Saturday, February 4

[Media Invitation] Taiwan's Master of Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Master has amassed the favour of many in Taiwan, so much so that Singapore-based Nine Ventures Pte Ltd saw its potential and signed a franchise agreement with Super Qin Group to bring their delectable fried chicken into the Singapore food scene. An iconic delicacy indispensable to the Taiwanese night markets, the chicken chop style fried chicken is no stranger to the public eye and is beloved by both locals and visitors alike.

As brand under the Taiwan-based Super Qin Group that specialises in the meat and poultry processing industry, Fried Chicken Master prides itself on its 30-year expertise in the selection of the chicken’s best parts, exclusive recipe, as well as operational merit, to produce fried chicken of utmost quality and taste.

Fried Chicken Master stands out from the masses with their unique style of cutting, marinating and succulent texture of their fried chicken dishes.

“Jimbo” is the direct Chinese translation of “treasure”. In the eyes of Fried Chicken Master, the treasure lies within 3 factors: the best parts of the chicken, quality ingredients, and customer service.

Lovely Jimbo is cut into a lovely heart shape, tendorised and marinated to ensure that the breast meat retains all the savoury flavor over specifically-timed soaking and cooking. Running Jimbo is named as such because of relation to the chicken thigh, as with Flying Jimbo because of the wings.

Fried Chicken Master’s standard operating procedures make certain that the chicken is being cooked by the order and that the flesh stays juicy and tender with the outer layer crispy yet crunchy. They will be proceeding with the halal application soon. 

Customers can choose to complement their Jimbo Classics with choices sides and drinks from a list of set meals for a heartier feast. Sides include the Jimbo Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings and Crispy French Fries unique texture.

2 of the more popular drinks include the refreshing and tangy Kamquat & Lemon Juice and the Earl Grey Milk Tea brewed from Fried Chicken Master’s very own tea leaves from Sri Lanka. The Roselle and Lychee Black Tea are well-received by customers as well.

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