Tuesday, September 30

- Bookout Day! -

Woo! Bookout day! Due to public holiday. As usual, it's a happy day for ALL trainees! Went to see MO today due to my terrible cough. Thus, have one day of LD. Hopefully, I can recover fast from it.

Trainings today was kinda tough. Even though I did not do most of it, I get to feel the shiongness our intake facing. While watching them, I wonder why must we go through all this?! It's not like we did something very wrong.

The sweat, pain and tiredness can be seen from their faces. I bet I look as terrible as them while training. Most trainees suffered from cough and fever, spreading it around. Some who got it did not report because they did not dare to do so. Enough complaining. It's a choiceless thing that a guy need to face.

Sunday, September 28

- Outing -

Went out with Xian for dinner and movie. We had our dinner at xin wang hongkong cafe. Did random chatting about our current lives and get to know more about each other. After which, decided to catch a movie. Initally, we planned to watch Mama mia but the seating was not good for us. Thus, decided to watch Disaster Movie. Lame and funny. Hope I did not make a fool out of myself just now. More catching up to do next time!

Saturday, September 27

- 3rd week in HTA -

I wonder if time passes fast? Think about it, I've been enlisted to HTA 3 weeks. Just another week, it will be a month! 3 months more to POP. Life inside really kinda sucky and sianzation at times. However, there were time we had fun as well.

Last week, time-table was already given, this time round beside our pysical trainings, we got other stuff such as swimming and dojo. 2 swimming instructors are really strict. I have not attend the dojo as I was on LD (1 day) and MC (1 day). Oh my! Strict FI and SI.

You can find each different characteristics in our aquad. And for sure, there will be politics at times which is worst where you find it while working or schooling. Last week, most of us fall ill due to tough trainings resulting loads of MCs and LD. Some who fall ill did not report sick but still continue the training.

Doing push-ups almost everyday. Think it can be up to 200 a day whenever if one makes mistakes. Everyone will start to blame that poor person. For me, I think its okay because, who never make mistakes before. What if you are the one who was told to do drill command? The pressure will sure be there. Need to really spend time learning those drill commands if I kena to be the person.

I always appreciate all my IC(in charge), the things they done for us. Thus, if anything happens, I will not blame them. It's NOT easy to be one. Now, I really get the meaning of "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE".

For now, I feel that it's getting nowhere better. Hopefully, when the fit squad come in, we can slacken alittle more. There's many more to write but it will be damn long post. Will just stop here....

Sunday, September 21

- Elva Hsiao Events -

Yesterday night, Elva's showcase concert was quite a good but not as I expected. I feel that the one held in taiwan was much better. Her live singing was still up to my expectation. However, she cannot really hit certain high notes. I realised she always give her fans sing when there's high notes for zhui shou xi de mo sheng ren. As a whole, it's great!


Today, before going to her autograph session, I went TTSH for checkup. It took quite long and everything ended around 2 hours. Got 2 days MCs. Will be booking in tomorrow night. At that time, I knew that I'm late for Elva's autograph session.

Lucky, the session started late. Though I did not see her performance on stage; I managed to be almost the last one to chiong up stage to let her sign. Thanks Danny for informing me about the queue, letting me know that I have to really rush.

Phew~ I brought the lastest album including her previous one and she sign every single one I brought. =) She look damn pretty close-up! Friendly!

Credits: chrisljh (clubsnap), Cornflict & ourvoicebox(youtube)

Friday, September 19

- Updates -

Last weekend, went out with Gary & Jing to have pizza hut! Been craving for that after my walk out that day. We ordered Pizza Hawaii couple meal. To my suprise, Jing do not know how to eat pizza. Felt kinda guilty for that. We ordered many food. Eat till damn full! Shiok sia! After which, went buying some stuff for my PA.

Went outing with e35D gang today, chill at breeks cafe. First time been to the restaurant, I find the desert reasonably nice. Had browie ice-cream as I had dinner at home. Random chatting about our current lifes. Felt that everyone is busy doing their own stuff. All the best in everything we do!

2nd week in HTA is quite alright. Think I can adapt to the place there. Cannot stand the push-up thingy during PT at times. FI is damn strict and I find that its something good and bad. I will put other comments in my heart about him. hiz. Did drill for the week as well. Thus far, I roughly knew the drill command. Hope to learn and catch up fast. IPPT next wednesday. I doubt I can pass but I will just compete it.

No time to waste! Outing tommorrow again! WEE!

Friday, September 12

- Life in HTA -

I'm back! Damn lucky! All thanks to the muslim, it was fasting month. Thus, no confinment! These few days were rather tiring, enjoyable and memorable.

Tiring - Hated the pysical training most. Especially doing repeating sets of excerise again and again. That's damn freaking tiring can! The food tasted so badly and still, we only have about 15 mins to eat and get ready to the fall in.

That includes the queue for food and clearing it away. In exact total, we only have 5min - 7mins to eat our food. No time can! Give so many rice and food but only 5 mins. Eat what? shit is it? hahaha. I also kena caught for resting on the bed during training hours. And guess what? Heard that my FI (field instructor) was the strictest among the others. For me, I feel that he's equally same except that he can really shout and I mean SHOUT!

Enjoyable - The one where we were in air-con room. Damn shiok la. Even felt like sleeping there. Besides that, I feel that one of the FI was a better person in the room. He's more strict during PT can. There was so much jokes and laughter throughout the time we had there. Had nice chatting with my squard/barrack mates as well. And ya! Sopri, Riwan and Kelvin - same intake as me.

Monday, September 8

- Random Entry -

Today will be the very last day to enjoy before entering to police academy. Spent the day with Danny and friend. Kbox and arcade really made my day. I believe I will experience lotsa different stuff when I'm inside. The feeling I had currrently - lost, nervous and sad. Hopefully, everything turns out well.

Thanks those who encourage me for my stay in police academy. Appreciated =)

Take care everyone!

Sunday, September 7

- Just another day -

Last min outing with Gary and Ah Jie. As usual, went to grab something at Xing Wang cafe. Seems to be our favourite restaurant. Chatted randomly. After which, went shopping around the area. Think it will be hard to meet up in future because he has a girlfriend while I will be in camp training.

Anyway, went to visit relative new house. Their children all have already grown up while parents ageing. Oh my! Time just goes round and round without us noticing how fast it is. Tomorrow will be last day to enjoy before I enter the next phase of life.

Saturday, September 6

- Feeling -

Just wish that I could have friends who show sincererity.

Am I asking too much?

Not going to elaborate.

BUT . . .

S i a n z a t i o n & D i s a p p o i n t m e n t

the exact feeling while pinning down my thoughts.

Thursday, September 4

- Updates -

Recently, spent some time running, doing pushup, sit up and bought some essential stuff for preparation to PA. Not to forget going out with friends to relax before entering to a choiceless chalet. Time really files like nobody business. Think about it, it was about 3 months since some friends of mine went to serve the nation. 5 days later, it will be my turn to do that. A place which will teach me to be independent, becoming even a better person.

Monday, September 1

- Death Race -

Went to watch it with Ah Wei today. The show was average though the ending was rather unexpected to me. Nice racing and twising of story. It was similar to doomsday. Before that, went arcade to play, aim and shoot from the basketball machine. Was rather tiring yet fun. After which, went to grab food from xing wang hong kong cafe. Then, headed to TM to settle his handphone stuff. Took a long time waiting for his turn. Think they require more staff in order to make things done in a more organize manner.