Saturday, April 16

Tatsuya Fujiwara

Haruka Ayase

Finally get to watch THE INCITE MILL!!

Wanted to watch this in cinemas but the screening ended soon! ):

I feel that the storyline is great! It drills you to think who is the mastermind and what will happen the very next moment. This show reminds me of Battle Royal where it was banned in Singapore. As usual, Tatsuya Fujiwara acted as the nice guy! Realised that he seems to get similar roles except for death note. Anyway, his acting is grea and Haruka Ayase is cute.

From the show, it tells me that you have to think critically, have enough evidence before you pinpoint anyone. Nice twist in the show that was unexpected!

As compared, I think Kaiji will be slightly better as a whole.

And yeps Kaiji 2 will be out! Cant wait to watch it!

Ratings: 3.5/5