Friday, December 29

- Primary Friends Outing -

Today, I went to catch a movie with my primary school friends at century square.. Initially, we decided to watch Night at the Museum.. However, we watched death note instead of that.. haha.. The show was not as exciting and thrilling as I expected..

In the beginning, you would feel that the storyline seems quite boring and the ending would be what the audience expected.. However, the ending was quite unexpected which made it worthy to watch.. Certain scenes were quite funny as well.. If I would rate it, it would be a 3/5..

After which, James came to meet us and we went to have our dinner at kopi tiam...While eating, we chatted about the time we were in primary school, Andrew's NS life and three (Jackko, James and Me) of our school life... Through our conversation, there's many experience we gain and learnt from each other..

We wanted to take a group photo but realised that our handphone resolution was not that good hence we decided not to take.. For the next outing, Andrew would bring his cam for us to take pictures.. haha.. =) We went to shop around TM, pasar malam and bought bubble tea as well..

Next, Home sweet home! :)

Thursday, December 28

- Secondary Friends Outing -

Today, I went to meet up with my secondary friends for dinner. Initially, the planning was meeting at city hall and to have our dinner at magic wok... However, I received a last minute message from Candice for the changes in places we going to meet and having our dinner... It was like . . . . . . . when she said that we might have our dinner at mac.. haha.. It's abit weird going town eating mac..

Shy Ivan!

Ivan and ME!

I went to meet the gang with Charlton and Ivan.. On the way, we chatted and chatted till Ivan and me started to debate.. haha.. I feel that we always like to debate when we meet up.. Is this good or bad? haha..

After we reached, everyone waited awhile for Shida and her friend to come.. While waiting, we were deciding what to have for our dinner... When Shida came, we walked around PS and decided to have Long John Sliver.. I did not expect to have that for dinner.. But oh right.. I am okay with it.. Depite of my sore throat not fully recovered, I still compromise and ate that for dinner..

While eating, We (the guys) chatted happily and have full of craps to talk about.. This is our secret.. Only we guys know yea.. wahaha.. Charlton was very funny... Funny till I do not know how to describe.. He entertained us till we ate quite slowly enjoying it.. haha..

After which, It was arcade time.. We played games that interest us.. The spot and match picture game was certainly fun! You must be real fast in spoting it.. Besides that, we went to carrefour to walk around.. Time passes quite fast, Shida has to leave for her work.. Awww.. Did not take picture with her.. Never mind about that.. There's still chances in future yea.. =)


Zi Lian de Tiffany!

ACT de Ah Siang!

Shy Shy de Candice? haha..


We decided to have dessert eating ice-cream at mac.. haha.. This time, it was more of a group chat.. We chatted randomly about the course we have studied, future education, relationship and etc...

Then, it was picture session time! Wee!

Candice and ME!

Ivan and Tiffany!

Nelson with the gals!

The Guys!

The Guys again! =p


Group Photo!

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Saturday, December 23

- Elva Album 1087 -

Finally, after waiting for 1087 days, Elva album is OUT!! Yeah! So happy!! =)

These few days, I am sick and have not been feeling better. However, I still went to buy the album when I feel slightly better just now...

I am still not feeling that good now.. =(

Okay! Back to her album.. I feel that 1087 is GREAT!! Maybe you can say I am bias because she's my idol but indeed it is! =p

I love almost all the songs from her album.. She composed a few songs which I think was thumbs up! Be it singing, dancing or even rap, I can see she puts in extra effort in it.. This can be evident from her past performances and recent injuries while filming Dai Yan Ren MV.. I believe all the effort she put in is worthwhile with fans encouraging and cheering for her..

After so many things has happened, I think that she has grown up and can overcome any obstacles faced in future..

This is one NICE album! Go grab it now!

Saturday, December 16

- Vivo City -

ME and JieWei
(On the Way to Vivo city!)

The first time I went there was a few months back I suppose.. That time, many stores were not yet open thus I did not really walk around..

Today, Jiewei and me went to Vivo city! The place was pretty huge and crowded! Not suprising because it's weekend and the shopping centre was new.. I think most of the stores there are clothing and fashion.. Good for those who likes shopping! Just the second storey can make you spend hours shopping.. haha.. We went to shop things that interest us such as CDs and IT stuffs.. Besides that, we went to the arcade as well.. The arcade looks pretty small but quite decent..

As a whole, it's a good place to shop! =)

Monday, December 11

- Star Awards Results -

Yesterday night, the winners has already been announced. I have to say that I was rather disappointed with the results. Besides that, I feel that the area was too small for a grand ceremony like this..

The winners for the supporting actress/actor was quite a suprising one.. It's not like the winners do not deserve it but I think one of the others who nominated deserve the award even more..

The most exciting one was the top 10 artists.. Till the last minute, you would never know who would get into top 10.. For me, I think it should not be named as the most popular artists but maybe named it as the most richest fan artists.. In my views, Some who got in do not really deserve it...

Saturday, December 9

- Audition -

Yesterday, Jiewei came to my place to give me a installation software game which is Audition.. The game is quite simliar to dance dance resolution.. He helped me to register and setup the game.. I played a few rounds.. In the beginning, I do not get used to it.. I get used to it after that.. Sometimes, When I was playing, I would be prompt back to windows and it would automatically exit the application.. wth.. It happens in the past when I was playing diner dash and other games.. I also do not know why it would be like that.. Anyone knows?

Tuesday, December 5

- Term break -

Phew~ Finally, It is term break! What would I do during holidays? Find a job? Slack? I am still unsure about that.. Perhaps I would spend time to complete my CE points or preparation for my PP..? I hope to at least complete my CE points before year 3..

Anyway, Time really files... Just another term and I would be in year 3.. I was wondering if I could cope well.. Hopefully, I would be able to do it.. No matter what, I would try my best in everything I do..

Today was Wai Tong's birthday! We gave him a suprise with a creamy birthday cake and song! haha.. From his facial expression, I can see his touched face.. He seems to enjoy the cake as well..

Birthday Cake!

Making a wish. . .

Birthday Boy!

The guys!


*By the way, if you guys(E35D) get to read this, I need to rush back class to complete my assignments else I would be hanging around there longer..

* (It seems that I am doing some coding here.. haha.. =p)

Saturday, December 2

- Elva is BACK! -

I have been waiting for Elva's Hsiao album! I heard that it would be released on dec 22 2006!

I hope it would be true this time because the album has been delaying.. Anyway, from the entertainment news I read, I believe that it is true! :)

Yesterday, The OS understanding test was quite tough.. I did not really have enough time to think and do the questions.. Anyway, I already did my best.. Hopefully, I can pass..

After about 2 months in E25F, I think I am getting along pretty well with some of my class mates.. =)