Thursday, April 2


The Con Artists will rewrite the history of crime films in Korea ! Charged with skill and energy, the top ‘con artists’ have joined forces to steal, in just 40 minutes, 150 million dollars of black money hidden in Incheon Customs, a top security system in North East Asia! 

Starring Korean heartthrob Kim Woo-bin from popular drama "The Inheritors", Lee Hyun-woo, Im Joo-hwan, Jo Yoon-hee, Kim Young-cheol & Ko Chang-seok, 'The Con Artists' is a caper movie that depicts an unprecedented business, composed of top class experts from each field, who join together to steal enormous amounts of black money hidden in the customhouse of Incheon International airport within a limited timeframe of 40 minutes.

Was invited as one of the bloggers to watch The Con Artists special preview screening which was held at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure yesterday evening. Asked Michelle along to catch this film.

Personally, I felt that this show was rather compact with a well-crafted smart plot! However, the flow was not exactly nicely depicted as it could have been more refined. The build up of the story may appear slow but as I continued to watch on, it got better in terms of its suspense and clever strategies injected. The flash back scenes behind those hidden truth was also clearly presented.

Though some scenes may appear quite predictable for me. I thought that it was interesting on how each character are being linked to this particular case. A rather good suspenseful film though I prefer The liar game in terms of its plot.

Ratings: 3.45/5