Sunday, June 26

Yesterday morning, met Danny to collect my Singapore Flyer tix at family day out event! It was rather long walk to marina bay waterfront. The place were filled with many people!! Wooo. Walked a few booth and have a look before going lunch at popeyes!

Then, make our way to Singapore flyer! It was my first time there! Get to see some displays around on our way to the flyer! The experience was great and fun! (:

After which, went church! Then, it was dinner time! Had dinner at the soup spoon! And yeps, it was my first time dining there too! I like the soup and the portion is just right for a person! Nice!

Then, decided to go to the Singapore Flyer with church mates again since I still have tix! Initially, decided to purchase 2 tix because I do not have enough for all! Thank God that I got 2 free tix from 2 adorable boy who asked if anyone wants it! Enjoyed the company! Took many pictures as well!

Will upload the pictures once I got it!

Thanks Family first for the tix and mystery goodie bag! (: