Wednesday, December 15

Finished watching this taiwan drama - 愛∞無限 Endless Love. I feel that the storyplot was quite alright. Though certain scenes were kinda draggy, I feel that there is purpose for it to be shown this way. There is a twist in the story which I feel that its rather refreshing.

The scenes while they were dating were so sweet can! Nothing happen and they are really in their own world. Though Jing Hao left Rui En for 3 years, they are still so in love! There are so many obstacles but they still managed to get together despite of Rui En's father being so selfish. However, her father got reasons doing that too.

Splendid acting performance from the various casts! Sandrine Pinna & Wilber Pan acted so well!! Their expression were there which touched the viewers! Other casts such as You wei and Linda did well too. I guess Wilber Pan should be nominated for his roles next year! Think he have high chance of grabbing the award.

Oh ya. Rosalind Pho was one of the cast! Still looking pretty as usual! Think she have done Singapore proud!

Feel like falling in love after watching this drama..

Drama Ratings: 3/5
Casts Acting abilities: 4/5