Monday, October 31

After a long wait, I finally can cash out my Nuffnang earnings! Looking forward to it!! Woohooo!

Saturday, October 29

Amber An 安心亞 at city square mall! ((:

Thanks for the album Danny!

Thursday, October 27

Met LG mates earlier in the evening. Something caught my attention when this topic arise: Doing well outwardly but personally, you did not follow the ways and truth of God words when you are alone or to say that no one is looking at you.

Seriously, I have been thinking and evaluating this issue in my life quite awhile. I can fall into temptation, distraction and at certain situation, I tend to be such a person. Be it the good or bad intakes, I am easily influence by peers and loved ones. I know I cannot be perfect but I wanted to be more and more like God.

I am thankful to have God who loves me and accept for who I am. However, I tend to take his love and mercy for granted by disobeying him and fall. It is like a cycle where I seek for his forgiveness and fall again and again.

I believe that I have to spend more ample time doing my quiet time and pray like never before. It is wonderful to pray for both good and bad times. Though it is not always how it turn out to be but I trust and have faith that he has a good plan for us ahead.

Wednesday, October 26

Wilber Pan won best leading actor for his role in "Endless Love"! Seriously, it is something to be happy and proud of. However, many viewers feel that other nominees deserved more. I did not watch the other nominees drama but from my point of view, I feel that Wilber did a good job!

I was touched with his acting in certain scenes! To add on, I like the theme song alot. Whenever I sing the song - 我们都怕痛 at KTV, I was reminded on certain scenes in the drama and tend put alot of emotion while singing this song.

Below will be a clip when he got to know that he won best actor!

Wilber must have felt miserable about the news from the media. To the extent, He feel that he is not worthy to receive the award. Since he is in the media industry, I think he should understand that he will face criticism and praises from people. This is something all singers/actors have to learn. Here's the clip.

Whatever it is, the judge made the final decision and that's final. Instead of complaining about the results, I think we should congratulate and give him encouragement. I can see that he is one genuine and sincere singer. Congrats Wilber! Continue to work hard on your music career.

Saturday, October 22

Monday, October 17

Congrats Kenji Wu 吴克群 & Hebe! ((:

They won quite a number of awards in 《第十一届全球华语歌曲排行榜》!

最佳专辑:田馥甄《To Hebe》
地区杰出歌手:台湾 - 吴克群
年度二十大金曲:田馥甄《寂寞寂寞就好》, 吴克群《没关系》

Sunday, October 16

Went for church membership class! Finally after about 2 years, I am now officially a HOPE church member. Pray that I will continue this walk with Jesus. Be it the good or difficult time, I believe HE will provide.

After which, watched real steel at lido IMAX! First experience and I think it was good but quite expensive. Typical story plot, without only focuses on robots but revolves on kinship as well.

This show is decent and its rather amazing and cool to have a robot that could follow human instructions and actions. The fighting stunts and moves were good though I think it can be better.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Takoyaki Party with YG-D on Saturday evening! ((:

Saturday, October 15

Watched the thing with Siang & Gary yesterday evening! Initially, wanted to watch real steel however most good seats were fully booked. Then, decided on this show.

For me, I feel that the story plot is good. I would highly recommend this show! It keeps you in excitement and suspense! It makes you think further what could happen next scene.

Overall, its an awesome show for me!

Ratings: 4/5

Wednesday, October 12

Met Gary and Siang yesterday evening! Had lotsa fun playing Xbox kinect! Seriously, 3 of us are noobs because we never handle it before. Took quite while for us to get familiar and finally played the games!

Kinect Sports was indeed fun and entertaining. Had lotsa crazy fun and laughter!

After which, played life 4 dead. I think it was the first time I took the effort to learn and try it out. This game requires strong teamwork and I like the strategy because it is crucial to have that spirit in order to accomplish the tasks.

Seriously, it is not about winning but the company and catching up. ((:

Tuesday, October 11

Wednesday, October 5

Went K box with Danny yesterday! Treated him because his birthday is drawing near. I realise the only way to improve singing is to learn from your mistakes and never be afraid to sing higher notes. At the same time, I noticed that my singing tend to be not very clear. I think I had improve slightly on that area to sing it clear and sharp.

Watched Dream House today! I feel that the story plot was not up to my expectation. It was rather unrealistic. However, it fits the title: dream house, because everything is a dream until it is back to reality. I feel that it is more of a mysterious film rather than a thrilling one. Nevertheless, the story flow fast but appeared slow because of the dialogue I guess.

Refreshing concept there but I think most cannot except this kind of film due to the boring scenes, without any dynamic climax.

Overall, I think the film is okay but I think it could be better in terms of the flow and plot.

Share with us, your idea of Dream house within 50 words?
My idea of dream house will be a big and spacious castle where I could live together with my family and relatives. A place where is peaceful and near the beach where I could relax, enjoy and spend quality time with loved ones.

Thank you Golden Village Picture!

Ratings: 2.75/5