Friday, December 31

Wow!! Time passes like nobody businesses! And guess what!? Today marks the last day of 2010!! As usual, life has been pretty high & low for me. Have to plan and juggle my time well since I am studying & working. I am glad that in whatever situation I was, God was always there for me! ORD-ED for about 3 months already and I am glad that everything is still quite good! School has been pretty tiring and stress for me. I pray for the new coming year, I could cope better and have more determination for my school work!

I believe that 2011 will be a great year for me!! God Bless!

Alright.. Got to ciao & prepare to go for the Marina Bay countdown!! It will sure be a blast one!

Wednesday, December 29

Joined a facebook contest recently - When I'm bored, I doodle. Got to be one of the winner for a particular week! Thus, I will win a free t-shirt which will be drawn by me! That's so cool! Visit the website to see my drawing entry being uploaded! People also can purchase my self-drawn picture printed on the T-shirt! (:

Sunday, December 26

Watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Jiewei. I feel that the story-plot was so much better than the previous one. It was not draggy and there was surprise and humorous elements in it. While watching, it reminded me that each and everyone of us are unique and special in a way or another. At the same time, team-work plays a big role to accomplish certain mission. You cannot do it alone all by yourself. Splendid acting! Overall, its nice! (:

Ratings: 3.5/5

Saturday, December 25

Wow! Felt so much at ease after attending a great christmas church service.

God is good! Merry christmas! :)

Tuesday, December 21

Went Assisi Hospice to visit the patients there with some colleagues. Glad to see most of them still have a smile on their faces despite having cancer. Think about it, as compared, we are already so fortunate but why do we still complain and not satisfied with what we have? Thus, must learn to be happy and contented! Though its a short while but I hope our presence touched them!

My heart goes all out to them! May God bless them!

Monday, December 20

Ho Ho ho!!! When the night lights up in Orchard!! (:

Sunday, December 19

YAY!!! Finally, we have completed our video for the eSMA contest!!! WoooHooo!!! The plot may look simple but the story behind it was meaningful!!

We used adobe premiere to edit our footage and flashkit for our audio. Really brought back certain memories during my poly days. Nice working with Hui Ying!! We managed to compromise and share our ideas effectively! Thanks to James who put in effort in the acting and Xin Ying for taking time off to be involved!

The Ultimate doubles!!! Hope for the best! (:

Friday, December 17

1 Corinthians 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Thursday, December 16

Wednesday, December 15

Finished watching this taiwan drama - 愛∞無限 Endless Love. I feel that the storyplot was quite alright. Though certain scenes were kinda draggy, I feel that there is purpose for it to be shown this way. There is a twist in the story which I feel that its rather refreshing.

The scenes while they were dating were so sweet can! Nothing happen and they are really in their own world. Though Jing Hao left Rui En for 3 years, they are still so in love! There are so many obstacles but they still managed to get together despite of Rui En's father being so selfish. However, her father got reasons doing that too.

Splendid acting performance from the various casts! Sandrine Pinna & Wilber Pan acted so well!! Their expression were there which touched the viewers! Other casts such as You wei and Linda did well too. I guess Wilber Pan should be nominated for his roles next year! Think he have high chance of grabbing the award.

Oh ya. Rosalind Pho was one of the cast! Still looking pretty as usual! Think she have done Singapore proud!

Feel like falling in love after watching this drama..

Drama Ratings: 3/5
Casts Acting abilities: 4/5

Monday, December 13

Finally, had the chance to watch Star Search 2010 finals!!! Been busy that I do not have time to even watch the repeat telecast!! Feel that all contestants put in hard work in it. Watched it through xinmsn but it was not the full version!!! Arghhh... Should have uploaded the full version so I could better judge the contestant performances!

I only got to view the full version of the Q & A and the acting segments. I feel that base on the Q & A: Sora Ma, Peggy Lin and Adeline Lin did pretty well! For the acting segment, I feel that Jeffrey Xu, Hu Wei and Yi Lin did well!!

In any way, I feel that a competition is about luck at times. It depends on the questions you were being posed, the character you have picked to act and many other factors. Not other contestant is not good but rather lack luck and certain X-factor.

Congrats to Jeffrey Xu! He deserved the award because he has the overall package and acted well! In fact, everyone is already a winner! It's not easy getting into TOP 10. Those who got the contract from Mediacorp deserved an applause too.
Yesterday was fun! And yeps! Finally done with our filming for our eSMA video contest!!! WoooHooo!!! Need to complete our editing by this coming weekend! Deadline is drawing very near!! Thanks James and Xin Ying for being the actor and actress!! Think we had a great time though it was not a easy task. It's been quite a while since I hold a video camera and film! The last time was in my poly days. Really brought back certain memories! Especially the one we did on gay love!!

Enjoyed! (:

Saturday, December 11

Wow! Tried the application on the photo booth because it seems pretty interesting to me! There are 2 other interesting apps you can try out too! (:

Indeed it is interesting!! A preview of my face on the Tron legacy scene!
I could resize, rotate or move my image without much difficulty to fit well!

It even allows me to enhance my image with the following tools!

Want to show it off to the people around you?
It's just a click away!

Here you go!
My very own Tron legacy scene!

What are you waiting for?
Try it out now! (:

Friday, December 10

Woohooo! As usual, won 3 day ticket to the Singapore toy and comic convention 2010!! Collected my tickets during lunch hour!! Managed to catch the cosplay event after work! Walked around and took random picture using my Samsung camera. Kind of lazy to bring my Nikon out to work. Anyway, Enjoyed it! Might go there on Sunday again.

After which, met Sun and Huan! Random chat as usual! Have loads of laughter!
Most likely, will be visiting NEX next week with them! (: