Tuesday, September 30

- Bookout Day! -

Woo! Bookout day! Due to public holiday. As usual, it's a happy day for ALL trainees! Went to see MO today due to my terrible cough. Thus, have one day of LD. Hopefully, I can recover fast from it.

Trainings today was kinda tough. Even though I did not do most of it, I get to feel the shiongness our intake facing. While watching them, I wonder why must we go through all this?! It's not like we did something very wrong.

The sweat, pain and tiredness can be seen from their faces. I bet I look as terrible as them while training. Most trainees suffered from cough and fever, spreading it around. Some who got it did not report because they did not dare to do so. Enough complaining. It's a choiceless thing that a guy need to face.