Saturday, December 31

Today marks the last day of 2011! Time passes like nobody businesses! As usual, there sure be happy and sad moments throughout the year. I am glad that I am able to pull through any obstacles faced. I believe its through him that make everything happen! Thank God for everything! Bless everyone with good health! Happy Holidays! ((:

Great outing with C.I.D pals yesterday evening!
Makan cum celebrated belated birthday of Boon Kiat and Jeffrey!
Thanks Jeffrey for the treat! Appreciated!
I believe we had a wonderful time! ((:

More pictures will be uploaded when I have them!

Shall see you guys sooooon!!!

Monday, December 26

Genie Chuo & Michael Zhang!

Finally finished watching this drama - 男女生了沒! Boy and Girl! Watched it because 卓文萱 Genie Chuo is the leading actress! I find the story rather humorous and straight to the point.

The story revolves mostly in the company and office settings where you get to see politics and the reality surrounded among the colleagues. At the same time, about kinship and love story among the few cast.

I am rather touched by 宋文謙 on how he shower care on 黑又男 all the time but ultimately, he's not the one for her. On the other hand, the love of family that 黑又男 actually make sacrificial of herself to work to pay her dad debts.

Fantastic acting from various cast - Genie Chuo & Michael Zhang! Cute couple! Happy to know they end up happily together! Nice theme and ending songs by Evonne Hsu and Genie Chuo as well! Overall, its one show suitable for the old and young!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Sunday, December 25

Christmas Party for the Primary kids!
Glad to see that the event run rather smoothly and the kids had fun!
Hopefully, they had fun! (:

Merry Merry Christmas!

Watched Mission Impossible 4 with Gary last Friday! I feel that the story was decent and was rather humorous. Certain scenes were rather draggy I thought. Mission failed initially but was cleared ultimately. Did not watch previous parts of it but still can catch the story. Thanks for the subtitles if not most of the time I could not catch what they are talking. Overall, its one good show to catch!

Ratings: 3/5

Thursday, December 22