Monday, May 29

[Toggle Originals] 2589 Days Apart 二五八九 的距离 Drama Review

While counselling Michelle who suffers from an inferiority complex, Wu first meets Zheng, a sprinter who is a failing student and all round trouble maker. When Wu tries to break up a fight between him and other boys, Zheng hurts Wu’s hand by accident. During an inquiry into the matter, Wu is invited to the principal’s office where she witnesses a difference in opinion about Zheng amongst the teachers. One camp believes a recalcitrant like Zheng should be expelled while the others believe Zheng’s track achievements should be reason enough to keep him. Wu decides to defend Zheng by bringing to light that Zheng was provoked into the fight by the other boys. As a result, the principal decides to give Zheng one last chance. But the catch is, he only has one semester to prove his worth.

Just finished watching 2589 Days Apart 二五八九 的距离 , which was shown only on Toggle. Partially, I am watching it because Felicia Chin is the main cast.

Personally, I felt that the plot was simple and heart-warming. Though it was a short series, the story flow was beautifully depicted with a romance between Wei Wei and De Lu.

This show would definitely trigger some of those good memories in high school. A film which inspire viewers never to give up hope in whatever circumstances, but to move on with life. A pity that the finale left me a mystery between the romance between the two. I would definitely love a happy ending.

要走什么路 决定在每个人的脚 你的每一步决定 你下一步的路。

You may wish to watch the entire series here.

Ratings: 4 / 5