Friday, July 27

- FYP -

Counting 2 days to the submission for our project.. Been trying my BEST to rush and finish as soon as possible.. Our project is more on testing so most of the time we focused on testing, testing and testing! Besides that, have to do some researches, surveys, project specifications, report and etc...

In the past, told others about our project scope, they thought its easy but actually it's not.. In my views, I feel that all are equally the same, only differences would be each scope has its own difficulty..

Meeting my team mates tommorrow to continue fyp-ing and would be staying overnight at his place.. Hope to get things completed fast.. Thus, there would be lesser burden..

Hope it would be over soon!

Thursday, July 26

- Just another day -

Have been coughing these few days.. Thus, never attend class today.. However, went to catch harry potter with Ah wei.. The show was not not up to my expectation but I feel that I understood the storyline better as compared to previous series... The outing was not really a nice one because he seems to be unhappy with me.. I also do not really know the reason but treat him as per normal..

Recently, went his house to watch vacancy as well.. Certain scenes of it were quite nice and thrilling but I feel that more should be injected..

Sunday, July 22

- Tiffany's Birthday Celebration -

Yummy Cake!

Birthday girl!



Gay-ing seh..

Designed by ME!

The celebration falls at king satay club around clarke quay.. The ambience was quite nice and comfortable.. Never really have a great chat with birthday girl and Candice because most of us were busy eating.. However, I feel that I enjoyed the comapany.. Tried drinking red wine and it tasted not as bad as I thought, though the after taste was quite yucky.. Get to chat and crap loads with my closer pals... Totally random chat alright.. Never felt like talking and sharing so much.. Treasure them loads as we knew each other since secondary.. Oh ya! Two thumbs up to the delicious ice-cream cake! =)

Happy birthday Tiffany!

Wednesday, July 18

- Computer Animation UT -

Did damn badly for my CA UT 2.. Was kinda shocked when I saw the grades.. For this semester, it was the first UT which I actually fail.. There's like one question which I answered almost the same as my friend but he actually got the marks but I did not.. wtf.. I think I would at least score a better grade if I know how to answer the rest of the questions.. Anyway, I think it was moderated as many others did quite badly as well.. CA UT 3 tomorrow, I hope I have the understanding and reference skills to score good grades for it..

Saturday, July 14

- A day out -

Wanted to go watch movie but ended up shopping around.. That's because the movie we wanted to watch, either transformer or harry potter was selling like hotcakes.. Even the next time slot was almost taken up.. I think left the front row only.. It was quite expected for harry potter because the show is popular and newly released.. However, I did not expect that it goes the same for transformer which released few weeks ago.. Oh well, maybe find another day to watch, wait for the DVD release or get it from friends.. haha..

Tuesday, July 10

- Campus Superstar -

Heard that Keely's throat was not feeling good yesterday night.. However, I feel that she still try to give in her best during her performance. Though lowest score, but am glad that she managed to get through next round! Can't wait to watch her next performance.. =)

Lastest Performance

MY Favourite Performance

Wednesday, July 4

- 妈妈 -


Love this song once I heard it that time, felt that this song is damn nice with nice tunes and meaningful lyrics.. Loads of unhappy things happened in my family but I believe we would be able to pull through with god grace.. Hope I could be able to apply the song and take care of my family in future.