Saturday, September 27

- 3rd week in HTA -

I wonder if time passes fast? Think about it, I've been enlisted to HTA 3 weeks. Just another week, it will be a month! 3 months more to POP. Life inside really kinda sucky and sianzation at times. However, there were time we had fun as well.

Last week, time-table was already given, this time round beside our pysical trainings, we got other stuff such as swimming and dojo. 2 swimming instructors are really strict. I have not attend the dojo as I was on LD (1 day) and MC (1 day). Oh my! Strict FI and SI.

You can find each different characteristics in our aquad. And for sure, there will be politics at times which is worst where you find it while working or schooling. Last week, most of us fall ill due to tough trainings resulting loads of MCs and LD. Some who fall ill did not report sick but still continue the training.

Doing push-ups almost everyday. Think it can be up to 200 a day whenever if one makes mistakes. Everyone will start to blame that poor person. For me, I think its okay because, who never make mistakes before. What if you are the one who was told to do drill command? The pressure will sure be there. Need to really spend time learning those drill commands if I kena to be the person.

I always appreciate all my IC(in charge), the things they done for us. Thus, if anything happens, I will not blame them. It's NOT easy to be one. Now, I really get the meaning of "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE".

For now, I feel that it's getting nowhere better. Hopefully, when the fit squad come in, we can slacken alittle more. There's many more to write but it will be damn long post. Will just stop here....