Monday, June 27

Alright. Sorry for the poor quality image. Was lazy to bring my dslr out to work! Anyway, dinner was at Le Noir! Won a complimentary dinner! It was my first time dining there thus I did like to blog and share my experience. (:

Firstly, I like the ambiance and surrounding with great english pop songs. Was served by friendly waiter! They were rather alert and each time I finished a course, they will served the next one in no time!

The main dish was just right for one person and the food was nicely done. Soup of the day tasted alright, only that I find it slightly salty for my taste bud. Next, it will be the dessert! I love the dessert to the max! There was my favourite strawberry and ice-cream! It comes with a pie too! Fruit punch was good as well! Blurp! P=

Thank you clarke quay & Le Noir!

Food: 8.0/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Location: 7.0/10