Friday, September 12

- Life in HTA -

I'm back! Damn lucky! All thanks to the muslim, it was fasting month. Thus, no confinment! These few days were rather tiring, enjoyable and memorable.

Tiring - Hated the pysical training most. Especially doing repeating sets of excerise again and again. That's damn freaking tiring can! The food tasted so badly and still, we only have about 15 mins to eat and get ready to the fall in.

That includes the queue for food and clearing it away. In exact total, we only have 5min - 7mins to eat our food. No time can! Give so many rice and food but only 5 mins. Eat what? shit is it? hahaha. I also kena caught for resting on the bed during training hours. And guess what? Heard that my FI (field instructor) was the strictest among the others. For me, I feel that he's equally same except that he can really shout and I mean SHOUT!

Enjoyable - The one where we were in air-con room. Damn shiok la. Even felt like sleeping there. Besides that, I feel that one of the FI was a better person in the room. He's more strict during PT can. There was so much jokes and laughter throughout the time we had there. Had nice chatting with my squard/barrack mates as well. And ya! Sopri, Riwan and Kelvin - same intake as me.