Saturday, November 30


01. 渺小
02. 矛盾
03. 終身大事
04. 不醉不會
05. 你快樂未必我快樂
06. 這個人已經與我無關
07. 你就不要想起我
08. 無常
09. 愛著愛著就永遠
10. 口袋的溫度

Previewed 田馥甄 Hebe Tian latest album - 渺小. I began to accept her identity and style of singing. From her previous albums, I feel that she was trying to intimate some other singer. When she was in the group (S.H.E), I did not see her injected this kind of elements thus I thought she was trying too.. hard.  

This album proved me wrong and I think she found her own unique style and personality. Though her image was slightly wild for me but I think it appeared attractive to me in her own way.   

The recommended track from me will be: 渺小, 矛盾, 這個人已經與我無關, 你就不要想起我, 愛著愛著就永遠. 

You can preview her album here: 田馥甄 渺小 

Signing off with her hit song which was my favourite from this album!

Tuesday, November 26


‘Disclosed’ revolves around a group of Public Relations (PR) specialists who helps high society clients perform damage control and maintain a favourable image. The team is led by computer forensic expert, Wen Chang Yu (Huang Teng Hao), who is highly intelligent and will resort to all means to crack a case. He looks like an optimist but he is actually bothered by a secret until he meets righteous Kuang Yun Xiang (Jesseca Liu). Bound by a superior-subordinate relationship, because of their differences in opinions, Chang Yu and Yun Xiang will often bicker with each other. Gradually, they fall in love. ‘Disclosed’ is a concept derived from true accounts of social media cases involving Internet fraud and cybercrimes, where a secret is never a secret as long as social media exist. Each case will cover 2 to 3 thrilling episodes.


The story was refreshing and most of the time I enjoyed watching this genre of drama (mystery, suspense and thriller). I realised the plot was pretty similar to a English drama series: the lying game.

Though the story-line was different, there were certain similarities in each cases. Only differences was that 'Disclosed' injected more on Internet fraud. Since both drama were about hidden secrets, there are bound to be similarities. 

Certain cases kept me in suspense thinking why and how a particular incident actually happened. It kept me going on to follow up each episode. Nice unexpected twist towards to end. Fantastic acting capability from Jesseca Liu! I thought she handled her emotion and expression pretty well! 

And yup, both drama left a mystery for the viewers out there to guess. 

Ratings: 3.4/5

Monday, November 25

Bought this chicken chop from Western Barbeque at old airport road food centre. One of the best chicken chop I tasted thus far. The well-marinated meat was tender and juicy! The portion of the dish was decent for me. 

Oh ya, besides the foodie above, bread was included as well! I like the packaging of it which allow me to consume easily, without spreading butter myself. Enjoyed this dish pretty much when I had it for my lunch!

Ratings: 4.35/5

Western Barbeque
51 Old Airport Road
Old Airport Road Food Centre

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE begins as Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a "Victor's Tour" of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) - a competition that could change Panem forever.


Watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Jiewei yesterday night! We watched this film at City Square - JB.

I think the story started off rather draggy in the beginning. As the story goes on, it got better with different obstacles and challenges that each district winner had to overcome. 

I thought it could be better if they focus more on this area to make it even more exciting. It ended abruptly without a proper ending thus I think there will be a sequel to it. 

As a whole, I thought that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was slightly better as compared to the previous one in terms of the story flow. 

Ratings: 3.65/5

Tuesday, November 19

"3 Peas In A Pod" is a story about friendship and love. Three university students studying in Australia (Penny from Singapore, Perry from Taiwan and Peter from Korea) are good friends whose lives are intertwined with one another's. Just before they graduate and go back to their respective countries to embark on their working lives, the three friends decide to go on a road trip in the country they've been studying in for the last 4 years. Little do they know, this farewell holiday is a trip that would change their lives forever.


Watched 3 Peas in A Pod 《他她他》with Jiewei this evening. The film started off just like a ordinary romantic love story. As the story goes on, it somewhat engaged me to find out who would Penny choose? Will it be Peter (the love she love) or Perry (the one who love her)?

However, there was an unexpected twist towards the end. Penny actually discovered a ugly truth, where Perry secretly took photos of Peter with his mobile. From there, Penny had a clear understanding of the entire situation.

The film flashed back and revealed to the viewers that Perry had long carrying a torch on Peter. To get close to him, the only way was to befriend Penny as both of them were good friends.

After watching the film, I realised that the Chinese title somewhat gave a hint to the plot. 《他她他》. I think it was placed in the middle for a reason? Maybe because she was in between the 2 guys. Without her, both of the them might be together since Peter also somehow declared his love to Perry.

Ratings: 3/5

Sunday, November 17

The Journey: A Voyage is Channel 8's 2013 year-end blockbuster that recounts the travails of first-generation Chinese immigrants who set foot on the island of Singapore to seek their fortunes and future. The journey is one fraught with difficulties, one they must persevere to carve a niche they can call their own, build a new homeland and enjoy the fruits of their success.

It tells the stories of three young men as they faced the tumultuous 1920s and eventually survived the odds to call Singapore home. 

The Journey: A Voyage is part of MediaCorp’s TV50 celebrations and part of a trilogy which will culminate in Singapore’s nation building celebrations in 2015.

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover Channel 8’s blockbuster drama 《信约:唐山到南洋》 The Journey: A Voyage private screening last Thursday evening! The event was held at The Joyden Hall! There were cocktail/dinner reception for the bloggers! And yup, I invited Jasmine to this event. (:  

Host for the day: 
Mary Bukoh

Allen Chen

Terence Cao

Joanne Peh

Priscelia, Joanne, Chris

Then, it was photo-taking session! And yup, the above were some of the pictures taken before the screening started. 

This is the guy (Shen Zhi Hao) who sang the theme song for this drama. I think the melody and lyrics of the song relates well to this particular drama with lots of emotions injected.

Desmond Tan

Elvin Ng

Chris Tong

The different expression of each artiste

Priscelia Chan

The cast were invited to the stage to share about their views about this drama. At the same time, also tell us about their character in the drama. From their sharing, I understand that each has a different role to play in order to make this series a possible one. Terence Cao was pretty enthu and seems to be the one who hosted instead. 

Then, its time to catch the screening! 

From the private screening, I get to watch both the extended trailer and also the 1st episode of this drama. I get to see the roles played by different characters and I thought the artiste did a pretty good job with it. 

张天鹏 Zhang Tianpeng (李南星 Li Nan Xing)

The one which captured my attention and leave deep impression in the trailer was Priscelia Chan (Han Xiuxiang) who was wealthy, feisty and obstinate rich lady. I rarely see her in such role and hopefully to see more of her different side in near future. 

The 1st episode of this drama was pretty good. It started off with the current Singapore city and then back to the olden days with good visual effects. From there, each cast were being introduced and the story started from there... 

There were different characters and I thought each played a major role to make this drama a more exciting one. It showcase how the ancestors from 唐山 to 南洋 make a living there with challenges and obstacles faced. 

Overall, I think this drama injected many emotions and at the same time educate the viewers about the historical morals and values back then. It will be better if there are subtitles so that I could relate better!

Read About the Journey

Remember to catch this blockbuster drama on 25th November 2013 (Monday) 9pm only on Channel 8! -

Had a great and enjoyable evening!! Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening and drama a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for 信约:唐山到南洋》 The Journey: A Voyage! (:

Monday, November 11

01. 愛投羅網 
 02. 愛騙我 
 03. 未完的承諾 
 04. 惜命命 
 05. 獅子吼 
 06. 第六十一分鐘 
 07. 愛我喊出來 
 08. 愛慘了 
 09. 想逃 
10. 如果還有如果

Previewed 羅志祥 Show Luo latest album - 獅子吼 . I think this album is slightly different from the previous and his fast tempo songs seems similar to K-pop style. Besides that, his image had a wild change to a more korean pop singer. Nice try but hopefully He will not over do it for the next album.

The recommended track from me will be: 未完的承諾, 惜命命,  想逃 and 果還有如果

Signing off with his hit song which was my favourite from this album!!

Saturday, November 9

Boss Suchart is the influential owner of a major elephant camp. When he was murdered in his own home - the killer delivered three fatal blows on his body - all evidence points to KHAM (Tony Jaa), who was present at the crime scene and was seen with the victim the moment before he died. Kham is forced to run as the police launches a pursuit...

A sequel of the global smash-hit "Tom Yam Goong" (or "The Protector"), TYG2 is an extreme fight movie, an endlessly intense, nerve-racking film full of fists, elbows, kicks and daredevil stunt scenes and amazingly choreographed fighting moves that will pump hot blood through the body of all action fans! 


Watched The Protector 2 - Tom Yum Goong 2 with Gary on Tuesday evening. The story was simple and rather predictable. Many great fight scenes but I thought some were rather dramatic which made me laugh. The plot was quite weak as a whole but if you are there for the fight scenes, you will appreciate this film even better. Nice emotional scenes towards the end of which bring higher score to this show.

Ratings: 3.25/5