Monday, June 27

Alright. Sorry for the poor quality image. Was lazy to bring my dslr out to work! Anyway, dinner was at Le Noir! Won a complimentary dinner! It was my first time dining there thus I did like to blog and share my experience. (:

Firstly, I like the ambiance and surrounding with great english pop songs. Was served by friendly waiter! They were rather alert and each time I finished a course, they will served the next one in no time!

The main dish was just right for one person and the food was nicely done. Soup of the day tasted alright, only that I find it slightly salty for my taste bud. Next, it will be the dessert! I love the dessert to the max! There was my favourite strawberry and ice-cream! It comes with a pie too! Fruit punch was good as well! Blurp! P=

Thank you clarke quay & Le Noir!

Food: 8.0/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Location: 7.0/10

Sunday, June 26

Yesterday morning, met Danny to collect my Singapore Flyer tix at family day out event! It was rather long walk to marina bay waterfront. The place were filled with many people!! Wooo. Walked a few booth and have a look before going lunch at popeyes!

Then, make our way to Singapore flyer! It was my first time there! Get to see some displays around on our way to the flyer! The experience was great and fun! (:

After which, went church! Then, it was dinner time! Had dinner at the soup spoon! And yeps, it was my first time dining there too! I like the soup and the portion is just right for a person! Nice!

Then, decided to go to the Singapore Flyer with church mates again since I still have tix! Initially, decided to purchase 2 tix because I do not have enough for all! Thank God that I got 2 free tix from 2 adorable boy who asked if anyone wants it! Enjoyed the company! Took many pictures as well!

Will upload the pictures once I got it!

Thanks Family first for the tix and mystery goodie bag! (:

Friday, June 24

Han Yun BFF!

LG was GREAT! Indeed, I get to know Li Ping & Meng Yuan more! (:

Thank U God! (:

Sunday, June 19

Great time spent with Church Mates!

Have FUN at arcade! Then, took neoprints! (:

Thank God for them! (:

Wednesday, June 15

I guess most of you do not know what OCCASION and what is HAPPENING on 25 June 2011 (Saturday)? Let me tell you! It is FAMILY DAY OUT! It is a day where we are encouraged to spend time with family! Think about it? When was the last time you spend quality time with loved ones? Take this chance to bring them out for a day of FUN!

Arghhh.. Where shall you go?

Most likely, to spend quality time together out for dinner! Hmmm.. What else to do besides that?

Head down to the National Family Day Out Carnival!

Click image to view

There will be lots of event happening at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade (outside Marina Bay Sands) from 9am to 6pm. The Carnival will feature exciting activities suitable for the young and old. Look forward to take part in bonding activities and WIN attractive prizes! Admission is FREE!

FREE tickets to Singapore Flyer, Hippo River Bus, Hippo River Tour, Singapore River Cruise, Chinatown Heritage Centre, The Art Science Museum, Sands Sky Park and Jurong Bird Park will be given out too!

It will be a fun day out with your family! Do not miss it!

“Take a Family Day Out on 25 June 2011 at Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, June 14

Kungfu panda 2 was a awesome show! Its really funny and this time round, the story plot also tell us more about this panda! It shows us the importance of teamwork and at the same time, tell us to move on with life! Look onto the future and not the past memories. No matter what happens, move on with life! (:

Cute baby Panda!

Overall, it's one great show for the old and young! (:

Ratings: 3.5/5

Sunday, June 12

8 Days Celeb Car Boot Event!

The funny host!

Yummy Cookie Sandwich!

Evaluation Form!

Kit & Kenny! (:

Was invited to cookie sandwich taste-test event at Cold Stone Creamery! I got to not only taste but also rate the cookie sandwich! There were 3 favours for us to try and I prefer the chocolate one among all! The rest were rather sweet for my taste bud. Madhatter's party was going on as well! There were many people queuing up to party there! At the same time, got to know a friendly girl, Kit! Took a picture together! Smile. (:

Great to have the chance to taste and evaluate the cookie sandwich! Hopefully, our comments would be taken into consideration! Thank you Cold Stone Creamery for the invitation! (:

Happy 21st Richel! (:

Tuesday, June 7

I only get to post this now because the pictures are up on facebook only tonight! Thanks Han yun for posting it up!

Celebrated Li yi's birthday last month! Met Han yun & Wan qi to buy foood! While the others went to get other stuff. We surprised the birthday girl, popping-by her house! Guess she did not expect that!? She thought we will be meeting her somewhere else.

That was a mission for her! And you have seen it above!! She had to take a self-taken picture and post it on facebook! So funny ya! =P

Great food, cake and company!

Am glad she enjoyed our company from her sharing! Prayed for her too!

Happy LG! (:

Sunday, June 5

Black pepper crab at Eng Seng Restaurant! Nice! Yummy! (:

Thanks Aunt Kiang for the treat! (:

Credits to camemberu for the picture. (:

Thursday, June 2

Met LG to have dinner yesterday evening and celebrated Meng Yuan one month with US! Could see she feel loved and touched! Hope she enjoyed the company!

Happy 1 month, Meng Yuan! It's been a month and hopefully you are getting along well with the brothers and sisters in LG and church! Pray that you will grow more in patience and with God! (:

Thank Li Yi & Wan Qi for the pics! (: