Saturday, November 30


01. 渺小
02. 矛盾
03. 終身大事
04. 不醉不會
05. 你快樂未必我快樂
06. 這個人已經與我無關
07. 你就不要想起我
08. 無常
09. 愛著愛著就永遠
10. 口袋的溫度

Previewed 田馥甄 Hebe Tian latest album - 渺小. I began to accept her identity and style of singing. From her previous albums, I feel that she was trying to intimate some other singer. When she was in the group (S.H.E), I did not see her injected this kind of elements thus I thought she was trying too.. hard.  

This album proved me wrong and I think she found her own unique style and personality. Though her image was slightly wild for me but I think it appeared attractive to me in her own way.   

The recommended track from me will be: 渺小, 矛盾, 這個人已經與我無關, 你就不要想起我, 愛著愛著就永遠. 

You can preview her album here: 田馥甄 渺小 

Signing off with her hit song which was my favourite from this album!