Saturday, July 1

[Media Invitation] Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, Japan's Number 1 Soba Restaurant

With a chain of 119 outlets, Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi is Japan's number 1 soba restaurant. Collectively, the outlets entertain up to 60,000 guests daily. The restaurant uses high-grade buckwheat flour and wheat flour to produce its lauded soba. Everyday, the noodles are made freshly in store.

Dry Kamo Maze Soba ($16)

Hot Sukiyaki Soba ($18)
Hot Mentai Cream Soba ($17) 

Here at Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi is where you can enjoy four types of soba: warm soba; cold soba; maze (mixed) soba; and mori (dipping) soba. The enticing fragrance of the warm soba’s tsuyu (noodle soup base) comes from the dried bonito flakes and kaeshi (concentrated soup base). Thick ribbons of noodles are used for the mori soba.

The offering comes with grated wasabi as well as chopped leeks, which can be added to the cold dipping sauce. Dip the noodles into the sauce — Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi’s rendition is less salty than its competitors’. Relish the elusive umami flavour of the sauce!

Sauteed Sobagaki and Foie Gras with Kaeshi Sauce ($17) 

Special Truffles Dashi Maki Tamago with Club Japanese Sauce ($15)

Deep-fried Soba with savoury spicy seafood sauce ($18.50)
The deep-fried noodles are first carefully arranged before they are drenched with the piping hot savoury sauce . Each crunchy bite is simply gratifying!

Crispy Sakura Ebi Tempura & Soba Drizzled with Truffle Oil ($19.50)

Gigantic prawns are perched on a bed of al dente noodle in shrimp soup base. The truffle oil lends an enticing aroma and a piquant flavour that is bound to wow.

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