Friday, May 31

 01    Sing It Out
02 剪不断
03 懒人漫游
   04 你怎么可以安心的睡着
05 无赖
06 没有人爱
07 草莓面包
09 Never
10 纯属意外
11 右脸

Previewed 戴佩妮 Penny Tai latest album - 纯属意外! I feel that this could be one of her breakthrough album. There are different genre of music in this particular album. Felt that she put in effort in her composition which could relate to listeners out there. Enjoyed her slow songs which she put in emotions while singing it. 

The recommended track from me will be: 无赖, Never, 纯属意外, 懒人漫游 and 你怎么可以安心的睡着. If you enjoy listening romance slow songs, I think this album is one you should grab!

Signing off with her hit song~

Wednesday, May 29

This pepper pork bowl from Maccha house tasted yummy! The meat is tender and well marinated; not too salty for my taste bud. I think the portion is pretty decent with the huge amount of meat in the bowl. However, it is slightly oily but I think it is okay to eat it once in awhile. This will be one of the food I would recommend If you dine there!

Oh ya! My another review of the food from Maccha House HERE!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Maccha house
#B1-40, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Monday, May 27

Jasmine last day work at CPF was last Thursday. All the best to your new workplace! Thank you for the awesome memory we had during outings! (;

Sunday, May 26

Went for my church conference last weekend! It was great! Nice to see fellow brother and sister coming together to worship our loving God! Reminded me to persevere on and continue this race together with God. Though I may fail at times but God is unchanging and almightly who can do greater things than man!

GOD >> me

He must become greater; I must become less. 

Tuesday, May 21

Catherine Chandler, a detective, witnesses her mother being shot the same night she is saved from her mother's murderers by a supposed beast. Nine years later, a case leads her to discover that Vincent Keller, an ex-soldier killed in action during military service, is actually alive. As Catherine gets to know him, she starts finding out more about her mother's murder and about who (and what) Vincent really is. At the same time, they get to know each other and eventually fall in love with each other.


Finished watching Beauty and the Beast TV series (Season 1). I think the story is decent and interesting. It is not a typical romance love story but also injected some crime investigation. Each episode, there will be different cases to solve. And interestingly, it would lead you to some uncovered truth which attracted the viewers. 

This series is direct and straight to the point which is commendable. There is a twist towards the end which makes you want to follow up in season 2! The finale ended quite abruptly without much depth but overall it is a decent show! 

Ratings: 3.4/5

Monday, May 20

Was invited to a media tasting: DANRO Japanese Hot Pot by Ministry of Food (MOF) at NEX last Wednesday evening! The restaurant has a nice ambiance with warm lighting. It is a good place to chill with friends and loved ones.

Before reviewing on the hotpot, I will write about MOF new Japanese soy puddings and Hokkaido Milk Drinks from AmaSoy. Here you go!

The beverage I ordered was Azuki Hokkaido Soy Milk! I think it tasted good! Not too.. sweet for my taste bud. The red bean is chewy, nicely done which blended well with the drink.  

Tried the Japanese Soy Puddings as well! The flavours include: Original, Almond, Matcha, Mango, Salted Caramel! 

The recommended flavours from me would be: Matcha and Salted Caramel! Each has its own unique taste which allows you to enjoy every mouth. Also, it is difficult to find Matcha and Salted Caramel flavour! If you love both of these, you got to try it!

Other flavours tasted reasonably good too. For the Original, I think it will taste better if it was sweeter. 

These are some of the food that you get to see from the buffet section! As you can see, there are many variety for you to choose from. Something special which you rarely would see are: onsen egg, chilled noodles and Japan style Yong Tau Foo and Bak Kut Teh

I personally adore the onsen eggchilled noodles & potato salad! For the onsen egg, you could see that the egg white and yolk is nicely done. The chilled noodles was chewy, sprinkled with spring onions and the appropriate amount of sauce. Nice! 

Oh ya! There are many sauces available for you to dip!

 DANRO's Kiritanpo 
DANRO’s Kiritanpoきりたんぽ is a grilled rice skewer dish traditional in the Akita Prefecture. Kiri means “cut” and tanpo means “rice stick”. Chef Kazunori Sonoda would first pound and mash freshly cooked Japanese rice, form cylinder sticks by hand, brush special sweet sauce and miso for flavour, and toast them on an open fire till the outer layer is slightly crisp. These rice sticks can be dipped into the hot pot soup, or enjoyed with one of DANRO’s specially made dips.

DANRO’s Soup Broth – 9 exciting soup bases created by DANRO’s Japanese Executive Chef
DANRO offers a wide variety of painstakingly-boiled nabemono soup bases, each unique broth type representing a different prefecture in Japan. Among the 9 tasty soup bases, the most popular include:

The recommended one from me will be: Chicken and Milk Broth & Chicken Paitan! The soup tasted yummy! Not too... salty but tasted just nice!!

 This fried mashed potato tasted very good! I like it alot! 
Crispy on the ouside, soft on the inside! 

Yummy Ice-cream! You know why? Because there are many toppings
 to add it in to enrich the taste of this fabulous dessert!

Great to see familiar faces (bloggers) there! Great to mingle and make new friends! Grateful for this opportunity to be invited to this media tasting. Thanks Daniel Ang (Daniel's Food Diary) & Timothy Goh for the host and invitation! (;

Saturday, May 11

    01  其实都没有
02 忘了我
03 想对你说
04 低回
05 初爱
            06  没有什么不能
07 无邪
08 无常
09 出走
10 这一路走来

Previewed 杨宗纬 Aska Yang latest album - 初爱! Am not really a fan of him but recently heard one of his hits on radio and I like it! The song was 忘了我! I think the song suit him well and the melody is catchy! 

The recommended track from me will be: 其实都没有忘了我初爱 and 这一路走来If you like emo songs, I think you would love this album alot!

Signing off with his hit song~

Ratings: 3.35/5

Had lunch with Shah at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar few months back. Ordered the daily special - Tandoori Chicken Wrappo! This daily special comes with a can of coca cola and chips. 

The Tandoori Chicken tasted reasonably good, stuffed with Chicken breast meat and lettuce! Well marinated with flavourful taste. It goes well with the wrap. Though the portion looked small but it was quite filling for me.   

It comes with different daily specials from you to choose from. Go grab one to try!

Ambiance: 3.7/5
Service: 3.4/5
Price: 2.8/5
Tandoori Chicken Wrappo: 3.5/5

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bars (Maxwell Chambers)
32 Maxwell Road
#01-02 Maxwell Chambers

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 21:00
Sat: 08:00 - 14:00
Tel: 62245539

Sunday, May 5

Went to to uniqlo event - UT POP-UP yesterday afternoon! The location was at 72-13 @ Mohd Sultan! Great to have ushers who guide us and also shuttle bus services to and fro! When I got there, there was many people there! Great singing performance from Jonathan Chan too!! Expected to be more happening though.

Then, went to check out their UT cam to try our their new app! Rather cool and this was the outcome of mine!! Roar! 

Bought this one piece t-shirt because it caught my eyes among the others out there! Simply love it!!

Made my day with the well-organised event too! Appreciate the shuttle bus services because the location was rather out of place! Thanks Uniqlo for the goodies!!

Those who want to go can still make your way down today! 

Enjoy shopping~

Saturday, May 4

All the best Yvonne! 
Am glad to know such a generous and nice lady like you! Bye 面包超人! (: