Wednesday, October 26

Wilber Pan won best leading actor for his role in "Endless Love"! Seriously, it is something to be happy and proud of. However, many viewers feel that other nominees deserved more. I did not watch the other nominees drama but from my point of view, I feel that Wilber did a good job!

I was touched with his acting in certain scenes! To add on, I like the theme song alot. Whenever I sing the song - 我们都怕痛 at KTV, I was reminded on certain scenes in the drama and tend put alot of emotion while singing this song.

Below will be a clip when he got to know that he won best actor!

Wilber must have felt miserable about the news from the media. To the extent, He feel that he is not worthy to receive the award. Since he is in the media industry, I think he should understand that he will face criticism and praises from people. This is something all singers/actors have to learn. Here's the clip.

Whatever it is, the judge made the final decision and that's final. Instead of complaining about the results, I think we should congratulate and give him encouragement. I can see that he is one genuine and sincere singer. Congrats Wilber! Continue to work hard on your music career.