Saturday, February 25

[Tasting Invitation] the.twenty.cavan

The.twenty.cavan is a modern cuisine restaurant with strong Chinese influences. Its rustic dining area may be mistaken for a lightbulb showcase because the owners wanted to decorate it in such a way as to acknowledge Jalan Besar’s association with lighting shops. Andrew and Alex, are the owners and are both professional chefs.

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with curry chicken floss ($9)

Red Rice Braised Pork Ribs with roasted vegetables ($20)

A rather unique dish as red rice is not often seen in menus. The ribs was tender with the rice texture similar to a glutinous rice.

Canton Roast Chicken with homemade Thai chili sauce and black rice ($18)

The walnuts added crunch to the dish.

Crispy Fish & Chips ($17)

Batter was slightly thick but thankfully, the fish was fresh. It may not look presentable, but the freshness made up for it. It could have been better if there is dip in mayo for its dry texture.

Cavan Breakfast ($18)

It consists of brioche, bacon, pork bratwurst, sautéed button mushrooms, corn kernels and choice of eggs. A rather hearty breakfast perhaps?

Chicken Galangal Rice Bowl ($18)

A healthy dish to give it a try maybe?

Stir-fried Blueberry Lamb Chop with cous cous ($20)

The lamp chop was really tender, nicely coated with the sweetness of blueberry sauce.

Matcha Pudding with mixed berries, black sesame cream and a dollop of pulut hitam ($7)

Pumpkin Yam Puree with chilled coconut cream ($8)

Smooth and almost liquidy texture with both yam and pumpkin blended thoroughly. The hint of coconut added fragrance.

20 Cavan Road

Monday, February 20

[Media Invitation] eGrill & Piza Doles out Good-Value Japanese Handmade Pizzas and Tasty Skewers

An exciting concept by Suki Group, eGrill & Piza offers Japanese-style pizzas and skewers at affordable prices. Ensconced in the hip and trendy The  Cathay, it welcomes friends and families to bond over its signature mainstays.

eGrill & Piza is a new restaurant that doles out affordable Japanese handmade pizzas & tasty skewers! In frame, are smoked salmon salad, truffle fries w truffle salsa, salmon mentai pizza, spicy teriyaki chicken pizza & assorted skewers! Exuding a congenial vibe, it is an ideal address for friends togather and bond over good food. The prices are affordable as well -  an intimate party of four can share two pizzas and two grilled mainstays at no more than S$10/person!

Salmon Mentai Piza ($15.90)

Topped with bonito flakes, the Salmon Mentai Piza features salmon chunks, button  mushrooms, mozzarella and Grana Padano all enlivened by a luscious mentai sauce.

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Piza ($15.90)

The Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Piza is a fiery combination of teriyaki no tare, chicken, green and red chilli, onion and basil leaves. The melted mozzarella and Grana Padano kick up the flavour by several notches.

For its skewers, the restaurant uses RoboQ, an innovative eGrill machine that helps ensure consistent food quality. The machine is imported from Hong Kong, and this is the first time it is used in Singapore’s restaurants. It retains the moisture in each skewer, so that the offering remains juicy and delicious. It does not require any oil, resulting in a healthy skewer that is gentle on the stomach.

With it, eGrill & Piza can produce skewers with a succulent, perfectly grilled and golden brown texture in just two minutes! Tuck into irresistible seafood offerings like Grilled Mackerel Skewer ($3.90) and Salmon Belly Fin Skewer ($3.90). The Beef Köttbullar Skewer ($3.90), which showcases Swedish meatballs, is bound to delight.

Sugarcane prawns (5pcs) ($5.80)

 Smoked Salmon Salad ($3.80)

Truffle Fries ($8.80)

From the healthy smoked salmon salad drenched in luscious house dressing to the classic shrimp paste chicken skewer which wows with succulence and the addictive truffle fries with truffle salsa, eGrill & Piza has it all. Wash the food down with a vast array of beers and alcohols. Prices start from $6 per glass, and $32 per bottle. This is definitely a perfect chill-out place.

The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Sunday, February 19

[Media Invite] A Delightful Epicurean Experience at Hansul Korean Dining Bar

Located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, Hansul Korean Dining Bar is a drinks centric Korean styled bar, aiming to provide a truly authentic yet modern Korean drinking and dining experience. The beverage menu features a repertoire of over 60 kinds of Makgeolli, Cheongju, Soju and Cocktails from all over Korean. You could find a selection of Italian wine and cider here as well. Besides that, they offers a scrumptious selection of Korean themed food with a western and japanese twist. 

Basak Gamja Cheese Jeon ($9.90)

Crispy potato pancake with egg & parmesan cheese.

Pan Shell Clam Japchae ($19.90)

Traditional stir fried glass noodle with pen shell clam.

Octopus Tempura ($9)

Honey Butter Chicken Bumbuk ($24)

Snow honey butter flakes, deep fried boneless chicken, mozzarella cheese & potato wedges.

Budae Jjigae ($25)

Korean army stew, spam, sausage, ham, kimchi dumpling, baked beans, sliced rice cakes & vegetables.

Hansul Croquette ($8)

Creamy croquette stuffed with crab meat, butter and onion.

Assorted Hwaro Grill

Peach Makgeolli ($19)

A unique traditional beverage with 3% alcohol, made by the authentic Korean method of brewing makgeolli with peach puree.

21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444 

Saturday, February 18

[Media Invite] Kam's Roast Unveils Exquiste High Tea Set

Kam's roast has launch its brand-new high tea set. This premium high tea set ($18.80++) consist of a portion of "toro" char siu, bbq char siu, roast pork, roast duck, braised noodles, marinated cu ber, red bean soup & a cup of chinese tea.

Customers could also choose the indulgent high tea set ($9.80++).

The high tea set are available on weekdays, 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

This restaurant is also proud to announce the launch of 2 products in Singapore-:
- Cured goose liver
- Lean pork sausages

The cured goose liver or lean pork sausages are priced at $8.80 per portion. Patrons could also enjoy it with the mixed sausages platter with the same price!

Kam's Roast
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

Monday, February 13

[MEDIA INVITE] New Donburi Specialist, Don Meijin Unveils Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon

Nestled in Ramen Champion Bugis+, Don Meijin offers an assortment of donburi at affordable prices. Be spoilt for choices and tuck into tendon, katsudon, roast beef don and butadon offerings right here.

Don  Meijin’s signature is its voluminous rice bowls prepared using premium quality ingredients with homemade sauces. All rice bowls are served with a bed of short grain Japanese rice that are specially imported from Hokkaido. The rice when cooked glistens and boasts a consistent al dente quality. 

One of  the marquee dishes is  the  local-inspired Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon (S$14.80). Featuring perfectly fried prawns, asparagus, pumpkin, seasonal fish fillet, eggplant and kakiage, it is then drenched in a homemade spicy chilli crab sauce that kicks up the flavour by several notches. The sauce takes more than 4 hours to prepare, and freshly boiled chicken broth is one of the ingredients. Chunks of snow crab are added to it, and the chef has added Japanese soy sauce and mirin to achieve a distinctive flavour. 

The  restaurant  also  doles  out  five  other  tendon  offerings, including Signature Tendon (S$13.80) which can be enjoyed in two ways (with a top-up of $2). Taste the original tendon with crisp-fried tempura offerings. Then, add rice crisp and wasabi together with hot dashi soup over the remaining rice –  this is another popular way of enjoying Tendon in Japan.

The  secret  recipe  to  Don  Meijin’s crispy mainstays was derived after experimenting with numerous versions of tempura batter. The tempura offerings are fried at a specific temperature in a water fryer. The water cleans and helps prevent degradation of the oil as well as filters food residues to keep the oil clear. As such, each tempura boasts a light and non-unctuous texture.

Other than the tendon offerings, Don Meijin also offers several don options such as Mille Feuille Katsu Don, Soft Shell Crab Don, Jumbo Chicken Katsu Don and Roast Beef Don.

Instead of deep-frying a slab of pork loin, the chef uses a total of 14 layers thinly sliced and marinated pork loin for Mille Feuille Katsu Don (S$12.80). The slices are then coated with nama panko: fresh breadcrumbs that are larger than their counterparts, and have yet been dried. The result is an extremely chunky and crunchy exterior.

Another must try is the Pork Shogayaki Don ($12.80), one of the favourite stables amongst Japanese. The flavours of spicy ginger (shoga) and soy sauce with a touch of sweetness from Mirin pair perfectly with steamed Japanese rice.

Don Meijin
#04 - 10
Singapore 188607 

Sunday, February 12

[Tasting Invitation] Come have a beer or two on the Entertainer Singapore - Hospoda Microbrewery

Meaning “pub” in Czech, Hospoda is the first and only Czech microbrewery in Singapore. It imports all its ingredients (with the exception of water) from the Czech Republic and brews its beer right on the premises, about once every fortnight, in the method that its original Czech owners taught.

Bohemian Pilsner (250 ml: $10; 500 ml: $14; jug: $28)

A light, slightly cloudy and hay-coloured beer that’s smooth and crisp, with a floral and hoppy aroma.

Bohemian Mix (250 ml: $12; 500 ml: $16; jug: $30)

A 50-50 mix of their pilsner and dark lager. One starts light and the flavour becomes increasingly complex, with notes of coffee, as you reach the dark lager at the bottom of the glass.

Pilsner Urquell ($10/$14)

Said to be the world’s first pilsner, with strong honey notes and a hoppy aftertaste.

BBQ Chicken Chop with fries and salad ($12)

Hospoda Burger with fries ($12)

Hospoda Microbrewery is one of the merchants on the Cheers Singapore and Entertainer Singapore 2017 apps.

Hospoda offers three Cheers vouchers which will give you:
- 2 for 2 on jugs of beer
- 2 for 2 on pints of beer
- 1 for 1 on pints of beer

It is also on the Entertainer app, which gives you three 1 for 1 main menu item vouchers.

The Entertainer Singapore app features more than 1,700 Buy One Get One Free deals across choice merchants in F&B, beauty and fitness, attractions, retail and luxury hotels worldwide. Each app retails at $125 and are available for purchase at

180 Albert Street (Albert Court)
Singapore 189971

Saturday, February 11

[Tasting Invitation] Come have a cocktail or two on the Entertainer Singapore - Museo

Museo provides the perfect weekend retreat for all city dwellers, as well as a peaceful sanctuary for working executives craving for a haven to wind down their minds after a long day of work. Sunset dining in the plush and luxurious setting, topped off with the perfect selection of house music and magnificent view of the Marina littered with beautiful yachts, creates a paradisiacal holiday atmosphere that is sure to put all stressed out souls at peace. The venue is also perfect for a romantic first date between budding lovers.

Museo By The Bay ($22)

This is made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, Apricot liqueur shaken with premium bourbon, egg white, fresh blackberries and topped with a splash of red wine. It was served with Deep Fried Camembert Cheese ($13).

Cucumber Mojito ($16)

A dietary cocktail made with white rum, cucumber, mint, and citrus. This is best served with Tuna Tataki ($12).

Floral Melon Cooler ($18)

Another dietary cocktail made with watermelon flesh, French elderflower liqueur, fresh citrus, and vodka. It was served with Lavender Prawns ($14).

Casa Silva Sauvignon Blanc ($16/glass; $38.80/carafe; $60/bottle)

A fresh, clean white wine with star-bright straw tones with honey hues. It boasts an aroma of fresh apricots and mangoes, and a palate of crunchy white fruits with a subtle honey backbone. It was served with Cold Pasta ($11).

Casa Silva Sauvignon Reserva ($16/glass; $38.80/carafe; $60/bottle)

An expressive red wine with notes of ripe fruits, cherry, strawberry, and chocolate, well-balanced with French oak. It is described as a harmoniously balanced, elegant wine with soft tannins and a long finish. It was served with BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($18).

Chicken Satay

Museo is one of the merchants on the Cheers Singapore and Entertainer Singapore 2017 apps.

Museo offers three Cheers vouchers which will give you:
- 1 for 1 on bottle of house wine
- 2 for 2 on glasses of cocktails
- 1 for 1 on glasses of house beverage

It offers three Entertainer vouchers which will give you:
- 2 for 2 Dine-in-a-Cup items x 2
- 1 for 1 main course

The Entertainer Singapore app features more than 1,700 Buy One Get One Free deals across choice merchants in F&B, beauty and fitness, attractions, retail and luxury hotels worldwide. Each app retails at $125 and are available for purchase at

Sentosa Cove Quayside Isle European
31 Ocean Way

Saturday, February 4

[Media Invitation] Kuro Maguro Offers Largest Range of Maguro Donburi in Singapore

Maguro 3-Cut Sashimi ($38)

Kuro Maguro is a purveyor of the best-value maguro donburi and sashimi offerings in town. The concept is by Misaki Megumi Suisan, a renowned wholesaler of tuna, maguro and fish products in Japan. Hence, Kuro Maguro can curate the top-quality and freshest tuna from the trawler directly, keeping its prices affordable for the masses.

“Kuro Maguro” translates to bluefin tuna. In Japan, the bluefin tuna is consumers’ most beloved fish for sushi and sashimi. It is one of the most expensive varieties - in fact, just recently, a bluefin tuna fetched a 74.2-million-yen price tag at an auction held in Tsukiji market, Tokyo.

Sansyoku Meshi ($32.80)

Toro Aburi Meshi ($32.80)

Kama Grilled ($34)

Kuro Maguro insists on using meat culled from blue fins that weigh a minimum of 280kg. These fishes have a good amount of fat as well as lean meat. The restaurant imports the fish directly from Misaki Port to Singapore via ANA air freight. It also uses a technique called super frozen (超低温) to freeze its maguro. As soon as the fishes are caught on ship, they are kept frozen at – 60 degrees Celsius.  As such, absolute freshness is a guarantee.

At Kuro Maguro, you can enjoy 18 best-value and premium donburi that rival top Japanese restaurants’. There are also delicious sashimi donburi options to choose from.

Kuro Maguro
Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 078884 

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review

HACKSAW RIDGE is the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, as he believed that while the war was justified, killing was nevertheless wrong. As an army medic, he single-handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers, and was wounded by a grenade and hit by snipers. Doss was the first conscientious objector awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Hacksaw Ridge was highly recommended by my colleague- Nad. The plot that she shared, attracted me to catch this film.

Personally, I felt that the show was engaging and compact as a whole. The story build up may appear rather slow-pace but somewhat, it gradually got better with a conducive plot. Glad that certain humour was injected to lighten this heavy-hearted show.

There were good intense and gripping moments which kept me at the edge of my seat. Not to forget, those emotional scenes that was beautifully presented as well. This film also reminded me of God's power, love and grace towards people.

A good inspirational true story indeed.

Ratings: 4.5 / 5

[Media Invitation] Taiwan's Master of Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Master has amassed the favour of many in Taiwan, so much so that Singapore-based Nine Ventures Pte Ltd saw its potential and signed a franchise agreement with Super Qin Group to bring their delectable fried chicken into the Singapore food scene. An iconic delicacy indispensable to the Taiwanese night markets, the chicken chop style fried chicken is no stranger to the public eye and is beloved by both locals and visitors alike.

As brand under the Taiwan-based Super Qin Group that specialises in the meat and poultry processing industry, Fried Chicken Master prides itself on its 30-year expertise in the selection of the chicken’s best parts, exclusive recipe, as well as operational merit, to produce fried chicken of utmost quality and taste.

Fried Chicken Master stands out from the masses with their unique style of cutting, marinating and succulent texture of their fried chicken dishes.

“Jimbo” is the direct Chinese translation of “treasure”. In the eyes of Fried Chicken Master, the treasure lies within 3 factors: the best parts of the chicken, quality ingredients, and customer service.

Lovely Jimbo is cut into a lovely heart shape, tendorised and marinated to ensure that the breast meat retains all the savoury flavor over specifically-timed soaking and cooking. Running Jimbo is named as such because of relation to the chicken thigh, as with Flying Jimbo because of the wings.

Fried Chicken Master’s standard operating procedures make certain that the chicken is being cooked by the order and that the flesh stays juicy and tender with the outer layer crispy yet crunchy. They will be proceeding with the halal application soon. 

Customers can choose to complement their Jimbo Classics with choices sides and drinks from a list of set meals for a heartier feast. Sides include the Jimbo Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings and Crispy French Fries unique texture.

2 of the more popular drinks include the refreshing and tangy Kamquat & Lemon Juice and the Earl Grey Milk Tea brewed from Fried Chicken Master’s very own tea leaves from Sri Lanka. The Roselle and Lychee Black Tea are well-received by customers as well.

NEX Serangoon
Singapore 556083