Friday, April 29

Moses, Ron, Kelvin & Bosco at City Square mall!

Thursday, April 28

Michelle Chia & Shaun Chen were once happily together - Had a grand wedding and happy marriage. However, they are filing for a divorce now. I am concerned about this issue because I feel that these 2 couples are rather compatible. I was utterly shock when rumors were out saying that they are filing for a divorce. Now, it's true! :(

From a recent interview, I could see that both of them still love each other dearly but due to personality difference they had to let go and move on. It is sad to know that and they became a familiar stranger to one another.

Ultimately, it is still their choice and hopefully they made a right decision. Let us support and respect their decision.

View their recent article here:

Tuesday, April 26

Good-Bye Stephanie! I am glad to know such a nice and friendly girl! Will miss those fun times and crazy moments working together with you! Hope you will be doing good in your new workplace! Have fun when you are in Hong Kong!! Have a good rest before going back to work again!

Thank you for the strawberry tea! Appreciate loads! (:

Monday, April 25

Some nice & moment shot taken from xinmsn!

Congrats Pornsak, Rui En, Jeanette Aw & Michelle Chia!!!

Other actresses and actor I like who did not win any award: Lin Pei Fen, Priscelia Chan & Shaun Chen: Jiayou!! I believe your hard work and effort will be seen in near future! No matter what, you will be always be number one in your fans eyes! (:


Congrats for winning the most popular female singer for channel [V] 2011!!

Elva wonderful performance!

Sunday, April 24

Easter service was GREAT!

I like the short film presented!

Short, sweet and straight to the point!

It's all about approval and acceptance!

Only God can give us unconditional acceptance & love! (:

And indeed, God is more than amazing!

Thank you for what you have done!

Happy Easter! (:

Friday, April 22

Spent my good Friday with a group of brothers and sisters!

Went for a badminton game with them during the afternoon!

After which, had dinner together at Chinatown!

Then, went KTV!

Sang most of the songs with James! (:

Sing till our hearts out with the variety of songs.

Am glad that SK and YS went for the badminton game.

They also brought a friend there!

Hope that they enjoyed the company! (:

Praise God!

Sunday, April 17

Fantastic performance from Ben Yeo and Cai Pei Xuan!

Think both of them could sing pretty well!

Ben yeo is quite a talented host while Pei Xuan
could be the next rising singer!

Saturday, April 16

Tatsuya Fujiwara

Haruka Ayase

Finally get to watch THE INCITE MILL!!

Wanted to watch this in cinemas but the screening ended soon! ):

I feel that the storyline is great! It drills you to think who is the mastermind and what will happen the very next moment. This show reminds me of Battle Royal where it was banned in Singapore. As usual, Tatsuya Fujiwara acted as the nice guy! Realised that he seems to get similar roles except for death note. Anyway, his acting is grea and Haruka Ayase is cute.

From the show, it tells me that you have to think critically, have enough evidence before you pinpoint anyone. Nice twist in the show that was unexpected!

As compared, I think Kaiji will be slightly better as a whole.

And yeps Kaiji 2 will be out! Cant wait to watch it!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Saturday, April 9

Mistakes, we all make them. Sometimes we learn from them, sometimes we repeat them. They are a part of life. Therefore do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do your best and ask God to help you not repeat them in the future. Let it go, move on!!

Sunday, April 3

A day out with the usuals!

Had pastamania for lunch!

Lots of fun, updates & laughter!

After which, went to HIM 10th anniversary signature session!

Anthony Neely, Jesseca Liu & Sigma! (:

All of them are friendly!

Got to shake all of their hands!