Tuesday, April 28

Yum Cha Express Delivers Fresh and Piping Hot Dim Sum & Seafood Dishes Right to Your Doorstep!

I was invited to a media tasting: Yum Cha's Dim Sum Party at Oxley Bizhub last Saturday afternoon! 

Yummy Dim Sums at the party!

Yum Cha Restaurants delivers mouth-watering, fresh and piping hot dim sum along with a variety of rice, vermicelli, seafood and vegetable dishes right to your doorsteps daily from 9am to 9pm. You may wish to know that the foods are packed in microwaveable paper boxes and transported in a specially customized bag with an internal heating element. 

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Yum Cha Express provides an extensive variety on their menu! Look at the many selection where you can decide and choose from - steamed or fried dim sum, seafood dishes and a delightful variety for vegetarians! Instead of the usual fast food for special occasion or a party, you have another option now!

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They also offer bento sets as well! This service will certainly benefit the working adult out there! Simply dial the delivery number and order for your colleagues! 

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Not only that, Dim Sum Bundles serves another good option for consumers as well! You simply just choose a set that caters more to your needs!

For more information about delivering queries and placing of orders, 
please visit: www.yumchaexpress.com.sg
Dial their hotline: 6222 1717
Email them: delivery@yumcha.com.sg 

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How to participate:
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4) Tag at least 5 friends. The more you tag, the higher chances of winning!

Great to see familiar faces (bloggers & foodies) there! 
Good to mingle and make new friends! Thanks TIN and Yum Cha for the invitation! (;

Sunday, April 26

[Media Invitation] The Royal Mail Unveils New Menu Featuring Contemporary British Cuisine

Was invited to a media tasting: New Menu Featuring Contemporary British Cuisine at The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar Street! The layout was posh and classic with dim lighting presented.

The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar is a 60-seater establishment housed within the historical and culturally rich Ascott Raffles Place and serves modern interpretations of Classic British Cuisine where Roasts and Prime Rib take centre stage.

Scallop Carpaccio and Tuna
It consist of Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio and Lightly-seared Tuna accompanied by capers, olive, and fresh vegetables ribbon to up the indulgence level.

I liked the combination and how each complement as a whole to make this dish a pleasant one to indulged. The tuna was fresh and its texture was pretty good as well!

Seafood Bouillabaisse
A  bright  tangy  broth  brimming  with  seafood  goodness.

I liked its gravy that was not too flavourful and goes pretty well with its Red  Malabar Snapper, Langoustine and Blue Mussel! The fish bones in the snapper may appear to be a hassle for some so please be careful while eating it.

Porcini and Bacon Risotto

This dish was pretty creamy and rich. However, I felt that it tasted quite good as it was not too flavourful. It may appear rather heavy for some so you may consider sharing it with your loved ones.

Black Cod Miso

This dish was certainly one of the highlight during the tasting session. I liked its tender texture of the fish and the gravy that goes so well with it! The sesame biscuit was crunchy and serves a good sides as well.

Kurobuta Pork

The pork was thick and juicy though it could have been slightly more tender for better taste. The apple butter sauce was appetizing and goes well with the nicely done pork. 

Yellow Sea Bream

If you enjoy grilled fish, you will certainly adore this dish more! Not to forget, the roasted garlic that tasted good!

Peanut Butter Jelly
It comes with toasted brioche, cranberry jelly, caramelised 
banana and deftly topped off with chocolate ganache.

Luvin' the caramelized banana that was nicely done!

Sticky Date Pudding
A date-studded offering capped off with vanilla brandy sauce, vanilla 
ice cream and walnut crumble.

Eton Mess

If you have a sweet tooth, you will certainly adore this dessert! This was okay for me but I felt that it tasted rather sweet for me. 

Enhanced Bergamot Earl Grey Jelly
Enlivening this dessert is frozen yoghurt, passion fruit coulis and macerated berries.

This was definitely one of the best dessert of the night! It was refreshing with a blend of sourness and sweetness which left a deeper impression for me. 

From now till 31st May, enjoy 20% off the revamped dinner menu at 
The Royal Mail in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary!

The Ascott Raffles Place 
2 Finlayson Green, 
Singapore 049247 
Tel: +65 6509 3589 

Sunday, April 19

The Gunman Movie Review

Two-time Academy Award-winner Sean Penn stars in THE GUNMAN, an explosive, international action-thriller from Pierre Morel, the director of TAKEN. Terrier, an international operative who is betrayed by the organization he worked for, must go on the run in a relentless game of cat and mouse across Europe.

Watched The Gunman with Ting Feng last Friday evening at Shaw Theatres Bugis. 

Personally, the story was compact with a smart plot though its flow could have been better. It started off with some previous background on a particular project to its present happenings. The story build up then continue from there. It may appear quite confusing thus do pay attention to the details to grasp the entire plot. 

Particularly, I liked its clever strategies and intense scenes that was presented which certainly enhanced this film. I do have to applaud for Sean Penn acting capability as it was good!

A show that appeal more to a person who adore suspenseful film that has a compact story-line!

Ratings: 3.55/5

Sunday, April 12

[Media Invitation] New restaurant FYR presents modern European grilled meats

Was invited to a media tasting: New restaurant FYR presents modern European grilled meats at 19 Boon Tat Street last Wednesday Evening! I liked the interior design of this restaurant!

Introducing  the  newest  casual  dining  restaurant in central  business district, FYR Cycene Ond Drinc (pronounced as FIRE Kitchen And Drink)! Against the backdrop of Chinatown’s historic allure, FYR promises an intriguing experience that harks back to a simpler time. Rustic  décor  and  storied  wall  murals  lend  the  restaurant  a  distinct  olden-day  charm. Even  its moniker is as old as time — it is the etymology of fire.

Baked Half Bone Marrow
These delectable half bone marrows come with veal sweetbreads and are spiked by the exotic tastes of Thai basil and Asian spices. 

I have to agree that it certainly goes well with the toast!

Baked Freshly-Shucked Oysters
Noble sweet paprika, roasted garlic, chilli padi, spring onion and calamansi all lend a distinctive quality to the fresh and succulent oysters. 

Honestly, I am not a Oyster lover but the combination of the mentioned ingredients certainly bring this dish to its name. I liked it pretty much though the oyster of each is pretty small.

Baked Aubergine & Chickpea Ragout 
The chewy eggplants and chickenpea stew marry well with the refreshing miso and béchamel. Parmesan is added for that extra oomph.

This tasted slightly bitter for my taste bud but for its texture I thought that it was pretty nicely done.

Seafood linguine
Tossed with al dente pasta is a potpourri of seafood ingredients as well as lobster bisque, laksa leaves and Thai basil. 

This dish is definitely one of my favourite during the tasting session! 
Nice texture of its linguine was presented with a not too flavourful taste.

Spiced Deboned Red Snapper with Sambal Belacan
This is a fiery offering that will satisfy the hankerings of those who love spicy food. The sambal belacan lends a zest to the fish’s nutty taste. 

Grain-fed  US  Holstein  Cow  Ribeye  365  Days 
This  glorious  slab  of  ribeye,  cooked  to perfection, comes with house salad with java curry dressing and a choice of either buttered cassava or mashed potato.

The texture of its meat was pretty well done and juicy though it may appear rather oily. 
I liked the sauce provided which goes well with the Ribeye. 

Whole Maine Lobster 
This  gigantic  lobster,  sprawled  across  the  plate,  is  bound  to  turn heads.  The  aroma  of  the  shallot  lemongrass  béchamel  will  also  waft  through  the  air  and  whet appetites. 

It tasted pretty good! I liked how this dish was being prepared and well-presented. However, it could have been better if its texture was less chewy. 

Five-spice Half Chicken, Striploin, Asian-spiced Tiger Prawn
Get the best of three worlds with  this  mammoth  sharing  plate.  Relish  the  succulent  chicken, indulge  in  the  thick  but  tender striploin and savour the juicy prawn. It comes with house salad with java curry dressing and a choice of either buttered cassava or mashed potato.

I liked the chicken as it was well-marinated with tender texture! 

Seafood Saffron Risotto

This tasted too.. tomatoey for me. It could have been better they go easy on that area.

Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Ice Cream 
The combination of Pistachio flavoured lava cake and homemade pandan ice cream with a tinge of sweet cinnamon makes this indulgent dessert a tour de force.

Moist and tasted rather classic on its own. However, it was tad sweet and flavourful for me. If you have a sweet tooth, you will certainly enjoy this dessert! 

Lunch Promo
- $25++ for 2 Courses 
- $29++ for 3 Courses 

House Pour Wine at $38 
- with any order of two main courses during Lunch  

Keep Calm and Happy Hour On
- Drinks starting from $7.80, all day, everyday

19 Boon Tat Street 069619

Opening Hours:  
Monday – Friday: 11am – 11pm 
Saturday: 9am – 11pm 
Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Saturday, April 4

[Media Invite] Chance to get WET this Songkran - ThaiExpress

Synonymous with the iconic ingredient in Thai cuisine, Basil by ThaiExpress is our young and fresh interpretation on Thai food. Introducing its debut in Kallang Wave Mall, Basil by ThaiExpress is a contemporary casual dining restaurant offering affordable Thai classics to the masses.


Was invited to a media tasting: Chance to get WET this Songkran - ThaiExpress at at Basil Kallang Wave Mall last Tuesday Evening! The restaurant has a rather good ambiance and warm lightning. A good cosy place to dine in.

Thai Fish Cake

This dish was was nicely prepared with a good texture. The spicy fish patties tasted good and not too flavourful or spicy for me. Dipped it with the peanut sauce and it will certainly grow your appetite. 

Grilled Beef Salad

This sliced ribeye steak tasted okay though the texture of its beef could have been better. It tasted rather spicy for me as well. If you are not a spicy lover, I guess it may not appeal to you.

Fried Prawn Omelette 

I enjoyed this omelette pretty much! It was nicely prepared with good texture! Crispy yet fluffy; a dish to order if you visit this restaurant!

Nam prik Mamuang

This particular dish comes with fried glutinous rice balls, raw vegetables and the spicy meat sauce. I liked its spicy meat sauce! It was pretty appetizing when you go along with the rice balls and vegetables. 

Phad See Ew Seafood

It tasted quite good though it may appear quite oily for some. It tasted slightly too flavourful for me but it is one of the better ones I have eaten.

ThaiExpress – Celebrate Thailand’s traditional Songkran festival with 4 new dishes - Songkran wings, Papaya Salad, Thai-Style Salted Egg Calamari and Stir-fried Phuket Bee Hoon with Tiger Prawns.

Songkran wings

The texture of its chicken was nicely done though the marination could have been better as it was rather salty. With lesser salt added, I think it may bring out a better balance between its saltiness and sweetness of this dish. I will certainly enjoy this dish more if bigger wings are used.

Papaya Salad

Thai-Style Salted Egg Calamari

I liked its salted egg gravy which goes well with the calamari! However, the texture of both its battered and squid could have been more consistent.  

Stir-fried Phuket Bee Hoon with Tiger Prawns

I think this dish tasted pretty classic on its own! On a side note, eat this dish when it is served warm else the coconut taste may appear too strong for some.

 Red ruby

Lod Chong

Personally, I prefer the red ruby as it was not too sweet as compared to Lod Chong. I have to agree that they are pretty generous on its portion! Look at the big bowl full of ingredients! 

Mango Glutinous Rice

The mango tasted pretty fresh and sweet! The glutinous rice is really good and tasted rather authentic! It was served warm with a good texture! I guess it shall be one of the best I have tasted. 

Kallang Wave Mall  
Singapore 397628
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily.

Thursday, April 2


The Con Artists will rewrite the history of crime films in Korea ! Charged with skill and energy, the top ‘con artists’ have joined forces to steal, in just 40 minutes, 150 million dollars of black money hidden in Incheon Customs, a top security system in North East Asia! 

Starring Korean heartthrob Kim Woo-bin from popular drama "The Inheritors", Lee Hyun-woo, Im Joo-hwan, Jo Yoon-hee, Kim Young-cheol & Ko Chang-seok, 'The Con Artists' is a caper movie that depicts an unprecedented business, composed of top class experts from each field, who join together to steal enormous amounts of black money hidden in the customhouse of Incheon International airport within a limited timeframe of 40 minutes.

Was invited as one of the bloggers to watch The Con Artists special preview screening which was held at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure yesterday evening. Asked Michelle along to catch this film.

Personally, I felt that this show was rather compact with a well-crafted smart plot! However, the flow was not exactly nicely depicted as it could have been more refined. The build up of the story may appear slow but as I continued to watch on, it got better in terms of its suspense and clever strategies injected. The flash back scenes behind those hidden truth was also clearly presented.

Though some scenes may appear quite predictable for me. I thought that it was interesting on how each character are being linked to this particular case. A rather good suspenseful film though I prefer The liar game in terms of its plot.

Ratings: 3.45/5