Wednesday, July 30

- Simple -

SIMPLE greeting.
SIMPLE smile.
SIMPLE thank you.
SIMPLE praise.

When was the last time you did that?

These factors makes others feel happy isn't it?

It's just so simple yet majority do not practice it.

A SIMPLE of everything certainly makes ALL feel happy.

Try it! =)

Be sincere and not say for the sake of saying.

Sunday, July 27

- E35D Outing -

My baked rice

US in restaurant

Outside cold rock!


Went Holland V, met them to grab something. This time round, I was glad that I actually talk to everyone! An achievement for me! Though I'm not really close with some of them, I still made the effort. Had pineapple and ham baked rice and root beer float. Silly me for ordering the drink from such a restaurant. Had loads of chat with the gang about our current lives. Glad most are doing well. Those who are feeling stress, try to think positive. I believe you will feel happier.

Though we usually meet up, At times, I do not blend well with the guys. I would feel uneasy and do not have much topic to talk. I still went for it mostly because to make them happy. But inside within me, I do not really enjoy but just kept quiet throughout the outings. Satisfy them and make myself upset. I wonder if it is worth doing so.

Was actually quite excited about the outing and I steadily agreed to the outing this time without much consideration. I think it's not really a nice one for me. Certain comments made me quite upset. I'm quite sensitive on certain issues so watch out what you say before i roar.

Wednesday, July 23

- Rolling Love
翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 -

The storyline is rather good with some climax. I focused more on the love triangle among Leng Lie(Danson) , Mi Qi Ling(Jiro) and Xiao Shu(Genie). Felt that both of them had a fair competition to woo Xiao Shu, without motive or being hypocrite. That's very rare.

While watching, I felt touched by the things they have done for her. With that, I do not mind who she will ended up with. Though I wish the one she choose will be Leng Lie. Due to poor ratings, it was being fast-forward. It will be better with another episode.

2 thumbs up for Genie and Danson acting! Their expression and crying scenes are convincing! Jiro and Xiao Xun did pretty well too.

Monday, July 21

- What a Day?! -

Had so many transferred lists today. One comes after another. Had quite a hard time looking for certain CDs. Luckily, Danny came for the rescue. He knew where it was placed. I could find the CDs but took a longer time. Thus, Tiffanie and I did most of the tranferring while he search for CDs. Had slight joke arguement and I was pretty upset initially. After thinking, I thought it was nothing lah. What the for to be upset over such comments. Oh. I kena burnt by the iron while I wrapped the CD packaging. It hurts quite a while. Actually, it's nothing compared to those who suffer from illness.

Sunday, July 20

- Blog site -

Yesterday, spent time to modify and complete my brother shop blog. Designed the banner/website layout accordingly to his satification. Here's a snapshot of the inital and edited one:



End of product =)

Friday, July 18

- Goodies Bag Day -

Went to work for packing of goodies bag today. Instructions given was not clear and I feel that they did not plan and organize well. There were different colours of bag and they knew that the blue ones had 1000 plus while the others at about 600 bags but less helper were doing the blue bags.

Initially, I was helping and doing for the green bag. However, the person-in-charge told me to help out, packing for the blue bags as only one person was doing it. It's like so weird because the lesser bags seems more people doing it. Was glad that those who completed the 600 purple bags helped us out. I did more on the buddling of 10 bags together. It's a non-stop 3 hours thingy doing that. Sweat and thirsty like hell.

After everything were packed, we brought it to their store area. Had some laughter while working as well. There's break interval thus its better. Then, collected pay and shop around TM with Danny.

Thursday, July 17

-Another Working Day -

Working has been pretty fine. I feel that I'm not as proficient as before. Hopefully, I can improve on that as time goes by. Ex-staff (Rico) visited us today. Was pretty surprised. He's damn funny. Kept on crapping with us. Made us laugh like mad.

The one which made me laugh out loud was, when a customer called and ask for cai qin CD. Actually, I did not intend to ask Danny as he was talking to Rico happily. However, Tiffaine ask him while I'm finding it on the system.

And immediately the joker, Rico said: huh? What cai qin? Want cai go to the supermarket and want qin go buy a piano la. Like that got the cai qin liao lo. The funny thing was that he did not know that the customer was on the line. LOL! At that moment, I was laughing like crazy and pass the phone to him but he rejected la. In the end, I told him we do not have it.

Working at another place for the packing of goodie bag with Danny tomorrow. Hopefully, we will enjoy the process.

Wednesday, July 16

- Back to MJ -

Back working there, and I almost forget the stuff which I learn previously. Think I needed time to adapt to it again. Anyway, working has been fine. There was a new staff there. Had same interest so we had great chat together. Sales was pretty bad as compared to previous month. In the past, it was much better. I think due to the internet technology which cause it to happen. As usual, enjoyed the crapping with danny.

Tuesday, July 15

- Just another day -

These few days, I have been sick. Not feeling well. Been coughing very badly during my sleep at night. Hopefully, I can recover soon from it. Will be back working at MJ tomorrow onwards. Feeling pretty excited since few days ago. Been thinking if I still remember handling their stuff. After thinking, I thought it should be fine when I start using it again.

My brother ask me to design and set a layout for his DIY website. He gave me his proposal and will pay me to do it. That's cool. I get to learn and gain at the same time. Got a layout from blogskins and have modified the codes. Think he's thinking of setting up his own business with his DIY caps and shirts. Have spent time doing it just now, will continue doing, when he pass me his draft banner.

Friday, July 11

- Random Entry -

Still not feeling good thus mum and I decided going to the clinic, recommended by my aunt. However, the recommended doctor was not there. Still, we went for it despite making our way there. The relief doctor I suppose, ask questions like: Do you need flu medicine and stronger pills than panadols? So weird can. We are the ones who went to consult you but it seems to be the other way round. Hopefully, the medicine works for me and especially mum who visited the clinic the third time.

After which, went to settle some personal issues and shop around the area. Receive a call from Danny, he ask me to return working in MJ. But this time, as a part-timer. I think he preferred me because he keep hinting me, going back to work there at our previous outing. He told me, the new staff there CMI and I could do better. Since I knew that I'll be working with him at only a outlet, and he ask me back directly. I agreed. Most importantly, I could get along with him quite well.

Guess what?! My father went to open the mailbox and I got something in a rather big envelope. I wonder what it was till I saw one tiny issue of teenage book on the top of envelope. I think it was from the teenage! Then, I opened up and indeed it was! I won Kenji Wu's Album from Teenage Online! They should sent it earlier so I could let Kenji sign on the album. Still, I'm happy to receive it! The contest was on april, I thought I did not manage to get it since it's quite some time ago. Anyway, I'm lucky to win it since there's only 5 winners!

Thanks Teenage! =D

Thursday, July 10

- Sick -

Been having headache and sore throat however, I took it lightly and continue eating heaty stuff. I accompanied mum to see doctor as well. Maybe these few factors lead me to illness.

Anyway, I'm officially sick yesterday. Having fever. There was once I got 38.3℃ which was pretty bad. After taking panadol, it gets better. It's kind of on and off as the fever went up and down. After the sore, the cough came to me today. If it persist, most likely, will go to the clinic.

Heard loads of people are sick and down with this type of illness. Most likely due to bad weather.

Peeps out there, remember to drink loads of water and herbal tea!

Monday, July 7

- Random Thoughts -

I believe everyone wants to be the BEST in everything! No one likes losing to others. Who likes to be defeated? Maybe small group of people will take things easy in certain aspects but not all certainly. I can be easily affected by people around me, which means that I tend to think what others think of me at times. I do not think that's good, I tried to overcome that and I think it's getting better and better each time I face similar issues.

Thinking about it, live for yourself and not for others! I believe I will be more happy with that mindset. Easy to say than done. Will try applying it as times goes by.

What Elva say is so true! Having postitive thinking, no comparison and be yourself!

Sunday, July 6

- WeiMing's Birthday Celebration -

Yesterday, met Lixian at bedok then we went marine parade to look and browse for ming's birthday present. Initially, quite indecisive of what to buy for him. Later, we decided to narrow down the things to buy. Wallet, bags and watches. Had random shopping while looking for his gifts. Grab freebies as well! =p Akram came to meet us later and all of us decided on the bag at last.

Then, we walked from marine parade all the way down to the resort island. Though far but I think it's a good form of excerise. A long walk and finally we reached the destination. Spent time talking to friends whom I never meet for some time ago. Random chatting. Was shock that some close friends of him never attend. He must be grateful that I attended his. (I hope)

After that, went to cineleisure with Jack, ah boy, Xian and Akram. The plan was to catch a movie, however, most of it were already sold out. Went to the preview lounge but there's already no seat. Walked to swensens but there's a long queue. Thus, we decided to go home.

Some others and I were not feeling. Most likely due to the bad weather. Take care everyone!


Pictures will be up soon!

Most pals are in a relationship while me, still being single, a lonely guy. Anyway, its not a bad thing. Single still rules yea. =p

Thursday, July 3

- HUG O' WAR -

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."
- Audrey Hepburn

Found it at Carmen's blog and decided to share it here. Something I find it pretty meaningful! However, people do not tend to practice it. How nice if everyone practice it. Thus, a win-win situation.