Tuesday, May 30

[Media Invite] Niku Katsumata launches one of the best-value A4 wagyu beef sets in town!

Niku Katsumata invites you to explore the world of Japanese beef. Here is where you will find carefully selected, moderately marbled beef. Enjoy the exact quality of Japanese beef as the people in Japan do. The meats are also cooked over crystals and a low flame, and doing so ensures the meats remain tender and moist.

A4 Wagyu Beef Set ($38)

The A4 Wagyu Beef Set comprises 5 mainstays:

Japanese Pork Prosciutto; Homemade Kimchi and Seasoned Sprout; Chinese Cabbage Salad Topped with Umami Seaweed; Premium Selection of A4 Wagyu Beef; and Japanese A4 Beef Curry. This set is bound to whisk you away to Japan!

Tataki Wagyu ($20)

A premium grade A4 wagyu beef that is browned slightly on the surface to seal in natural flavours and then added on top of Japanese rice. The donburi's bowl of rice is soaked in bonito soup stock,  thus promising a piquant flavour. To kick up the indulgence, add $5 to enjoy premium ingredients such as urchin, foie gras, ikura or cavier.

Chef’s Special Appetiser ($19)

Enjoy satisfaction with the exquisite Sea Urchin (Uni) with A4 Wagyu Beef Sashimi Brushed with Shoyu; Marinated Ikura with Wagyu Beef Sashimi; and Foie Gras & Caviar with Wagyu Beef Sashimi Drizzled with Truffle Oil.

Niku Katsumata
47 Duxton Road
Singapore 089511

Monday, May 29

[Toggle Originals] 2589 Days Apart 二五八九 的距离 Drama Review

While counselling Michelle who suffers from an inferiority complex, Wu first meets Zheng, a sprinter who is a failing student and all round trouble maker. When Wu tries to break up a fight between him and other boys, Zheng hurts Wu’s hand by accident. During an inquiry into the matter, Wu is invited to the principal’s office where she witnesses a difference in opinion about Zheng amongst the teachers. One camp believes a recalcitrant like Zheng should be expelled while the others believe Zheng’s track achievements should be reason enough to keep him. Wu decides to defend Zheng by bringing to light that Zheng was provoked into the fight by the other boys. As a result, the principal decides to give Zheng one last chance. But the catch is, he only has one semester to prove his worth.

Just finished watching 2589 Days Apart 二五八九 的距离 , which was shown only on Toggle. Partially, I am watching it because Felicia Chin is the main cast.

Personally, I felt that the plot was simple and heart-warming. Though it was a short series, the story flow was beautifully depicted with a romance between Wei Wei and De Lu.

This show would definitely trigger some of those good memories in high school. A film which inspire viewers never to give up hope in whatever circumstances, but to move on with life. A pity that the finale left me a mystery between the romance between the two. I would definitely love a happy ending.

要走什么路 决定在每个人的脚 你的每一步决定 你下一步的路。

You may wish to watch the entire series here.

Ratings: 4 / 5

Sunday, May 28

[Food Tasting] Love in the Pot

Located in the heart of Holland Village, Love in the Pot is the newest addition to Singapore's Hot Pot scene.

This restaurant has a nice concept of its layout with good ambiance. 

Look at the comprehensive handcrafted ingredients brought from the fish market daily, which patrons could choose from!

Specializing in hot pot soup bases, they provides a extensive range of nutritious broths-:

1. Collagen
2. Tom Yum
3. Spicy
4. Bak Kut Teh 

The broth itself are brewed daily with 12 ingredients for over 10 hours, leaving a flavourful note to the soup bases. Personally, I prefer the collagen broth which complements well as a whole!

From now till 31 May 17, patrons would be entitled a 20% discount off their bill as an opening promotion. Hop on down today!

Love In The Pot
18 Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village
Singapore 277678

Tuesday, May 23

[Korean Drama Review] Tunnel

In 1986, Park Gwang Ho works as an excellent and enthusiastic detective. His life changes when he’s pursuing leads in a serial homicide case and then passes through a time portal, which transports him to present day Seoul. He meets a new partner Kim Sun Jae, an elite detective who happens to be a bit eccentric, but is one highly skilled investigator. The detective duo will also find help in psychology professor, Shin Jae Yi.

Finished watching this Korean Drama - Tunnel. Personally, I felt that the story had a refreshing plot which keep me in good suspense. Though it may appear rather slow-paced, the build up and progression of each scenes are nicely depicted. It was carefully crafted, as though I am watching a movie instead.

Particularly, I enjoyed the progression in each episodes, which led me to ponder and follow them closely. There are also good touching, intense and thrilling moments injected as well. It also educated me to cherish my loved ones and never take them for granted. Though certain occurrence may appear somewhat coincidence and predictable, the story flow was commendable as a whole.

Fantastic acting capabilities from Choi Jin-hyuk! If you enjoy such drama as much as I do, I would recommend you to catch this!

Ratings: 4.5 / 5

Saturday, May 20

[Media Invite] Introducing Papa Poika, a Brand-new English-inspired Father-&-Son Barbershop along Orchard Road!

Nestled in Paragon, Papa Poika is an old-fashioned English-inspired barbershop that promises a relaxing time for fathers and sons. Boasting a modern interior design, the concept offers an array of services, from haircuts to shaving and massages. 

The barber chairs are specially imported from Japan and are designed to depict the traditions of a retro Barber’s chair. With full leather and durable upholstery front and back, from headrest to footrest - this is the place where men can fully lose themselves in an oasis of calm.

The hairstylists here have over 10 years of experience in kid and adult haircuts. This is the latest concept by the renowned Japanese Komars Group, which brought in EC House, Ramen Champion, LA Barbershop and more!

Despite its modern settings, Papa Poika exudes a homey and inviting vibe. Children can enjoy activities at the kids' corner while waiting for their fathers to finish their haircuts or shaving sessions. There are Lego building bricks, books and TVs available that promise great entertainment.

All the hairstylists at Papa Poika over 10 years of experience in both adult and kid  haircuts. Fathers can get their traditional haircuts while kids ($28) can get their contemporary and trendy haircuts here. Otherwise, just  go for The Papa Poika Package (S$65) which includes a Precision Haircut for father and dry cut for son (or daughter).

The concept offers services typically available in mid- to high-end salons at affordable prices, including Precision Haircut (S$44);  Head Wash & Style (S$21); Full Beard Shave (S$32); Ear Cleaning (S$23), and many more.  There are massage services as well, from face to head and shoulder (each  S$29). At any one time, the shop only attends to three adult customers and one kid. Hence, customers can expect a personal and cosy experience.

I did a precision haircut which includes razor line clean up, shampoo, hot towel, scalp massage and styling! I had such a pampering session!

Papa Poika
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859

Friday, May 19

[Media Invitation] Maguro Donya X Yamada Suisan (Unagi Master)

Yamada Suisan, a lauded unagi wholesaler and top eel breeder in Japan, is working for the first time ever with a Singapore restaurant: Eat At Seven’s Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining (Maguro-Donya). The brand is a wholesaler and does not typically partner with restaurants, but this collaboration is made possible thanks to the matchmaking efforts of All Nippon Airways Group (ANA). Maguro-Donya can procure premium unagi at wholesale prices, passing the tremendous cost savings to its customers!

Unagi Tsumami ($32.80++)

Japanese eels in general have an enticingly smooth and succulent texture. They do not have a muddy taste or smell, and instead boast a bold and rich flavour. Yamada Suisan breeds its own eels in clean and fresh underground water that goes to a depth of 70 metres. The wholesaler is also the first in Japan that does not use any chemicals in its farm breeding, and so its batches of eels are healthy and safe to consume. Furthermore, it employs a 24-hour monitoring system to ensure that the eels thrive; perform checks on water quality as well as conditions from level to temperature. It also adheres to a precise feeding schedule so as to ensure that the eels are not overfed. Unagi lovers can be assured that the eels are top quality and above all delicious.

Una Jyu ($35.80++)

Unagi Meshi ($28.80)

Una Jyu Sashimi Set ($42.80++)

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Wednesday, May 10

[Clover Films] Lucky Boy 天公仔 Gala Premiere

Luck has never shone on Lin Yu since birth. Following a series of unfortunate events, his Mother, Wu Zhi seeks divine intervention despite her husband, Lin Chong’s displeasure, and the fortune teller predicts that Lin Yu will meet with misfortune throughout his life and the safest bet is to maintain a low profile and live life with the motto – do less and make fewer mistakes. Lin Yu has been holding a torch for a classmate Qing Qing since childhood days. He lost touch with Qing Qing when the latter withdrew from school suddenly. Through his teenage years, Lin Yu constantly searched for Qing Qing and often being mocked by his childhood buddies of Da Jie and Ray. Just as what the fortune teller prophesize, when he finally meets Qing Qing, she is happily attached. Even when she breaks off with her beau, the two stays chummy but couldn’t go beyond friend-zone. After a series of life-changing incidents over decades, Qing Qing returns to attend a class reunion only to realize that she has mistaken that Lin Yu all these years.

I was invited as one of Clover films blogger to watch Lucky Boy 天公仔 at Capitol Theatre! It was my first time to this theatre and 'wow' it was gorgeous! The seats reserved for my friend and myself are allocated at Dress Circle (2nd level), which make the experience even a better one.

Personally, I thought that this film was simple with a focused story-line but somewhat, predictable. It could have been better if its introductory was further elaborated. A pity that the plot itself was weak without a rich content. The many humourous scenes certainly liven me up as a viewer. However, some of which may appear 'trying too hard' for me. There are a number of guest celebrities, which lighten the show as well. 

This show would definitely also trigger those good nostalgic memories in high school. It focused more on 2 these characters - Lin Yu 林羽 and Qing Qing 青青 about their romance relationship. Even when circumstances may not appear positively for Lin Yu 林羽, I was touched by the effort put forth to maintain the friendship and concern for Qing Qing 青青.

It educated viewers not to be overly superstitious over things but instead, learn to overcome them patiently. If there is a will, there's a way.

Watch it in cinemas from 18 May 2017.

Ratings: 3 / 5

Saturday, May 6

[Media Invitation] Machida Shoten, Number 1 Iekei Ramen Restaurant in Japan, Launches New Menu with Exclusive Items!

Machida Shoten was founded in January 2008 with its first shop located in Machida City. Machida Shoten serves the authentic signature Yokohama-Iekei ramen, which originated in the year 1974 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City. Since its inception, 44 other outlets have been opened across Japan. Beyond Japan, Machida Shoten has opened two other outlets overseas, the first one in Singapore (July 2016) and the other in Los Angeles, USA (January 2017). Plans are in the pipeline to open another one in New York (July 2017). On top of that, over 400 franchises in China, the Philippines, USA, Italy and Thailand have been established.

Shoyu Tonkotsu ($14)

Machida Shoten is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new menu. Hailing from Kanagawa Prefecture, the restaurant has built a reputation for itself thanks to its much-lauded iekei ramen. Iekei means home in Japan, and the restaurant hopes to evoke a warm and familial feeling with its offerings.

This is the signature Yokohama-style iekei ramen, and it serves the perfect combination of soya sauce and pork bone broth.

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen ($14)

The Miso Tonkotsu Ramen is a piquant offering, fusing the goodness of miso and tonkotsu soup base. The miso that the restaurant uses is a blend of red and white miso. The dish is then topped with sweet corn, cabbage and butter for an extra kick.

Garden Veggie Ramen ($15)

The healthy and light Garden Veggie Ramen (S$15) is a colourful offering, comprising up to 12 different fresh vegetables in a bowl. The broth is made with seven types of vegetables too. Fried garlic oil is added to enliven the flavor.

You can enjoy noodles cooked to your desired softness or hardness. Choose from three levels of doneness for your noodles! There are various add-on ingredients, from seasoned egg to cha-su, that you can enjoy by topping up a small amount. You can also mix a  variety of condiments into your broth to tailor the flavours.

Homemade Shrimp Gyoza (S$9.80/5 pieces) 

The Homemade Shrimp Gyoza features the whole tiger prawn as well as shrimp encased in a crunchy exterior.

Cha-Shu Croquette ($6)

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the Cha-Shu Croquette is made with seasoned  minced pork and will wow taste buds.

Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice ($10)

Made with 12 ingredients, the Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice will cater to Singaporeans’ palates with its fragrant and fiery note. 

Seasoned Iberico Spareribs ($14)

The Seasoned Iberico Spareribs is an indulgent offering. The spareribs are first boiled till they
are tender, and then seasoned with Machida Shoten’s original sweet soya sauce.

Burdock Tempura ($7.80)

Enjoy the sweet and earthy Burdock Tempura, which delights with its crispy texture.

Shrimp Buns ($5.50)

Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Japan Food Town
Singapore 238877

[Media Review] LG recently launches its latest flagship smartphone, the LG G6, to the Singapore market!

LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled the G6 smartphone, its  latest flagship offering that features a old new display format complemented by a cinematic viewing experience, exceptional screen to body ratio, wide angle camera and more. Designed in response to consumer feedback and user  opinions, the LG G6 focuses on the features consumers want, most notably a big screen that  comfortably fits in one hand.

With the rising trend for content on demand and a greater viewing experience, the LG G6 now supports two High Dynamic Range (HDR) standards for viewers to get more out of cinematic contents available for smartphones. As the 1st smartphone to feature Dolby Vision technology, the LG G6 also supports HDR 10, both of which are standards for the picture quality technology that displays a wider range of color and luminosity.

The LG G6 smartphone offers a Square Camera Mode, which offers new exciting ways to create photos with the Snap shot, Match shot, Grid shot and Guide shot features.

Snap shot splits the screen into two, with the upper half being a viewfinder while the bottom half allows you to preview the photo taken for easy comparison. Match shot allows you to get creative by matching disparate photos, such as the wings of a bird to the tail of an airplane. Grid shot where you can directly form a collage made up of four quadrants with photos and video contents without any third-party apps. Guide shot that act as a guide for the next shot which matches the composition of a chosen image at different settings.

Coming in astro black, ice platinum and mystic white colors, the smartphone will retail at S$988 and  is available at M1, Singtel, StarHub and other LG authorized retailers.

Monday, May 1

Little Bastard Food Review

The folks that brought you The Refinery recently welcomed a new addition to the family. Little Bastard was conceived out  of a passion for culinary experimentation and cocktail mixology, and can be found in a hidden Mahjong den somewhere along King George's Avenue.

One Night in Tom Yum

Home-made Tom Yum broth is strained 3 times till it is a clear consommé. It is then served chilled, with Japanese inaniwa udon, topped blue swimmer crabmeat and a dash of coriander.

Shadow Leg

Juicy chicken thigh is marinated in a special lemongrass paste for 24 hours, slow grilled and served with Nam Jim Gai Yang (traditional thai dipping sauce for grilled meats).

Simply Yeo's
Botanical and Refreshing.

Swee Kueh

Silken Tofu Medallions are topped with salted bean soy sauce reduction, home-made crispy chili oil, puffed rice and spring onions.

Cut-leg Milo Peng
Intense and sweet.

Duck Confit Penyet

Duck Leg is cured and confit in-house, deep-fried till crispy, then smashed and served with grilled spring onions, a side of cucumber and mint salad, as well as home-made sambal with kecap manis.

Not Your Average Chendol 
Creamy and sweet.

Little Bastard
115 King George Avenue
Singapore 208561