Wednesday, November 28

- Interesting language -

It's been like ages since I watch Yu Le Bai Fen Bai.. Get to watch it last two days.. Glad that I'm able to watch the one on monday.. It's interesting because I get to learn from Will "english class" on words such as bounce, tight, crash & chill..

What comes to you on mind seeing the above words? It should be the simple & common meanings we often know and used in our daily life yea.. But in fact, there's other meaning to it..

Bounce - bounced up to the guests and breezily said hello. = Walk quickly & energetically.
Tight - a tight performance by the whole team = Well-done!
Crash - After outing, He felt tired and want to have some crash = Rest/Sleep

So cool! =)

Sunday, November 25

- Pop Songs -

Felt that the songs I enjoyed and preferred most would be those emo and sentimental kind.. The lyrics must be meaningful and leave an impression to me.. I do enjoy fast songs as long as it is catchy, fun and enjoyable!


Was in love with this song (败给你) which was sang by Alan Luo & Elva Hsiao.. Felt that the song was memorable with very catchy tunes! The song 你最近还好吗 from S.H.E has meaningful lyrics and nice chorus!

Recent songs like 彩虹, 路太弯, 月牙湾, inconsolable & 左手边 were nice too! Had the same taste? Go preview the songs listed.. =)

Tuesday, November 20

- What A day?! -

- Fallen tree on express way while going school
- Misplace the school lens cap
- Met ridiculous driver
- Most money spent on cab fare
- Identification card being confiscated
- Moodless during UT
- Not being able to celebrate friend birthday

However, get to feel slightly better when I found the lens cap.. Lucky, I managed to remember and found it which made my mood better.. Glad that Ming accompanied me to look for it.. Had funny and lame conversation throughout the journey and am happy to have him as friend.. For the UT, did not know that the some of the questions was continuous only after the test.. -_-" but I did my best already.. Oh ya.. Happy Birthday Jiewei! =)

Monday, November 19

- Brother Birthday -

Today is my elder bro birthday.. Had his celebration in a restaurant at Novena last wednesday.. Had this chance to chat with him as he's staying with my grandma now.. His Uni life seems to be really busy and pack with loads of assignment.. Nice ambience and food! Time passes fast and we went back in separated ways.. Prefered him to be with us.. However, I think he like to be alone there due to some reasons.. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 16

- Understanding Test -

Had 3D animation UT yesterday.. Felt that it allows me to give some thoughts before answering certain questions.. It really tested my understanding especially when the 6P resource were limited.. However, with my preparation, I think I managed to scrape through quite well.. Hopefully, it could be seen from my grades..

In my views, felt that the standard for UTs has increase as one needs to have sufficient understanding to answer some questions correctly..

All UT 1 grades has been published.. I have to say that I only did fairly well.. Had to have more preparation and spend my time wisely to answer each questions in future test.. I hope to see an improvement for my UT 2!

Sunday, November 11

- Grandma -

Grandma has been staying over my place for 3 weeks.. During her stay, could see that her condition shows slight improvement with more attention.. Though she doze off easily but she seems to enjoy her stay as times goes by..

When asked to go back, she gave silly excuses and unwilling to go home.. She hope that the maid would not come back after visiting her family.. I think she felt the love and warmth we showered her.. With firm tone from my uncle, she then agree and was brought back..

If no maid was employed from some of my relatives, my mum hopes that grandma could continue staying because we knows that elderly wants their love-ones to be with them..

Saturday, November 10

- Memories -

Yesterday, went to have lunch at KFC alone.. While eating, saw groups of secondary students chatting and enjoying their meal.. At that moment, I recalled my secondary mates and the times we had.. There's like nothing to care and think about.. Enjoy was the KEY to our lives.. How I wish if time could turn back to the moment and stay there forever with NO worries! But that is impossible..

As one grew up, there's more you had to know, face and decide.. When I was young, I wish I could become a young working adult soon.. That time, I only see the good side of it.. However, as times goes by, I beg to differ it.. Anyway, life goes on and I will just do whatever I think is right.. Live for myself and not for others!

With God Grace, hope to achieve better results and a change for the better~

Monday, November 5

- Birthday Celebration -

ME pointing the Bday Boy!


ALL of us!

Celebrated Yong Sheng birthday at Essential Brew.. Quite a cool place with nice ambience but just felt that it's kinda cramp.. Enjoyed the food and the company of my ITE mates.. It's like so coincidence to see Hakeem working there as well.. Anyway, Hope the birthday boy had a wonderful and memorable 21st birthday! =D

Friday, November 2

- Lesson Lesson Lesson -

Lesson was less stress yesterday! Guess what?! Kenneth came to faciliate us for 3D animation! He has load to crap and joke man! Thus, I "pei he" him lo.. Make the class laugh seh.. hahaha.. However, I still did do my modeling and animation though it did not go perfectly well.. Heard that he's taking us permanently and everyone seems to be happy.. haha..

UT for the day cause me to make careless mistakes once again.. 6P seems to be kinda useless nowadays compared to last semesters.. Seems that understanding is indeed important to answer most of the questions and score good grades now..