Friday, May 31

 01    Sing It Out
02 剪不断
03 懒人漫游
   04 你怎么可以安心的睡着
05 无赖
06 没有人爱
07 草莓面包
09 Never
10 纯属意外
11 右脸

Previewed 戴佩妮 Penny Tai latest album - 纯属意外! I feel that this could be one of her breakthrough album. There are different genre of music in this particular album. Felt that she put in effort in her composition which could relate to listeners out there. Enjoyed her slow songs which she put in emotions while singing it. 

The recommended track from me will be: 无赖, Never, 纯属意外, 懒人漫游 and 你怎么可以安心的睡着. If you enjoy listening romance slow songs, I think this album is one you should grab!

Signing off with her hit song~