Wednesday, December 31

- Last day 2oo8-

Went out with Sun and Huan to makan. Ate pastamania for dinner! While eating, had random chatting with our current lives. Ordered meatballs pasta and passion fruit soda and it tasted reasonably nice! Not to forget my favourite hawaiian pizza! Enjoyed the company with them!

Thursday, December 25


Sending the warmest Christmas wishes to readers out there. May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your family this Christmas.

Finally I'm done with it! It's over!

Saturday, December 20

- Being Nice -

Theoretically, we are taught to treat people around you nice. However, it does not pay doing so at times. When you are nice, people tend to take advantages of your kindness or take things for granted. Most will not appreciate and tend to think that you are weak and easily step down.

Thus, does it pay being nice?

Something I ponder.

Monday, December 8

- 黑糖群侠传
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries -

Just finished watching it. I feel that this drama was rather humorous and unexpected which make me look forward to each episode. A show which tells me that nothing compares to kinship and friendship. Overall, it's NICE! Though I wish that Jian Ning and Liu Xiang will be together.

It make me realise that having authority do not actually make one feel happy or very great. It applies to us living in this society. Majority wants to have the power and authority which turn out causing harm to their close ones.

For me, I certainly have my own targets and goals in life. However, "contented", "healthy" and "happy" will be on my mind, reminding me to stay on that way.

How good if everyone is contented without jealously/hatred whenever someone managed to achieve better results. How possible is that to happen? I doubt it will because humans are still humans.