Sunday, June 25

[Food Tasting] The Sugar Fairy: Making Desserts Come True

With an overflowing serving of passion and a dash of humour, The Sugar Fairy brings to the table, an offering of some of the most delectable desserts and confectionery at pocket-friendly prices. It serve up a decadent selection of sweet treats including brownies, blondies and cookies, and some say, the best waffles this side of the Causeway, at the new stall in a quaint neighbourhood coffeeshop at Blk 28 Dover Crescent.The menu also includes sundaes, parfaits, and any manner of delights.

Baked Items

Nutty Fudge Blondie

In frame, are the few baked items I got to try - salted caramel brownie ($2.50), nutty fudge blondie ($2.50) and chocolate chip cookie ($1.80)! All of it was freshly baked and tasted good on its own. The brownie was rich in chocolate and moist as a whole. Particularly, I adore the nutty fudge blondie for its good texture and taste. There are a selection for patrons to choose from. Hence, there will be one just for you!


The trilogy ($10.50) comes with your choice of mini sundae, parfait and waffle. Luvin' the crumbled caramelised banana which complements well with the chocolate ice-cream. Not to forget the nicely done waffle with the mango compote toppings. Complete it with a set!

There's also student specials from Tuesday to Friday. Do take note!

The Sugar Fairy does home delivery as well.
If you love their items, please do not hesitate to contact them to find out more!

Blk 28 Dover Crescent