Sunday, November 17

The Journey: A Voyage is Channel 8's 2013 year-end blockbuster that recounts the travails of first-generation Chinese immigrants who set foot on the island of Singapore to seek their fortunes and future. The journey is one fraught with difficulties, one they must persevere to carve a niche they can call their own, build a new homeland and enjoy the fruits of their success.

It tells the stories of three young men as they faced the tumultuous 1920s and eventually survived the odds to call Singapore home. 

The Journey: A Voyage is part of MediaCorp’s TV50 celebrations and part of a trilogy which will culminate in Singapore’s nation building celebrations in 2015.

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover Channel 8’s blockbuster drama 《信约:唐山到南洋》 The Journey: A Voyage private screening last Thursday evening! The event was held at The Joyden Hall! There were cocktail/dinner reception for the bloggers! And yup, I invited Jasmine to this event. (:  

Host for the day: 
Mary Bukoh

Allen Chen

Terence Cao

Joanne Peh

Priscelia, Joanne, Chris

Then, it was photo-taking session! And yup, the above were some of the pictures taken before the screening started. 

This is the guy (Shen Zhi Hao) who sang the theme song for this drama. I think the melody and lyrics of the song relates well to this particular drama with lots of emotions injected.

Desmond Tan

Elvin Ng

Chris Tong

The different expression of each artiste

Priscelia Chan

The cast were invited to the stage to share about their views about this drama. At the same time, also tell us about their character in the drama. From their sharing, I understand that each has a different role to play in order to make this series a possible one. Terence Cao was pretty enthu and seems to be the one who hosted instead. 

Then, its time to catch the screening! 

From the private screening, I get to watch both the extended trailer and also the 1st episode of this drama. I get to see the roles played by different characters and I thought the artiste did a pretty good job with it. 

张天鹏 Zhang Tianpeng (李南星 Li Nan Xing)

The one which captured my attention and leave deep impression in the trailer was Priscelia Chan (Han Xiuxiang) who was wealthy, feisty and obstinate rich lady. I rarely see her in such role and hopefully to see more of her different side in near future. 

The 1st episode of this drama was pretty good. It started off with the current Singapore city and then back to the olden days with good visual effects. From there, each cast were being introduced and the story started from there... 

There were different characters and I thought each played a major role to make this drama a more exciting one. It showcase how the ancestors from 唐山 to 南洋 make a living there with challenges and obstacles faced. 

Overall, I think this drama injected many emotions and at the same time educate the viewers about the historical morals and values back then. It will be better if there are subtitles so that I could relate better!

Read About the Journey

Remember to catch this blockbuster drama on 25th November 2013 (Monday) 9pm only on Channel 8! -

Had a great and enjoyable evening!! Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening and drama a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for 信约:唐山到南洋》 The Journey: A Voyage! (: