Tuesday, May 30

[Media Invite] Niku Katsumata launches one of the best-value A4 wagyu beef sets in town!

Niku Katsumata invites you to explore the world of Japanese beef. Here is where you will find carefully selected, moderately marbled beef. Enjoy the exact quality of Japanese beef as the people in Japan do. The meats are also cooked over crystals and a low flame, and doing so ensures the meats remain tender and moist.

A4 Wagyu Beef Set ($38)

The A4 Wagyu Beef Set comprises 5 mainstays:

Japanese Pork Prosciutto; Homemade Kimchi and Seasoned Sprout; Chinese Cabbage Salad Topped with Umami Seaweed; Premium Selection of A4 Wagyu Beef; and Japanese A4 Beef Curry. This set is bound to whisk you away to Japan!

Tataki Wagyu ($20)

A premium grade A4 wagyu beef that is browned slightly on the surface to seal in natural flavours and then added on top of Japanese rice. The donburi's bowl of rice is soaked in bonito soup stock,  thus promising a piquant flavour. To kick up the indulgence, add $5 to enjoy premium ingredients such as urchin, foie gras, ikura or cavier.

Chef’s Special Appetiser ($19)

Enjoy satisfaction with the exquisite Sea Urchin (Uni) with A4 Wagyu Beef Sashimi Brushed with Shoyu; Marinated Ikura with Wagyu Beef Sashimi; and Foie Gras & Caviar with Wagyu Beef Sashimi Drizzled with Truffle Oil.

Niku Katsumata
47 Duxton Road
Singapore 089511