Tuesday, May 26

D'Kranji Farm Resort

Staycation was at D'Kranji Farm Resort with 4ourz last Sunday! Managed to get the groupon deal for a standard villa: 2D1N Stay for 2 at D'Kranji Farm Resort + Daily Breakfast.

Shuttle bus timetable

We travelled to the resort via shuttle bus from Kranji Mrt station. Surprisingly, the shuttle bus service was not free. Each passenger has to pay $3 for a ride. However, you get to have unlimited rides on that particular day. 

The exterior design of the resort resemble 'cottages' and has a kampung 'feel'. As I was there with a group of friends, it was quite fun and interesting as we could conveniently walked to each other unit in an open area! 

The interior of the standard villa:

Wifi is available here. However, the signal can be rather weak at times. Thus, I have to rely on my mobile data whenever needed.

For your information, the following toiletries are provided:

- Toothbrush with a tiny tube of toothpaste
- Bath Foam
- Soap
- Comb
- Razor
- Towels

I hope you will have a better idea of the necessity to pack and bring it over there. Also, I like the shower area. An open concept where you get more closer to the nature surrounding there.  

Please remember to bring your own snacks and drinks because they only provide 2 bottles of water, tea bags, coffee sachets with sugar and creamer. If you are thinking to BBQ there, you can actually do so! They have pits there but you have to check its availability with the staff.

The only entertainment you have at night in the room - the television. Please do note that you only get to watch local channels. It could have been better if cable TV was installed so that customers have another alternative and selection. You may want to consider bringing electronic gadgets i.e:- playstation and wii!

Bollywood Veggies:

Hay Dairies:

Pure goat milk that tasted good and fresh! 

Dinner was at D’Beer Seafood Restaurant. The food tasted normal and quite pricey. If you have your own transport, you may consider to packet dinner elsewhere?

I managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset outside the villa! You can check the sunrise and sunset timing at NEA website to avoid disappointment! Do apply insect repellent before heading out there as the mosquitoes targeted us while we took the sunset photos!

If you are heading there with a group of friends like me, do remember to bring board games along! We utterly spent the night with board games and a cuppa coffee/tea! (:

A nice quiet place to relax and appreciate the nature! A good getaway from work and away from the usual busy area in Singapore.

D'Kranji Farm Resort 
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Singapore 718813
Tel: 68629717

Sunday, May 17

[Media Invitation] Savour Fuku's New Offerings of Fugu Hotpots & Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot‏

Was invited to a media tasting: Savour Fuku's New Offerings of Fugu Hotpots & Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot‏ at FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restuarant! I liked its ambiance and dinning concept which was similar to Japan.

FUKU is the first restaurant in Singapore that specializes in fugu - Pufferfish. The team at the helm has over 20 years of experience and specialises in the preparation of fugu. Here at FUGU, patrons can be whisked away to Shimonoseki, billed as the world's fugu capital. The premium delicacy Torafugu can be found here. 

One factor that accounts for the growing attraction to the pufferfish is the myriad of health benefits it boasts. Fugu is low in fat content but is a rich source of protein. The skin contains a superb level of collagen as well! 

Fugu simmered in a sweet soy sauce

A good appetiser to have before starting your main meal!

Thinly sliced Fugu Sashimi (てっさ)

The thinly sliced Sashimi was fresh with its beautiful artwork presented. The texture was okay though it was slightly chewy for me. 

Fugu sushi (ふぐ寿司)

I liked the Fugu that complement pretty well with its cooked vinegared rice. It give you a good punch when you munch it. Definitely goes well with your usual soy sauce and wasabi!

Deep fried Fugu (唐揚げ)

This dish tasted good and I liked it pretty much! The seasoning for this fried Fugu was tasty and not too flavourful. It was crispy on its outside and tender on its inside. It could have been better if they remove the bones for better experience.

 Fugu Japanese Style Porridge

The porridge tasted light with its flavoured egg added in it. If you would like some saltiness and sourness to the dish, you can add in Shio Konbu (Salted kelp).

Fugu Shirako

Soya Bean Hot Pot

The Soya Bean Hot pot was creamy and tasted sweet in flavour. The broth was alright for me as it was not that flavourful. I enjoyed the log fulvous flower mushroom! A healthy delicacy with beauty benefits! 

Shabu A5 Beef Hotpot

I liked these A5 beef imported from Miyazaki! The texture of its beef  was awesome that it simply melts in your mouth! You have to try this if you visit this restaurant! 

Both these hotpots are selling at $70++ per pot!

You may wish to know that for the month of June 2015, Fugu will be holding a special promotion. Each pot goes at $60++!

14 Mohamed Sultan Road 
#01-01 Singapore 238963
Tel: 6235 8216
Opening Hours: 6pm – 11pm (Daily)

Tuesday, May 12

If I Stay Collection Book Review

Mia is a very gifted cellist. She has everything she could ever want, a loving family, an adoring boyfriend, an amazing best friend, and an amazing career ahead of her in music. All of that changes suddenly. Mia and her family have a terrible car accident and Mia is rushed to the ICU. Mia is caught between life and death, and watches as family and friends come to visit her at the hospital she is in. Soon Mia realizes that she must make the most critical decision of her life - wake up to live a life more difficult than she ever could have imagined, or slip away and die.

Finished reading If I Stay series, a novel by Gayle Forman. I liked the writing style of this author where it was presented simple and clear.

Personally, I felt that it was quite a good read with its refreshing love story. If I stay portrayed more of the background and happening of the characters whereas Where She Went focused on its story build up of what had happened in the past (Mia's accident) and in-between (Mia's disappearance).

Honestly, I was touched at a junction where I discovered Mia's decision to live on and her disappearance all got to do with Adam, her boyfriend.

The story flow well though I have to agree that some appear draggy. I thought that the finale was predictable and could have been more refined. However, while reading this novel, I could pictured its entire plot.

I shall catch the film - If I stay soon!

Ratings: 3.6/5

Wednesday, May 6

Marvel's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Movie Review

Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Watched Marvel's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron with Trois yesterday night. Personally, I felt that the story was okay though it could have been more refined. Not surprising, the plot presented was rather predictable without much excitement.

Initially, it appeared quite draggy, however it got better with its story build up and action scenes. Good that certain humour was injected as well. Thanks to Iron man else I think it will be plain watching the entire film without him. He is just so cool in it!

A show for the marvel's fans out there!

Ratings: 3.1/5

Friday, May 1

Star Awards 红星大奖2015

Star Awards 红星大奖 2015 have ended. Am happy for Ruien, Julie Tan and Shaun Chen 

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes: Rui En

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes: Shaun Chen

Rocket Award: Shaun Chen
Best actor: Shaun Chen

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes: Julie Tan

Congrats to all winners!