Sunday, June 25

[Food Tasting] The Sugar Fairy: Making Desserts Come True

With an overflowing serving of passion and a dash of humour, The Sugar Fairy brings to the table, an offering of some of the most delectable desserts and confectionery at pocket-friendly prices. It serve up a decadent selection of sweet treats including brownies, blondies and cookies, and some say, the best waffles this side of the Causeway, at the new stall in a quaint neighbourhood coffeeshop at Blk 28 Dover Crescent.The menu also includes sundaes, parfaits, and any manner of delights.

Baked Items

Nutty Fudge Blondie

In frame, are the few baked items I got to try - salted caramel brownie ($2.50), nutty fudge blondie ($2.50) and chocolate chip cookie ($1.80)! All of it was freshly baked and tasted good on its own. The brownie was rich in chocolate and moist as a whole. Particularly, I adore the nutty fudge blondie for its good texture and taste. There are a selection for patrons to choose from. Hence, there will be one just for you!


The trilogy ($10.50) comes with your choice of mini sundae, parfait and waffle. Luvin' the crumbled caramelised banana which complements well with the chocolate ice-cream. Not to forget the nicely done waffle with the mango compote toppings. Complete it with a set!

There's also student specials from Tuesday to Friday. Do take note!

The Sugar Fairy does home delivery as well.
If you love their items, please do not hesitate to contact them to find out more!

Blk 28 Dover Crescent

Tuesday, June 20

[Food Tasting] Nunsongyee Thai Milk Tea Bingsu exclusively at Hougang Midtown

Thai Milk Tea Bingsu

I am back here again at Nunsongyee’s Korean dessert café - Hougang Midtown! This time round I was invited down for a tasting session to have their exclusive Thai Milk Tea Bingsu! This bingsu comes along with honey nuts, cheese cake chunks and Thai milk tea ice-cream! The Thai milk tea ice-cream was rich in flavour and complements well with the other ingredients. A refreshing creation indeed!

If you don't already know, each outlet actually has their own exclusive bingsu. Go try it all today!

Garlic Cheese Injeolmi Toast

This Garlic Cheese Injeolmi Toast was awesome. The first time trying and I'm loving it! As usual, the toast was crisp on the outside and moist within. A great combination of cheese, garlic and injeolmi. Not to forget the stuffed mochi in-between which makes this dish stand out more!

Hougang Midtown
1187 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534785
12.30pm - 11pm (open daily)
Closed on Tuesday

Friday, June 16

[Media Invite] Misato - Savour High-Quality, Handcrafted Japanese Cuisine at Affordable Prices

Misato is a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant primed to herald in a new era of  Japanese cuisine. The kitchen team comprises perfectionists who are committed to producing the best-quality food. Consistency and creativity are the hallmarks of their service.  Experience the pinnacle of creativity and taste in the art of Japanese here.

Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.80)

The Seafood Kaminabe Set by Misato is one of the best selections for a hearty meal. With homemade niboshi broth, the Japanese hotpot comes with fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, toufu and vegetables, completed with a bowl of Japanese rice. 

Okonomiyaki  ($14.90)

A savoury, fluffy pancake made from high-quality Japanese yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage in its  fillings. The crispy texture and enticing fragrance make this delightful dish hard to resist.

Mixed Fried Set ($18.80) 

A delightful offering with chicken, fresh tiger prawn and cheese korokke coated with fresh panko (bread crumbs), and crispy fresh Japanese shredded cabbage served at the side.  A medley of secret ingredients is coated on the skin to stimulate the flavours.

Handmade Gyoza
(S$6.90 for 6 pieces, S$10.90 for 10 pieces)

It comes with steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings, served grilled.

Cha Soba ($13.80)
For the light tasters, the Cha Soba is a labour of love by Misato. Served beautifully in a bento box, the refreshing flavour of Matcha noodles is enliven by Misato’s homemade dipping sauce.

Chawanmushi ($4.90)
The restaurant crafted its Chawanmushi to perfection, using homemade
dashi stock cooked from scratch. 

Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80)

Using high-quality ingredients air-flown directly from Japan, the Sanshoku Warabi Mochi are freshly
handmade  every  day,  and  the  entire  preparation  process  takes  approximately 2 hours.

Kuzukiri ($8.80)

The  soft  and  smooth  Japanese  arrowroot slippery noodles is served cold together with the appetizing kuromitsu dipping sauce.  

To make its Hot  Matcha (S$6.50), Matcha Ice-Blended (S$8.80), Matcha Bavarois (S$7.80) and other matcha-related dishes, the restaurant uses a highly exclusive powder imported from Nara prefecture -  Misato is the 1st in Singapore to use this ingredient.

The Centrepoint
#01-33E (Level 1, in Gastro+ area, beside Coffee Bean) 
Singapore 238843

Saturday, June 10

[Media Invite] DSB Sparks Episode 7 Premiere with Nathan Hartono and Jaime Teo

Inspired by real-life events, the episode sees us go back in time with Chester (Adrian Pang), to when he meets his first clients - a young couple who owns a small bus company. Guided by values he holds close to his heart, he stands with the family through all their successes and setbacks. It is a story of the triumph of the human spirit, and relationships forged through trial and time. Inspired by real-life events, the episode sees us go back in time with Chester (Adrian Pang), to when he meets his first clients - a young couple who owns a small bus company. Guided by values he holds close to his heart, he stands with the family through all their successes and setbacks. It is a story of the triumph of the human spirit, and relationships forged through trial and time.

Recently, I have attended the premiere of the DBS sparks mini-series (7th installment), together with Nathan Hartono and Jaime Teo!

It was a touching and heart-warming short film, which educated me that a bank wasn't only about transactions but humanity. This reflects the bank's commitment to understanding what matters in life, and integrating banking seamlessly with everyday living.

DBS believes in going the extra mile for customers so that they can achieve their dreams and get more out of life. Catch it when this mini-series is out on 16 June 2017.

You may wish to catch the previous episodes here.

[Scalp Treatment Invitation] Topp Care Hair Solutions

If you don't already know, Topp Care Hair Solutions (顶盛护发中心) opens its door for the first time at the friendly neighbourhood located in Tampines in October 2016 with their hair and scalp treatments all at fixed price.

Even though their treatments are at fixed price, the steps in each treatment incorporate the use of products made of high quality western botanicals with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health. “Hair-friendly” plant extracts like aloe vera, burdock, ginko and thyme give the products the excellent quality and desirable results.

Selected products can also be purchased for home use as an extension to the treatments to achieve a more holistic result.

I was invited by Topp Care Hair Solutions to do a scalp treatment! I always knew I had oily scalp and dandruff problem. Hence, this is definitely a good chance to find out how they could resolve my problem. Topp Care has a vibrant and relaxing ambience which customers can look forward while receiving the treatments.

Before the treatment, the therapist did a scalp and hair scan to analyze your current scalp condition. 

The therapist told me that my scalp was rather oily with clogged pores and bad dandruff condition. Given my scalp condition, I was recommended to do Detoxdren Scalp Mask treatment. Specially formulated for dandruff and oily scalp, this treatment balances oil sebum production, leaving hair light and clean. This treatment lasted approximately 40 minutes.

First, a detoxdren clay mask was applied to my scalp and let to rest for about 15 minutes, allowing its active ingredients to work its detoxing effect on my “problematic” scalp. After which, my hair was given a thorough washing and cleansing with their hair fall rescue shampoo. Throughout the process, the therapist was careful and attentive to my needs.

He also educated me with good tips to better take care of my scalp-:

1. Do not use your fingernails on your scalp as it will damage the scalp.
2. Do not apply shampoo directly onto your head. Rub them until foam form then apply to your wet hair.
3. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp but only to the hair roots.

He then applied the hair fall rescue lotion to my scalp. It had a cooling effect while calming my scalp. This intensive treatment renews and strengthens hair follicles. Last but not least, my favourite session would be the head massages that was therapeutic! It helps to better absorb the nutrients and relieves those stress at work!

Formulated with carefully selected and high quality western botanicals, these are the products used for my treatment-:
- It helps to moisturize hair shafts.
- It enhances scalp protective properties against UV radiation.
- It stimulates collagen production.
- It promotes heathier hair

After my scalp treatment, I did another scalp and hair scan. In just 1 treatment, I could see significant results. Look how visible my roots are now. My pores are less clogged with almost 80% improvement.

Yays! A selfie after the treatment. My scalp and hair are more healthy, shiny and more manageable!

I am glad that the treatment at Topp Care's improves my bad dandruff condition. The hair care tips are useful which educated me the appropriate way to maintain a healthy scalp. The therapist are also attentive and friendly to my needs. And I experienced all these in a clean, cosy and relaxing environment.  

Head down to Topp Care Hair Solutions today and get your hair and scalp problems fixed at a fixed price!  Plus, enjoy special discounts and free gifts with purchase during this Great Singapore Sales period. Hurry, while promotions and stocks last!

Topp Care is having a deal on Fave (previously known as Groupon) Do check it here!

Follow Topp Care’s Facebook for constant promotion updates.

Topp Care Hair Solutions Centre
Blk 201D Tampines Street 21
Singapore 524201

Friday, June 9

[Media Invite] Guenpin Fugu, Japan's largest fugu restaurant chain arrives in Singapore

"GUEN”[玄] stands for the profound root of the finest things while "PIN”[品] defines the top quality in food and exquisite taste served. With its mission “to serve GUENPIN”[玄品], the number one torafugu restaurant in Japan prides itself in serving delicious and high  quality torafugu cuisines that retains the original taste profile of the ingredients at unrivalled prices. With certified and highly skilled chefs, Guenpin ensures the highest quality in food safety is maintained. With warm and heartfelt hospitality, Guenpin serves over 810,000 guests a year, with 96 outlets in  Japan.  In 2017, Guenpin opens its first-ever overseas outlet  in Singapore.

A household name when it comes to delicious torafugu (Tiger Puffer  Fish) cuisines, the restaurant  has over 30 years of history and boasts 96 outlets in Japan that see patronage from over 810,000 guests a year. This is the place to experience the best quality torafugu at competitive prices without having to travel to Japan.

Thin Sliced Puffer Fish Sashimi ($28)

This is paired with special ponzu soy sauce from Japan. This is Guenpin’s signature dish!

Thick Sliced Puffer Fish Sashimi ($32)

This is topped with radish, ponzu soy sauce and spring onion.

Deep Fried Snow Crab ($28)

Snow Crab Sashimi ($32)

Snow Crab for grill ($48)

Puffer Fish for Hot Pot ($55)

This is served with fresh vegetables, dipped with ponzu sauce for the perfect taste.

Maxwell Chambers
Singapore 069115

Thursday, June 1

[Food Tasting] Nunsongyee Korean dessert cafe opens at Hougang Midtown!

Nunsongyee is a Korean dessert cafe. The 1st cafe opened its doors in January 2015, Since then, they have expanded their reach to other locations on the island, with franchise opportunities available worldwide.

I was invited down for a tasting session at 1 of my favourite bingsu place - Nunsongyee’s Korean dessert cafe! They have recently opened another outlet at Hougang Midtown. The place was cosy with nice atmosphere. It also comes with a free wifi and power points for customers. A good dessert cafe to enjoy your dessert cravings!

I decided to get the honey butter toast and my all-time favourite Injeolmi!

Injeolmi Bingsu

I enjoyed this particular dessert pretty much! Firstly, they are generous with the toppings (soft chewy rice cakes and nuts). Secondly, it was the fine iced-milk shavings. A great combination indeed!

Honey Butter Toast 

This honey butter toast was served along with a scoop of ice-cream, caramel drizzle and toasted almonds as a toppings. The first time trying it and I adore the texture of the toast. It was crisp on the outside and moist within. It complements well with the ice-cream, making the dining experience even a better one.

Despite having various number of outlets, Nunsongyee Korean dessert cafe still manage to maintain the good standards of providing good food and services!

Hougang Midtown
1187 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534785
12.30pm - 11pm (open daily)
Closed on Tuesday