Wednesday, May 10

[Clover Films] Lucky Boy 天公仔 Gala Premiere

Luck has never shone on Lin Yu since birth. Following a series of unfortunate events, his Mother, Wu Zhi seeks divine intervention despite her husband, Lin Chong’s displeasure, and the fortune teller predicts that Lin Yu will meet with misfortune throughout his life and the safest bet is to maintain a low profile and live life with the motto – do less and make fewer mistakes. Lin Yu has been holding a torch for a classmate Qing Qing since childhood days. He lost touch with Qing Qing when the latter withdrew from school suddenly. Through his teenage years, Lin Yu constantly searched for Qing Qing and often being mocked by his childhood buddies of Da Jie and Ray. Just as what the fortune teller prophesize, when he finally meets Qing Qing, she is happily attached. Even when she breaks off with her beau, the two stays chummy but couldn’t go beyond friend-zone. After a series of life-changing incidents over decades, Qing Qing returns to attend a class reunion only to realize that she has mistaken that Lin Yu all these years.

I was invited as one of Clover films blogger to watch Lucky Boy 天公仔 at Capitol Theatre! It was my first time to this theatre and 'wow' it was gorgeous! The seats reserved for my friend and myself are allocated at Dress Circle (2nd level), which make the experience even a better one.

Personally, I thought that this film was simple with a focused story-line but somewhat, predictable. It could have been better if its introductory was further elaborated. A pity that the plot itself was weak without a rich content. The many humourous scenes certainly liven me up as a viewer. However, some of which may appear 'trying too hard' for me. There are a number of guest celebrities, which lighten the show as well. 

This show would definitely also trigger those good nostalgic memories in high school. It focused more on 2 these characters - Lin Yu 林羽 and Qing Qing 青青 about their romance relationship. Even when circumstances may not appear positively for Lin Yu 林羽, I was touched by the effort put forth to maintain the friendship and concern for Qing Qing 青青.

It educated viewers not to be overly superstitious over things but instead, learn to overcome them patiently. If there is a will, there's a way.

Watch it in cinemas from 18 May 2017.

Ratings: 3 / 5