Friday, May 19

[Media Invitation] Maguro Donya X Yamada Suisan (Unagi Master)

Yamada Suisan, a lauded unagi wholesaler and top eel breeder in Japan, is working for the first time ever with a Singapore restaurant: Eat At Seven’s Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining (Maguro-Donya). The brand is a wholesaler and does not typically partner with restaurants, but this collaboration is made possible thanks to the matchmaking efforts of All Nippon Airways Group (ANA). Maguro-Donya can procure premium unagi at wholesale prices, passing the tremendous cost savings to its customers!

Unagi Tsumami ($32.80++)

Japanese eels in general have an enticingly smooth and succulent texture. They do not have a muddy taste or smell, and instead boast a bold and rich flavour. Yamada Suisan breeds its own eels in clean and fresh underground water that goes to a depth of 70 metres. The wholesaler is also the first in Japan that does not use any chemicals in its farm breeding, and so its batches of eels are healthy and safe to consume. Furthermore, it employs a 24-hour monitoring system to ensure that the eels thrive; perform checks on water quality as well as conditions from level to temperature. It also adheres to a precise feeding schedule so as to ensure that the eels are not overfed. Unagi lovers can be assured that the eels are top quality and above all delicious.

Una Jyu ($35.80++)

Unagi Meshi ($28.80)

Una Jyu Sashimi Set ($42.80++)

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Suntec City Mall
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