Saturday, April 28

- Just some thoughts -

Many things has happened recently.. Be it good or bad ones, Life still have to go on..

I think everything should be alright now... However, another problem arises which made me quite disappointed and sad.. Things do not always go smoothly, there might be never-ending problem one would face.. Thus, it's good to have a positive mindset and believe that everything would be fine...

Tuesday, April 24

- Hasted day -

Geok Ling and Sherman

Coffee Cake!


Was involved in SLA for my IG, DVA yesterday.. Before collecting the equipments, celebrated Sherman's and Geok Ling's belated birthday.. Then, rush to collect and set it up for our booth.. Did not have much time to do and complete my assignments but managed to do it on time.. Seems quiet during lunch time but get to sign up many students after lessons.. Glad that our effort paid off..

Sunday, April 22

- The 3 of us -

It's been a while since Jiewei, Gary and Me hang out together..

Yesterday, accompanied Jiewei to hougang mall as he wanted to walk around and shop for his memory card.. He suggested meeting Gary since he would let off from work at about that time.. Thus, we went to shop and eat first... While walking around, I met my secondary school teacher, Mrs Iong.. She do not seems to recognize me till I mentioned my name.. Then, we started chatting and through that, I know that she's not teaching in skss but in another school.. Oh ya.. Her baby son looks cute...

Then, met Gary and went around looking for memory card.. Went into a shop, Jw took quite long to decide whether to buy it since he wanted a cheaper one.. While he was deciding, Gary and I were browsing at the game.. After much thinking, he did not buy it..

On the way back, went in another store but it was not the brand he wanted.. However, it costs even cheaper with gary bargaining it.. Without much consideration he bought it.. Glad that he got what he wanted.. =)

Saturday, April 21

- Recently -

One sad incident happens. Not going to say much about it here. Just hope that everything would be alright as times goes by.. In life, there is certainly ups and downs.. Thus, try to be contented and happy with what you have now.. Just try your best in whatever you do.. Even though it's not as expected but you do know that you did your best.. Though is easy to say then done, I hope I would have this kind of mindset soon...

Wednesday, April 18

- Random Post -

Class has been fine.. As mentioned in the previous posts, I knew about 10 friends in class. Everyone seems nice.. However, do not really know till I worked with them in team. The past two lesson seems quite ok to me since I have some interest in it..

I believe everyone has it's own interest and thinking.. Cannot expect everyone to have similiar interest and thinks exactly the same way.. One may have interest in music while others may like reading books.. Don't really like the feeling of that especially if your thoughts being misunderstood by others.. Just hope that one would understand before an argument starts..

Kenneth (JunWei)

Remember to watch my nephew (Jun Wei) cute performance on wonderbaby (Wu Di Bao Bao Dou Dou Le)!! He would be performing Micheal Jackson's moves and singing song!

Catch him tonight at 8.30pm!!

Friday, April 13

- Helping out at Ivan's friend house -

Accompanied Ivan to his friend's house to help out in solving a modem problem.. Got to know exactly where's the fault thus both of us tried to solve it.. Followed the instructions on the things that supposed to be done.. Discussed and worked together.. Finally, managed to get it worked correctly.. Both of us felt a sense of achievement.. Was praised by their family which made us feel pai seh.. Finally, Enjoyed the pizza and drinks they ordered! =)

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Wednesday, April 11

- Sick -

Not been feeling well, been vomiting and having stomach flu since yesterday early morning.. Think I had a food poisoning.. Get to feel better eating medicine, however my stomach still not feeling good.. Do not like to be sick as it would cause one to be uncomfortable and sleep all day long.. Would visit the clinic if the problem still persist..

Monday, April 9

-A game of badminton -

It's been a while since playing badminton/basketball.. Today, played badminton with one of my good friend since secondary.. Both of us wanted to play basketball as well but no bball seh..

Enjoyed the badminton game with him.. Felt that the feeling was totally different playing from the past and now with much more laugher, noise and etc.. Maybe we have already grown up.. But I have to say that, it was enjoyable and fun even though one embarrass incident happen to him.. wahaha.. =p

After the game, had some random chat about our secondary school days, relationship and friends.. Could see that he treasure friendship alot.. However, I feel that sometimes its not easy to keep in contact with all friends, I do cherish every friendship.. = )

Wednesday, April 4

- E35D BBQ -

grp photo

Geok, ME & WT

Designed by Ling

ME and Birthday Gal!

Designed by Carmen

Went for BBQ at ECP with E35D gang.. Chatted with the gang and enjoyed the food! Was kinda lazy to peel prawns thus SiLing peel it for us to eat.. Interesting was that it was my first time eating Bee Hoon during BBQ? haha.. Anyway, I think it goes quite well with the chicken wing, hot dogs and meatballs.. Loves the taste of the chicken wing, it tasted just right! =)

Next, celebrated Brenda's birthday with a birthday cake and gifts..