiving heart.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Sunday, August 14

A trip to the Science Centre With BK! (:

Saturday, August 13

Had a good birthday celebration!

Thank you for the blessing, wishes, treats and gifts! Appreciated! (:

Monday, August 8