Monday, November 11

01. 愛投羅網 
 02. 愛騙我 
 03. 未完的承諾 
 04. 惜命命 
 05. 獅子吼 
 06. 第六十一分鐘 
 07. 愛我喊出來 
 08. 愛慘了 
 09. 想逃 
10. 如果還有如果

Previewed 羅志祥 Show Luo latest album - 獅子吼 . I think this album is slightly different from the previous and his fast tempo songs seems similar to K-pop style. Besides that, his image had a wild change to a more korean pop singer. Nice try but hopefully He will not over do it for the next album.

The recommended track from me will be: 未完的承諾, 惜命命,  想逃 and 果還有如果

Signing off with his hit song which was my favourite from this album!!